My new man

I had named this blog “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” but then I remembered I already HAVE a blog with that same title. 😕  *Der!  Guess I’m running out of blog title ideas. hahahaha  Orrrr, maybe LOVE **IS** is in the air AGAIN!?!?  kikiki (<—that would be a Korean hahaha) Also, seen as ㅋㅋㅋ.

Tonight as I was on the bus home from Mass, (yes, I’ve been going to <<<gasp!>>> church)  (Mom would be so proud.) 😉 I saw three couples along the sidewalk. First, I looked up and saw a couple holding hands and smiling into each others’ eyes, then turned my gaze beyond them onto another couple who were stationary on the sidewalk hugging (very UNcommon in Korea) and after that turned my attention to my right and saw another couple walking with their arms around each others’ shoulders. All within 30 seconds or so of each other at the same intersection.  I thought:  Hmm. Sunday evenings bring out the love, eh?

I left Mass feeling calm and happy. content. at peace. It was a nice feeling after spending all day shopping for and haggling over knock-off designer bags. That is an exhausting task, lemme just tell you. Most of the Korean saleswomen won’t budge off of their starting price in Songtan. (I don’t know about other shopping areas that specialize in knock-offs…) So, I was a bit exhausted from my rough and tough day of climbing up and down secret staircases that led into tiny, windowless cupboards to check out the high-quality (psht!) bags.

But after I saw the romantic couples who were openly displaying their love for one another by hand-holding, stationary hugging, and arm-wrapping…I felt…lonely. 😥

Oh, boo hoo. Pity party of ONE!  Hey, leave me alone (*der, I AM alone, dork!) to have me a pity party. Shit. No. I mean, shiiiit.

I’ll turn gangsta in my aloneness. 8)

My feelings passed quickly enough. Once I got home, I looked at my new, prized possession: My new knock-off Jimmy Choo bag.

😉  So, I guess I’m not so alone. I’ve got Jimmy.


The Real Mahala Bag. You can see the 2 diff. types of material used.

My Jimmy. It looks better in person, trust me. And the lining inside is tres nice. It's suede.

The real


$1,000 bucks.

My Jimmy:

$50. LOL!!!!!

Is it legal to blog about knock-offs?

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Vampire Girl (not Grrl!)

I s’pose I’m “off of” the Naming Your Day thing. It was fun while it lasted. It’s just that I haven’t named my days for so long. Gee, how long has it been? I’ll have to think back so far. Too tiring. Won’t do it. 😀  I like how I’m talking and thinking in choppy, mini sentences. I’ve been reading Amy Tan’s JOY LUCK CLUB and I LOVE her writing. When she writes in broken English, I can literally  hear an American- Chinese immigrant  woman in my head. It’s a super book (and the movie is fab, as well).

Anyhoo…I haven’t blogged in a bit but I am ONCE AGAIN motivated to blog after encountering a strange soul walking our earth. 😉

I was on the bus yesterday coming home from Seoul when a girl got on the Express Bus I take to get home. It’s a bus that goes fairly directly from Seoul to Dongtan so when someone  odd/creepy/scary/strange gets on, I usually start praying that the person doesn’t sit next to me for the 40-ish minute ride. heh heh

Welllll, this girl got on the not-so-full bus, looked me DEAD in the eye and then thankfully chose the seat on the other side of the bus. Whew. Close one. I’ve never actually counted how many rows of seats there are on those buses but they go 2×2. So, there are two seats together on one side of the bus with an aisle in between another set of two seats. So, I was sitting on one side of the aisle and she sat on the other side of the aisle directly across from  me.  I kept looking over at her though because she looked like a vampire. A real, human vampire. Well, not human I guess. 🙂

Ooh, her eyes were so creepy: Sharp half moons that were reddish with a yellow glow.  And her incisor teeth were so sharp and pointy and her skin was pure white with a gray dull to it. I’m SURE she was an actual vampire.

I am going to start keeping track of how many interesting individuals (wink, wink–I’m P.C!!!)  I see during my days. It’s a good way to pass the time.

On another more annoying note: I’ve been realizing that my hair is falling out at warp speed these days. Hmmmm. Remember my Female Pattern Baldness blog back 8-ish months ago???  WELLLLLL. It might be time to re-visit the issue. Even my MALE co-worker approached me today and told me he’s been finding heaps of hairs on his pillow every morning. I nodded in agreement. Just this morning I was noticing the dozens of hairs scattered over my pillowcase AND my sheet under my head. I am going to look into some sleeping bonnets or something. Can’t go on losing this much hair. Sheesh Lousie Parker. JEEZ. What is up? I think it’s the crappy water or ???  I’ll blame it on the water quality for now and once I figure something else out, I’ll recant it and let the water off the hook. But for now, I am pegging the water.

