Toll Roads in Orange County

So, I was in Newport Beach today and my GPS was not set to avoid toll roads, so on my way home I ended up on Toll Road 241…for which a driver needs a FasTrak or ExpressAccount.  To clarify, there are no booths with people waiting to take your money on the other end.  It is run solely with a camera and a machine to suck money off of one of those company’s transmitters. In order to not receive a violation of $57.50 in addition to the toll amount due, you need to go to their website 5 days before or within 5 days after driving on it.

I am sooooo lucky my sister told me about this. I was planning on waiting for my “bill” to come in the mail.  Well, per their site they don’t send bills.  They send violations. So, I repeat…do not wait for them to send you a bill because it will not be a “bill,” but a violation with that huge added fee. How is any ol’ regular person supposed to know this?  And when I got on the 241, it didn’t say FasTrak ONLY–or if there was a sign…it wasn’t big enough to catch a visitor’s eye.

The four roads you have to be aware of over there are the 73, 133, 241, and 261.  So, if you find yourself over there without one of those transmitters to pay your toll, then make sure you go to THIS SITE! once you get home.  You can pay your bill online with no additional charges.  You just need to know which of their roads you drove on and your entry and exit points.  🙂 Happy driving!


See?  Do you see any FasTrak signage right here?!?! La la laaaaaaa.  I did not take this photo, but if it says it underneath the CA 241, (if it does…I’ll be slightly embarrassed)        it needs to be BIGGER. 😀

“A good driver keeps her eyes on the road…                                                                                      and doesn’t look for FasTrak signs.” -Yours Truly

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