Privacy in Korea–WHAT A CONCEPT!!!!!

When I went to the gym today, I knew I would be having my monthly weigh-in along with my monthly “scan.” The scan is an electrical current thing-a-ma-jiggy that is processed by me holding a handle on a machine that supposedly computes how much fat, water, muscle, et cetera I have in my body. Shyeah….sure! But, anyway, I allow myself to be given the test by my super, over-zealous trainer guy, Jay because I’d like to know what the numbers say. Hey, anything lower than the beginning is progress, right?!?

But you see…Jay is quite the gossiper. He’s Korean but speaks English well because he was raised in France. He looooves to give me status updates on all the other waygookins who work out at the gym.  Both of my coworkers go to this same gym so every now and again Jay will say something like, “Oh, and you know ______ hasn’t been coming.”  And I wonder to myself…GEEZ! If I don’t show up for a few days, is he out running around telling everyone he meets that I haven’t been to the gym in forever?!??! Talk about an accountability partner. Hmph!

So after I did the scan test thingy he told me, “Hey you know ____________just came and did this test.”  !!!! And I said, “Oh, I know…________ was talking about how you told him he has the perfect amount of muscle.” And Jay said, “Yes, but he has 25 kilos of fat he needs to reduce.” And I said, “JAY!” “That’s personal.”  And Jay said, “Yes. And you have 22.”


I busted out laughing. Almost 50 freaking POUNDS of FAT in my body that I have to reduce?!?! Ummm, I know I’m no Size 2 but I’d like to believe I simply need to reduce about 10 kilos (22 pounds) of FAT, thank-yew-ver-ee-much-Jay! Pork chop. Anyway, HE’S one to talk!  He’s been sitting behind the front desk of the gym eating doughnuts. JEEZ. When was the last time I allowed myself a doughnut? Oh wait– an hour ago. Nevermind. HAHAHAHAHAH  Juuuuust joking. 🙂

But the list of privacy invasions can go on and on. When I wrote my blog about that horrid Ob/Gyn office I went to, I don’t think I mentioned how some girl was being counseled for her HPV right in front of me!~~!!~!~ I mean, there was no curtain, no other room. The nurse lady at the desk just told the girl to sit down and then started telling her about her options for treatment. And I was literally 5 feet away from them.  Eegads.

One time I went into the Ear, Nose and Throat doc’s office, he told me he’d just treated another waygook who I know. The list is endless. People of Korea!!! Please understand that the majority of us waygooks like and appreciate our anonymity and privacy!!!

“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”—David Brin

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The World’s Largest Feminine Protection–EVER!!!

HAHAHAHAHA. OK. So, I am bored. Obviously. Ummm. Yah, I am.

I am also slightly uninhibted at the moment. You get my drift. Maybe not? Oh well. Moving on:

Tonight I was with a couple of friends and the topic of a woman’s monthly cycle came up in conversation. ^^

Wellllll, I came home after the gathering and realized that my apartment is a mess and started tidying up, as usual. It’s a constant battle here in this apartment of mine this year. It just does NOT want to stay tidy. It is quite rebellious.

I was tossing some misplaced items inside my closet when I saw a bag of maxi pads I had bought from E-mart earlier this year. I bought these pads as part of a BULK SALE package. If you have been to Korea or any other country which sells items in BULK packaging (meaning…they tape together a bunch of related items and sell them all as a package for a “special” price) then you know what I’m talking about. Well, I’m ALLL about the BULK sales!!!! Oh yah!!! Sign me up!  And feminine protection BULK!?!?!? WHHHHOOOO!  If I can get 9 packages of pads or tampons for the price of 6–you can be sure I’ll be throwing the gigantic wad of pad/tampon bags into my cart. Who cares that they might need to be bagged in 4 different shopping bags to accommodate their gi-normous size and girth?!?!? I’m saving big bucks!

Soooo, yes. I bought a year’s supply of pads from E-mart when I first arrived in Korea this time because the E-Mart people had taped up something like 12 bags including liners, light flow, medium-light, medium, medium-heavy flow, and super duper the-surf-is-UP flow pads all toegther. Brilliant! So, I tossed a few BULK sale packages into my cart and sashayed over to the checkout.

Oh, sorry….I digress. What I mean to be writing about it actually the WORLD’S LARGEST FEMININE PROTECTION–EVER!!~!!~~!!  This ain’t no joke, peeps. I’ve got them right here in my apartment in Korea. Now, all I know is that the biggest of the big in America are HALF THE SIZE of these. And well, *most* Korean women’s butts are HALF THE SIZE of American women’s butts…so I’m kind of confused at why these heavy duty nighttime pads are so frickin’ humongous???  I might have thought that I actually got a free package of DEPENDS (incontinence pads) if there weren’t a moon and the ubiquitous outline of a maxi pad on the bag itself… These suckers are HUGEEEEE!  hahahahahah  🙂

Note to the women: if you are in a serious relationship and the boyfriend/husband/partner is around…I wouldn’t wear one of these.  They might freak out and think you’re wearing a diaper.

