Racy Topics in the Jacuzzi

I was working late last weekend and decided to go against my rule, “Don’t go to the gym late on a Friday or Saturday night” (Pick-up scene for all the hot studs pumping iron) and my even more important rule, “Don’t go into the jacuzzi at the gym past 7pm on those nights–EVER!” ;-) However, since I was tired and sore from sitting on my butt lesson planning all day (YES! I got a job actually TEACHING and using my very expensive teaching credential), I decided to “chance it” and GO.  I threw on my swimsuit, drove over to the gym, swam a bit, and then decided (at 7pm!!!) to go soak in the jacuzzi.  

There were a couple of people (in their 50′s-60′s) in it and neither was talking much, so I thought it would be safe to go in and not have to worry about being bothered.  Those people got out and left a few minutes after I got in and a guy in his 20′s and a man in his 50′s took their places.   I am always nervous about the conversations that will be started in the jacuzzi and usually deny people eye contact (not that doing so always works at keeping them from talking to me).  

I was staring off into space and stretching my tight leg muscles when all of a sudden the older man (let’s call him Larry) began to talk.  THANKFULLY he directed his query to the younger fellow (let’s call him Jim).  Well.  Larry ended up asking Jim if he was a “believer” and if he had “been saved.”  Jim responded awkwardly and mumbled something I couldn’t really hear.  The next thing I know Larry began telling Jim about how he needs to get married and settle down with ONE woman because that is heaven on earth.  LOL.  Jim was floating in the jacuzzi looking mighty confused and stumbling over his words, but being awfully polite.  The next thing I knew…Larry lunged toward Jim and jumped on him giving him a big bear hug!!! I could hardly contain myself.  I fortunately had already been soaking for 20-ish minutes and decided to leave at that point.  

I couldn’t help but smile as I left… Here all this time I have been worried about being “hit on” in the jacuzzi at the gym!!! Not around these parts in the High Desert, I guess!!! I suppose I should start to be concerned about the Christian Evangelists, though!!!! :-P

I bet I could write a reallllly interesting story based on the conversations that take place in that jacuzzi. ;-) TBC…

Stay relaxed, y’all!! 

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