Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Hello all!

I know I have been a lazy blogger. Boooooooo. I don’t have as much free time as I used to! Oh well…I am taking time out of my day to blog about a new hair experience I just had at a salon.

It’s June, I live in a desert, I haven’t been moisturizing any part of my body as much as I should be…but most especially…my hair has been feeling like straw after I wash it.  Usually conditioner softens it…but lately it doesn’t seem to be working. Hmm. So. I began to investigate ways to soften my straw hair on the internet. My research uncovered a process called the Keratin Smoothing Treatment.  I guess it’s the new, best thing in the salon industry –it’s supposed to be better and less toxic than the Brazilian Blowout (BB) since the BB forms formaldehyde gases… but through my research…so does this new “Keratin Treatment.” La la laaaaaaa   The beauty world is so confusing. :-/

So, being utterly confused –and desperate for soft looking and feeling locks…I went to a nearby reputable salon and had a consultation with a stylist. (Literally, I walked into the salon, asked if one of the stylists could quote me how much the procedure would cost me, a gal walked over to me, looked at and touched my hair, and told me it would be $175.00.) It was a 2-minute consultation process.  So, I scheduled an appointment with her to do the smoothing treatment on me the next morning.  Desperate times and straw hair come with droppin’ big bucks! 😀

Longer story shorter…My appointment began at 9:00 and ended at 11:00.  Wow.  2 hours on the dot.  This involved my stylist giving me a pre-wash with a clarifying shampoo to clean my hair really well (so go with dirty hair like I did!), blow drying it 100% dry, applying the Keratin solution to thin sections of my hair, putting a shower cap on me for a 30-minute “processing” time, blow drying my hair again and then flat ironing it.  Whoa baby.  There was a lot of heat involved.  Wanna see the results?! 🙂  So far…I’m happy.  I will write another review of this hair process after a month or so to see how I really feel about spending $200 to have smoother, softer, less frizzy hair.

I can’t wash my hair for three days. My stylist said the product is still working on my hair.  So, we shall see what it looks like after I wash it with sulfate-free shampoo for the first time! It’s neat how with my hair straighter, it looks like I have an ombré! HAHAHA!  My stylist asked me if I had gotten my hair colored to have an ombré and I said it’s a natural one from all of the gardening I have been doing!  I wear a hat and only have the ends of my ponytail exposed! Ha! Natural ombré! For freeeee!





“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” –Ivana Trump

HAHAHAH. Well.  It was the most apropos quote I could find.  Not that I’m seeking revenge against anyone! (Just against my dry hair!) 🙂

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