“A hair in the head is worth two in the brush.”  ~Oliver Herford


Mmm. I will count the hairs I lose tomorrow before I let myself freak out about this.

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Spooky Day

My day has recently begun but already I feel the need to name it. It’s SPOOKY DAY because:

OK. Wait. Quick background: I have been quite interested in oracle systems and using, specifically…Colette Baron Reid’s Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Card system for the past few years. But this past year I had begun using them much more frequently. Usually a few times per week. If I had a question that had been challenging me or if I couldn’t make a decision about something, I would have usually turned to my cards and done a reading and sure enough, I would get  comfort and an answer from them. I believed in their validity and I believed that I had an openness in accepting an answer/ a direction from them.  So fast forward to today: this morning.

I woke-up with a concern…a question in my heart that I just couldn’t figure out. I wanted more clarity or a feeling of YES/NO one way or the other. So, fresh from rising, I decided to do a reading. I picked up my cards. I have kept them wrapped in a red (red is an auspicious color as ALL Asians and East Indians know) 🙂 cloth on top of my mini bookcase in my apartment the entire 9 months I’ve lived here.  Well, I unwrapped them and they just looked different. I hadn’t used them in over a week. Not that long, actually. As I held them in my hands they felt different. Spooky. Anyway, I split the deck and tried to shuffle them. They wouldn’t shuffle. I thought…what the??? and then realized that some of them were stuck together… At first I thought that sitting in the direct sunlight had caused them to stick together. But…when I began to peel them apart from one another…I realized…they were…wet.


3 cards:  Wealth, Protection and Love are damaged beyond use. They are splitting apart and the decorative top coating is peeling off.

2 cards are damp:  The Wasp and The Bard.

Spooky. All of the other cards are fine.

Those 5 cards were scattered among the others in my deck.


See the white on the inside of the card where it is splitting from being wet?

My mom sent me a care package last week. For the past few days or so, I’ve been listening to a CD she sent me: Mother of Mercy: A Rosary of Healing. I am Catholic. Yes. I am. I was Ms. Catholic ’99 through ’01. If you would have met me back then you would have never imagined that I had an interest in astrology and things OTHER than the Holy Trinity. But I did and I do.

But now…I think the timing is too spooky. I’ve been listening to my rosary CD. And now, my oracle cards are destroyed. Not usable.  I look at this as a sign from Above telling me that it’s no longer beneficial for me to use this or any other oracle system. And you know what? I agree. Honestly, God has given me every answer I EVER need…I just have to go quiet enough (more prayer time, shall I say?)  to be able to hear the Answer from within.

Thanks, to both of my Mothers.

And bye-bye cards.

Also, yesterday was BOMB DIGGITY DAY because I had two huge and heavy bags filled with groceries…not wanting to walk the 2 blocks to the bus stop when…lo and behold! I was standing along the road…not wanting to walk and wishing that a bus would come along and pick me up when whaddya know?!?!?! A bus came along and just for the heck of it, I put out my arm (I wasn’t at the bus stop) and the guy stopped for me!! WHOOHOOOO. Saved me a 2 block walk with my heavy bags. 😉  Yeehaw.

“Factual information alone isn’t sufficient to guide you through life’s labyrinthine tests.  You need and deserve regular deliveries of uncanny revelation.  One of your inalienable rights as a human being should therefore be to receive a mysteriously useful omen every day of your life.” –Rob Brezsney

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Blue Day

I’ve thought for many years that my favorite color is sky blue. I love the sky, I love soft colors…so, sky blue was it.


It's dreamy, isn't it?


Nowadays I am drawn to royal blue. I was ga-ga for this royal blue, leather purse in Seoul for MONTHS. Everytime I would go into the city and pass the particular bag shop that sold it, I would go in…chat up the owner…negotiate a bit…I got him to come down from 150,000 won to 60,000. Big difference, right? I would have quickly paid it BUT the purse didn’t have ANY sort of “label” on it. Not that I need a LABEL on a bag. I most definitely don’t but if it doesn’t have a label…and I doubted it was REAL leather…and the inner lining was chintzy…SO?  Why would I pay over 50 bucks (US) for that bag? THE COLOR!  AH!  The syle!! Ah!  😦    But, I snoozed too long and I *guess* the man figured I would never buy it even after going into his shop a couple of times per month for 4 months. Oh well. Some other gal is carrying it on her shoulder and the bag man told me he’s not getting another one. (sniff, sniff)

BLUE DAY marks my awareness that I now love Royal Blue more than sky blue. 😀  Hooray for Royal Blue.  😀  The TRUE beauty of the rainbow!!