Moving on: So, I took one out of the package and thought, holy moly!  Whooooaaa baby!!!! It’s THICK, too!!!!

And well, the piece de resistance quality is the fact that one pad is  17 cm WIDE!!! (almost 7 inches for my U.S. peeps) and —-40—- cm long!~!~!~!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH  (that’s almost 16 inches long!!!!)

Enjoy the pics and buyer beware!

“If men could menstruate … clearly, menstruation would become an enviable, boast-worthy, masculine event: Men would brag about how long and how much. … Sanitary supplies would be federally funded and free. Of course, some men would still pay for the prestige of such commercial brands as Paul Newman Tampons, Muhammad Ali’s Rope-a-Dope Pads, John Wayne Maxi Pads, and Joe Namath Jock Shields — “For Those Light Bachelor Days.”—Gloria Steinem!!!  (BTW!!!  I met her!!!)

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A cancelled date…what to do? Drink tea!

Ahhh, I was really excited to have a date planned for a random Tuesday. It wasn’t anything big. But, I had plans, OK!?!?!

But alas, the plans got cancelled. Que cera cera. I actually was OK with it and came home and made some tea. And if anyone who’s been to my place knows…tea I HAVE!  I have most of the Lipton options on the shelves of Emart and Lotte. I skipped on the Rosemary and Camomile because well, they’re not my faves. But, I currently have 3 different varieties of green tea (O’Sulloc, OF COURSE!!) and a plethora of the Liptons. 😀  Fun, fun, fun. It reminds me of the good ol’ days back at Loyola Marymount University when I lived in an apartment on-campus and my roommate would make us tea every night and we’d stay up talking until 3am. 🙂  Good times. So, I still hold the tradition and I drink my tea every night but instead of talking to people, I talk to myself. :-/

You’ll have to forgive my pics,  I used my webcam and voila, this is what I got. 😕  So, this Lime one is my current tea o’ choice. After a long day, it’s soooo….ummm….comforting. 🙂  And the lime flavor is actually full and not weak at all!  $4.  The ingredients in it are from Germany. Kewl.

My all-time favorite. Mmm. Peppermint.  This one is about $4.50. And it’s totally worth it. 100% peppermint leaves from….Germany!  😀 Good stuff.

Eh~~~I have definitely had better. But, for $4, what do I expect? It’s lemon flavor is quite weak and the verbena isn’t that present in the flavor. I’d pass if I were you.   I’m very shocked…’cause the ingredients are from Germany and the other teas are quite nice.

I haven’t actually tried this one yet!  I need a scone if I want to drink this. heehee.     :->     Old habits die hard.  Ingredients from China…from the Bokeongsang Mountain?!?!? Anyhoo, yah. Ingredients from China.

I found a group shot!  😀  These are all of them available in Korea right now. Oh yah!

“Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.”  ~Author Unknown

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Blink, blink, blink

EEGADSSSSS I can’t stop blinking my eyes! My eyes have felt so terribly itchy these past 2 weeks.   :/

They feel itchy and dry and irritated and fluids ooze out (well, sometimes fluid oozes out.) ick. It’s a clear fluid…but thicker than normal, I’d say. It hasn’t turned funky green or yellow thank goodness. And when I rub my eyeballs they make a squishy sound from me swirling my eyeballs around in their sockets…like squish, squish, squish. And I can’t stop poking at them which of course, makes them worse.

My newest thing is squirting Visine drops in them first thing when I wake-up and then when I come home from work. I was SOOOO excited to have been able to get some Visine drops on the army base a couple of weekends ago. Thank golly gee goodness. But I know me and my addictive personality so I GOOGLED overuse/overdosing on eye drops and well, wouldn’t cha know that using Visine too often can cause REBOUND RED EYE!??!?!?!? (((insert scary movie/suspense music here))) YES! That’s right. I have to get off of my Visine kick. OOOH, But they just feel sooooo gooood going in. Ahhhhhh. Ooooooh. Ooh.    😛

Thankfully, my eyes don’t look like this:

Anyway, I think it’s interesting that I’m experiencing allergies here in Korea this year. I was lucky my first 2 years here, I guess. Or, maybe the gal I met last year was right when she told me that after a couple of years in a new environment, allergies develop. Hmmm. I need ALLEGRA!  No. I need my Claritin-D!!!     😀

Eyes. Ahhh, windows to the seoul.   😉

“I used to wake up at 4 A.M. and start sneezing, sometimes for five hours. I tried to find out what sort of allergy I had but finally came to the conclusion that it must be an allergy to consciousness.”

