Parking Lots and the Holidays

Ah, the holidaze!  AKA–the holidays!

This time of year always brings back memories (aka, nightmares) about my old career as an auto claims adjuster.  I remember my last year handling 100 car accidents at any given moment.  That particular year in December, parking lot accidents were happening left and right…and well…I got reeaaalllly tired of listening to two people bark about how the other driver was at fault and had backed up into him/her…ay caramba.  The joys of an auto claims adjuster.  Parking lot accidents were the worst and constant around the holidays.  Scenario:  two people are backing up simultaneously.  They each think the other driver should STOP and wait for them. But, neither does.  Both just continue to back on up into the rear bumper of the other driver.  Oh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  The joys of shopping at a mall and parking in a super crowded parking lot around the holidays.  La dee dah.  Tricky situation to determine which party holds fault, right?  Oh, the joys of the holidays.  So, people who don’t know I used to adjust car accidents for a living always ask why I park in the farthest spot in the lot…and I just reply…”Ah, I like the exercise…” instead of me getting all excited and exclaiming, “Do you KNOW how many car accidents happen in a parking lot at this time of the year!??!?” 😀

On a similar note, I, have been a victim of a crazy person in a super-packed parking lot in a very busy city last year.  I remember it as though it were yesterday.  Even though I had my cell phone with me, I didn’t have the with-it-ness to think about videotaping the lady while she was banging on my window screaming at me.  Scenario:  I had pulled into a parking spot.  A mad mom in a minivan stopped her car in the aisle way, exited her van, and proceeded to rush up to me (still sitting in my parked car). She began screaming, “Um!!! You didn’t indicate for the space!! You didn’t indicate for the space!!!”

You didn't indicate for the space!~!~!~

You didn’t indicate for the space!~!~!~

I sat there wondering why a woman would go through all that trouble to tell me I hadn’t indicated for the space, even though I was nearer/closer to the space than she was–she was down the aisle a bit more from it.  I then rolled down my window an inch and told her, “I’m sorry, but you weren’t that close to the space and I didn’t think it would be an issue.”  She began banging on my window telling me to *^#*&$@*&^# move my car out of the space.  Wow.  Whoaaaaaa baby.   Scary times.  That’s when (in retrospect), I realize I should have pressed RECORD on my phone.  Yikeseeeez.   Anyhow…needless to say she scared the daylights out of me…and if a person like her is that unstable, scary, and cuckoo…I wasn’t going to get out of my car and leave it there so she could slash my tires. 😦 Sooooo, I ended up pulling out of the space and circling around the entire shopping center another couple of times to find a spot that had no other cars driving down the aisle to contend with.  Scary lady won.  Very scary.  I only wish I would have been brave enough in the moment to tell her she needed to calm down and shouldn’t be talking to me (whom she didn’t know from Eve) like that.  Eek. But, I didn’t.  I just said, “Okay, okay,” and I pulled out of the space.  Boooooooo.  I have since searched for some “parking lot nightmare” videos on YouTube to not only make myself feel better about my experience, but to look for that same nut job…because I know that she is probably out there doing the very same thing to another unsuspecting person. 😦

Word of advice:  ALWAYS indicate (oh, that means to use your right/left turn signal!!) when turning into a parking space~~~~~!!!!!!! 😀 This is my friendly public service announcement at these very scary parking lot times during the holidaze.

“We’re never gonna get rid of crazy people. They’ve been around for thousands of years – they’ll continue to be around; they’ll continue to do horrible things.” —Michael Moore

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What a fabulous post title, right?!? 😉

I decided to keep it nice and simple.  No frills.  No cutesy talk.  I’m feeling blah right now.  I would like to attribute my blah feelings (general malaise, really) to the high pollen count and my allergies, but really…truth be told…I am coming off of chocolate.  And not very gracefully.  I am imagining a drug addict in my mind right now–someone so desperate for a hit of their favorite X,Y,Z…

My latest “fix” has been Lindt Milk Chocolate.  It is soooooo creamy, smooth, and satisfying.  A very dear, well-meaning friend gifted me with a bar for V-Day, and well…since I have been wallowing in my single hood and not dealing with my recent break-up adequately, I inhaled the bar in two days.  A bar has about 24 small rectangles?  I  never actually stopped, unwrapped, and counted…but it is a good estimate.

Oh lordy.  This stuff IS classic!  Yummmmo!

Oh lordy. This stuff IS classic! Yummmmo!

Today after work, I sat in my “office” 🙂 and thought about chocolate.  I thought about it soothing me and comforting me.  I thought about a few mini Lindt rectangles melting on my tongue and fully inhaling the flavor of the chocolate.  Mmm.  I digress.  I told myself YESTERDAY that I am going to quit cold turkey this time and there would be no “weaning myself off of” the creamy decadence.  *sigh*   I have battled chocolate addiction in my past and have conquered it.  (It’s odd that I’m drawn to the milk varieties lately–I’m usually a 70% dark chocolate kind-of-gal…)  I know many people have chocolate daily, but for me—at this point in time, I have realized that I am wanting to use it as a crutch and an emotional comfort.  No bueno.  So, the solution is to remove it from my diet for a while, deal with my emotions, and then…re-introduce it in the future. 🙂

This, too, shall pass.  Alleluiaaaa.


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” –Charles M. Schulz

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