When I'm a granny, I'll wear a huge sapphire like this one on my bony finger.


And…I must admit: I’m feeling a bit blue today, too. So, there’s a double meaning in today’s Day Naming. ^-^  But, I s’pose I should save that blurb for another blog.

“Sit in reverie, and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind”  –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Chicken Day

Today is CHICKEN DAY because, alas…I have broken my many days of vegetarianism and have eaten <<<gasp!>>>::::: chicken. Oh, the horror. The horror. It wasn’t horror actually:  It was FRYPAN!  heh heh. Anyone living in or around Seoul, Korea knows Frypan. Damn their chicken is purdy tasty. 😉  Am I a lost cause? Goodness I remember the days when I would nearly GAG at the mere mention of “chicken.” Ew.

Blech. Barf. Puke.

Ick. I can smell the ammonia now. =/

But now??? Mmm. I smell the smell (hmm, oil? grease? seasonings?) outside of one of  Korea’s ten million fried chicken places and I want it.

FryPan makes its own potato chips and then layers the boneless chicken strips on top. Served with an optional side salad.

So yah. I broke down and ate chicken today. Bummer.

A day like today leads me to wonder how different my brain could be…only eight  years after my raw vegan lifestyle when I scrunched  up my nose  at hundreds of “foods” that I deemed to be unfit for human consumption (umm…chicken being at the top of that list.)  Why is it that I can eat it and dozens of other foods  now that  I wouldn’t even think about eating back then? Living in Korea used to be my excuse but I ain’t buyin’ it anymore. It doesn’t make any sense. A chicken is a chicken is a chicken whether I’m in the U.S., Korea, Hong Kong…it’s STILL MEAT. Flesh. Dead.  I like to try and justify my eating meat in Korea by telling myself that the chickens aren’t pumped up on antibiotics and raised in their own feces and urine and tortured like they are in the U.S. But have I been to a chicken farm here? Errr. (That would be an embarrassed yet grateful “NO.”)  In my defense, I did a Google search (insert eye roll) on the chicken-raising practices in SoKo and well, it seems that it is much more humane and hasn’t turned all “factory farmy” just yet.

Tomorrow is a new day. I shall start again. It’s all I can do, right?

Honestly, in my heart I know that a vegan lifestyle is the lifestyle for ME.  I feel my best when I eat vegan and I am much thinner and less puffy. Puff. Puff. POOF.  POP.







This is always a favorite of mine:

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”  ~Paul McCartney

and…I found this new one tonight (which I think must be from the 80’s…and is uber-lame.

“Vegetarian:  A person who eats only side dishes.”  ~Gerald Lieberman   ((You have that RIGHT about Vegetarians in KOREA who go to MEAT restaurants, Gerald…but ummm, where **I’m** from…we’ve got a helluva lot more than side dishes to eat.))  <shrug>

Tsk, tsk. Get with 2010, fool.

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Stalker Day

There’s this really, super duper, pooper scooper CREEPY man who lives in my building on the 9th floor who is stalking me. I am *almost* positive about this. I have been stalked –3– times before in my life (twice in high school–yes! and once in college). I have read the stalker-victim manuals…I know the telltale signs to watch out for…I seem to attract stalkers like ice-cream attracts kids. Eh~~weak analogy.  Or maybe not?  🙂

Doggie, I feel yo'. =/

I saw him standing near the elevator foyer a few days ago and now…every night since then. *Ugh squared*  I was waiting in the foyer for the elevator to come back down when he        s l o w l y        walked into the building from outside. He was holding a small, single-serving of ESL Milk in his hand. At 11:00pm. He looked as though he were in a trance or even a sleepwalking state. His gaze was set on me but very expressionless (not the NORMAL, indifferent Korean expression) but  I didn’t think much of it. (((I COULD be overreacting now…but I doubt it.))) I’m glad I thought ahead (and am my paranoid self) and hit the 7th floor button instead of my actual floor. I didn’t want him knowing which floor I live on. He pushed “9” but who knows? He may have very well just gotten off on the 9th floor and then taken the stairs in either direction to his actual floor, too. I could be putting way too much thought into this but trust me…after being stalked three times, I have every gosh darn right to be hesitant and a little precautionary.:!:

So, today is STALKER DAY. I might as well include some tips if you are one of the unfortunates like me and are stalked at one point or another:

—>Just check-out  that website to get started. I decided not to type out a bunch of info. 😉 SOME people might say that I am using the term too loosely  but trust me==this is how it starts out. Then…he’ll be showing up in my work building…on  the floor I work on…at the gym. So, no. I’m not using it lightly. If it doesn’t progress into all of that crapola…then hip, hip horray! I’m not being stalked and this day can go down in Day Naming History as the Day That Was Misnamed! ^_^  (Oh, I hope so)

The other night I ran into a couple of guys who live in my apartment building and we stood outside  of our building chatting for a few minutes. The guys didn’t go inside with me. 😦 WELL. My stalker had been standing behind a large delivery truck WAITING for me to go back inside the building. Hopefully these past few days are completely coincidental but that one night WAS ODD. Right after I said my goodbyes to the guys, I noticed the man looking at me—-as though he had been standing there the whole time “listening” to our conversation. Ay yie yieeeee. I walked into the apartment building and sure enough…he followed. Walking   e   v  e  r       s o      s — l—  o—  w—  l—  y  and once again I had to wait for the bloody elevator to come down which gave him plenty of time to catch up and ride with me. I *almost* didn’t go in it but then I thought~~Eh, I push the wrong floor’s button anway and there’s a security guard on duty, sooo…nothing will happen. That night he was carrying a can of cider (aka, 7-up) in his hand. Same lack of facial expression although as he was staring at me in the surround-sound style mirrors in the elevator, he seemed to have his lips turned slightly upward…forming the slightest SMILE. His smile was a cross between Uncle Fester’s spooky grin and someone passing gas and goofily grinning from the release. *Ugh tripled* Please somebody help me. This is when I need a big, burly, scary-looking, rough, tough and buff male friend with me. Where in the heavens is he when I need him?

Yep! That's him!

And this is a nice quote to lighten the heaviness of this blog!

“Bush said today he is being stalked. He said wherever he goes, people are following him. Finally, someone told him, “Psst. That’s the Secret Service. ”   HAHAHAHA  Who else would have said that other than JAY LENO!?!?

Oh: And yesterday was BLUE SKY DAY because oh ma garsh!… we ACTUALLY had a blue sky in Dongtan.

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Love and Loss Day

I have read two books this year (and am on my 3rd one with the SAME theme)  that have love and loss as key themes.

I read Jia by HyeJin Kim (a South Korean woman) and I read Away by the uber-talented Amy Bloom.

Both books brought tears to my eyes. And since I had read both books in a one-month time period…I turned a little bitter and started thinking that life is nothing but  suffering. Well, it IS filled with suffering but it’s topped with joy and peace. Wouldn’t you agree?

And I’m getting ready to trade books and return borrowed books and I was thinking about those two stories today, which prompted me to Name This Day: Love and Loss Day. Brilliant, I know.  😉

“It’s an awful truth that suffering can deepen us, give a greater luster to our colors, a richer resonance to our words. That is, if it doesn’t destroy us, if it doesn’t burn away the optimism and the spirit, the capacity for visions, and the respect for simple yet indispensable things.” –Anne Rice

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Lavender Day

As I am “on a roll” with the whole, “Naming Your Day” dealio, today is Lavender Day.

I have always been fond of lavender. I used to pick sprigs from people’s gardens while I was on my walks back home and  now I have my very own plant in my apartment here in Korea. I love my lavender. She’s my darling and she knows that she’s the apple of my eye…that my other plants could die and I would shrug but if my darling lavender dies…oh golly, dunno what I would do. :*(  I would be suh sad…

So, I talk with my lavender everyday and tell her she’s my favorite (yes, right in front of the other two…) and I love her so much, I do. I am so excited to someday have a H U G E bush in the garden of my future home. Lavender is calming, healing and fragrant.

Oh, so anyway today is Lavender Day because I not only love my darling lavender but I also am on a “lavender tea” kick lately. And wouldn’t cha know?? Lavender helps people fall asleep! Get off the Ambien and Lunesta, peeps! Drink a cup of lavender tea before bed and drift into your blissful slumber. ^^

Some Korean Lavender Tea

This is the organic, lavender tea I found at E-Mart. I’m sure Lotte and Homeplus and Home Ever and Shinsegae and whatever other dozen marts you might have in your neighborhood carry it, too. 😉  Errr, maybe not the small marts. But the larger stores=definitely. You can find it at a store near YOU! It’s extremely pleasurable and calming. Try it! You’ll like it! ((read in a Hey, Mikey!! voice))

My future lavender garden! Mmm. I can smell my drawer sachets now. Mmm.