—James Thurber

hehehehehe!!! 🙂

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What you think about…

So. Today I wore the awesome new shirt my darling sister sent me from America. The Land of Fantastic Clothes. 😀

Buuut, the one thing about this oh-so-cute shirt is that it rides really low in the back. And well, I don’t have the world’s sexiest back. What with my 16-inch-long scar traveling down my back…a scar that has staple markings all alongside of it…and it red and raised. Not too attractive. I am aware of this.

But, I absolutely love the shirt and its ruffles and so I said, “to hell with ‘it'” and wore the shirt to work today. And I didn’t think about my scar until I went back home for dinner and while doing my post-meal “check” for food bits, etc, I noticed my scar…and I thought, “Hmm. It looks redder than usual. Was it THIS noticeable all day long???” Not one person said ANYTHING to me all day long about my scar. I realized that fact when I noticed my scar after dinnertime and became self-conscious about it. So, I became SELF-CONSCIOUS about it. And I went back into work trying to keep my back away from people but it’s kind of impossible to do that when I must walk around a classroom checking homework–essentially having to put my back toward some students while I check other students’ homework. Sooooo, wouldn’t cha know that 3 of my students in my last class of the day commented on my scar.

The first girl told me I had a “zipper” on my back. I smiled and said, “yes.”

The second girl said, “yes! a zipper.”  Then, a couple of the boys wanted to get a closer look at it…running up to me to see it closely.

I smiled again.

One of my oh-so-endearing boys exclaimed, “OUCH!” and told me  that I looked like a scary monster. I said, “Well. I’m OK.” And he said, “yes but people see you on the street and are scared.”

Little shit. But, to console myself I reminded myself that he’s the same little pork chop who had told me in a previous class that I was “heavy” and that I couldn’t drive a race car (in the same sentence). I ♥♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥♥ teaching in Korea at times.   (Oh, forgive my sarcasm…)  But, oooh!

But, anyway…I began to wonder…hmmmmmmmmmm.  (((Insert thinking bubbles here)))  If I had NEVER  noticed my scar and become SELF-CONSCIOUS about it…perhaps my students wouldn’t have said anything? Perhaps they sensed my insecurity about it? Who knows. All I know is that energy is a powerful thing. And my energy probably waned after I saw my red, raised, bumpy scar down my back.

Just throwing some of my ethereal thinking out there for ya.   xoxo      And venting at the same time. 🙂

“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”  — Henry Rollins

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~~Love is in the air ~~

It’s spring…and love seems to be the topic of conversation among my friends lately. I was listening to one of my gurus, Sandra Anne Taylor yesterday…and she was talking about breaking negative habits (including ending negative relationships). Her topic centered on relationships that were simply habits and not actual relationships. I began to think of the people I know in relationships here in Korea (and back home) and how many of them are simply habits and not actual relationships.

I am pretty much quoting what she said in her podcast yesterday from here on out:

“If you are in a relationship, ask yourself the question: ‘Does this relationship honor me?’   There are 3 elements to a healthy relationship: RESPECT, RECIPROCITY and COMMUNICATION.  Relationships can be habits, too. It’s hard to say you’re leaving a relationship. It’s very difficult to leave. But, it’s important to ask yourself if you have all 3 things.

1st: respect—If you don’t have respect, the person is not relating to you;  they are dismissing, abusing, neglecting, or negating you.

2nd: reciprocity— This is when you feel that there’s an equal interest and effort in the relationship–(not equal money or time as far as domestic stuff is concerned) It’s about the effort put forth into the relationship. If you don’t have reciprocity then the person is not relating to you…they are using you as some sort of service, etc.

3rd:  communication— If you don’t have intimate communication, then the person is not relating to you. You can’t relate without intimate communication.

So, these are  ways we get honoroed or dishonored in a relationship. It’s important to identify them. Ask yourself, do you want to stay in that habit? “

After I listened to her podcast I thought about all the men I’d met in my life.  I haven’t read her book, “Secrets of Attraction” but I think it’d be an interesting read.

I did, however read an excerpt from the book where she tells the story of Eros and Psyche to illustrate the truth about fear destroying a relationship.  Fear. I think my ego has ruined most of my potential relationships. But, what is the ego?  It’s wrapped in a blanket of fear–for most people.

“Clouds will rage and storms will race in, but you will be safe in my arms. Rains will pour down, waves will crash all around, but you will be safe in my arms.”—Plumb

“When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you… When I met you, I was afraid to kiss you… When I kissed you, I was afraid to love you… Now that I love you, I’m afraid to lose you.”—Unk.

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