I read on a health website that: Lavender Tea helps relieve stress, it reduces fatigue, detoxifies your kidneys,  relieves headaches, and calms your nerves and emotions. ”

So, that explains why I am stress-free, energetic, have healthy kidneys, no headaches, and am relaxed all of the time. Heh heh. OK. So, maybe I’s gots ta drink more of the good stuff.

“If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”  ~Japanese Proverb

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It’s Wheatgrass Day!

Yeeeehaw! Today is Wheatgrass Day today in Korea. Whoopideedoo. ((insert party noise here))

I actually drank wheatgrass juice today. Oooh. Where? you might be asking… 😀

Here’s where:

BOOST JUICE. It’s near Yangjae Station. Go out of Exit 7 and walk straight ’til you reach Dunkin Donuts. Make a right at the Dunkin Donuts. Oh, how I love that I am giving directions like a true Seoulite. Go straight ’til you hit the GS25, turn left at GS25 and walk straight ’til you get to the 14th fried chicken place. Make a right. If you’ve gotten to the 15th fried chicken place, you’ve gone too far…make a u-turn and… hahahaha

Anyway! YES!  Walk straight out of Yangjae Station’s Exit 7 and turn right once you get to the Dunkin Donuts. It’ll be along the little alley-like side street on the right. You can’t miss it. It says BOOST JUICE  in large letters. ^^

Do you LOVE life?? YES?! Then, you should go to BOOST and get some juice!

It’s ***sort of*** similar to Smoothie King here in Korea but waaaayyyy better since BOOST grows and serves/sells WHEATGRASS shots!! Yeehaw! I hoped they would when I saw the BOOST Juice sign. And well, yes they do!  😀  A shot is 2,000 won. Totally proper. They serve it up on a cute, little plate and give you an orange slice with it. Nice-uh! Better than Jamba Juice’s presentation back home. Hmph*!

I got the shot and I ordered their wild berry juice which tasted nice and tropical. It had apple and pineapple and something else in it (some sort of BERRY, perhaps???)  Although…I don’t think any berries are available in Seoul right now??? (I didn’t watch them make it since I was drinking my shot.) The regular size costs 5,500 won. That’s the size I got. Slurpage!  It was good and I SWEAR that my energy levels for the rest of the day were unparalleled! Seriously, even though I’ve been improving my diet and exercising regularly I’ve still been feeling slumpy dumpy at times. Well, after I drank my enzyme/energy-rich brekkie, I was rockin’ ALLLLL day long. I wish they would have opened up their shop near my home because  it takes me 45 -ish minutes (one way) to get there. Kind of lousy. I could see myself making the trek over if I am guaranteed an energy surge for the rest of the day, though. ^^

Hooray for Wheatgrass Day.

Oh, and Friday was Fart Day since 3 of my students (A different student in 3 different classes) farted in class. WTH!?!? Lay off the kimchi, kids!

And yesterday was Dance Day ’cause I rocked the dance floor like you KNOW I do!

“One ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent in vitamins, mineral, and amino acids found in 2 and 1/2 pounds of green leafy vegetables. Wheatgrass is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin ‘A’, complete ‘B’ complex, B-17, C, E and K”  –from an encyclopedia, I’m sure ^^

How’s THAT for some major health benefits? It’s about time Korea jumped on the bus. YAY.

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Today is Messy Day

OK. Yes. Today is MESSY DAY because I want to live this day and be content with the mess that my apartment IS.

Why do I constantly struggle to make my apartment something it is not? (Tidy) Mmm, no. From this moment on I will embrace it in all of its messiness. Structured chaos.

Nevermind! My desk is completely empty compared to this disaster zone! 😀

Oh, fine. Maybe it is cluttered. Maybe I am a careless mess. Perhaps when people walk in they feel overwhelmed by the chaotic, confused, disheveled, disordered, disorganized way my apartment is.  And yes I did use a thesaurus for that last sentence. ^^

My kitchenette (which now reeks of soy sauce after Tuesday night’s mishap…) is soooooo small. What am I expected to do? I am coming to terms that yes: there will always be a bag of rice cakes next to my stove. And yes, I will have other various crap strewn about. Oh well. C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas? Oui.

I am enjoying this “Naming Your Days” idea. I forgot to name yesterday so it shall be “Forgotten Day.”     😉

Thank you, Messy Day. Thanks to you I can sit in my stack o’ papers and relax. Ahhhh. Feels nice.

If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?
Dr. Laurence J. Peter

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