A Hit and Run? Ugh

I have not felt called to blog in a while. I mean…I have…but, have been too lazy to actual sit and type away at my computer. That is, until this evening when I realized the only way to get my blood back down from a boil to a simmer was to type out my sadness about my poor car.

I work out at a gym near my home that is located in this horrible parking lot. The parking lot itself is not horrible–it’s actually quite lovely for a parking lot. It has blossom trees in the spring and always a beautiful sky to be gazed upon above. However, whoever painted the lines demarcating parking spaces in this parking lot must have been high as a kite or wasted. I need to actually take a tape measure to see just how narrow these spaces are, but they are AT LEAST 12-inches narrower than your typical parking space–at least. And that is prime real estate in a parking space. That makes the difference between a car loaded up with door dings and one without.

I suppose that’s enough about the parking lot and its tight spaces. I was exercising at the gym yesterday evening and upon returning to my car saw that the person who had parked to my left had parked in such a way that his/her car’s rear right fender was nearly touching my car’s rear left fender. Boo. I also noticed that I was not going to be able to get in to my car through my driver side door, as the person’s car was so close to mine there was not any way I’d be able to try and squeeze in. I was in such a zen state, having just come out of the sauna and meditating a bit…I was not truly thinking with all pistons firing.

Fast forward in this story: I ended up crawling in to my car through the front passenger side door and driving home. Well, this morning I see HUGE scrapes and scratches all along my rear left fender!!!! <<<<Insert a ton of expletives here>>>> The worst part about this situation is that ever since I saw the scrapes on my car this morning, I can’t stop asking myself why I didn’t take any photos of the car nearly on top of mine yesterday evening? Not even to send to friends with the caption:  Can you believe this jerk??? Ugh. I would have gotten evidence and a license plate.

The super sad thing about this life incident is that it happens all too frequently. It always has. I wonder what it is about a silently sitting parked car that makes it so easy for people to walk away without leaving a note?

I would like to end this sad tale with sending forgiveness out to the driver, who must have truly been out of it to not realize their car was scraping along the backside of my car as they carelessly pulled in to their/ part of my parking space all catawampus –and LEFT their car parked that way.  ??? Oh, whyyyy did I not take pictures? Lesson learned. Thanks Universe.

“Modern motor vehicles are safer and more reliable than they have ever been – yet more than 1 million people are killed in car accidents around the world each year, and more than 50 million are injured. Why? Largely because one perilous element in the mechanics of driving remains unperfected by progress: the human being.” — Tom Chatfield    (I am grateful I wasn’t in my car at the time. Amen)

“In a universe that’s an intelligent system with a divine creative force supporting it, there simply can be no accidents. As tough as it is to acknowledge, you had to go through what you went through in order to get to where you are today, and the evidence is that you did.” –Wayne Dyer

Okay, Wayne. For whatever reason I needed to go through this.  Peace out, peeps! And stay away from those doggone narrow parking spaces!

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Toll Roads in Orange County

So, I was in Newport Beach today and my GPS was not set to avoid toll roads, so on my way home I ended up on Toll Road 241…for which a driver needs a FasTrak or ExpressAccount.  To clarify, there are no booths with people waiting to take your money on the other end.  It is run solely with a camera and a machine to suck money off of one of those company’s transmitters. In order to not receive a violation of $57.50 in addition to the toll amount due, you need to go to their website 5 days before or within 5 days after driving on it.

I am sooooo lucky my sister told me about this. I was planning on waiting for my “bill” to come in the mail.  Well, per their site they don’t send bills.  They send violations. So, I repeat…do not wait for them to send you a bill because it will not be a “bill,” but a violation with that huge added fee. How is any ol’ regular person supposed to know this?  And when I got on the 241, it didn’t say FasTrak ONLY–or if there was a sign…it wasn’t big enough to catch a visitor’s eye.

The four roads you have to be aware of over there are the 73, 133, 241, and 261.  So, if you find yourself over there without one of those transmitters to pay your toll, then make sure you go to THIS SITE! once you get home.  You can pay your bill online with no additional charges.  You just need to know which of their roads you drove on and your entry and exit points.  🙂 Happy driving!


See?  Do you see any FasTrak signage right here?!?! La la laaaaaaa.  I did not take this photo, but if it says it underneath the CA 241, (if it does…I’ll be slightly embarrassed)        it needs to be BIGGER. 😀

“A good driver keeps her eyes on the road…                                                                                      and doesn’t look for FasTrak signs.” -Yours Truly

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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Hello all!

I know I have been a lazy blogger. Boooooooo. I don’t have as much free time as I used to! Oh well…I am taking time out of my day to blog about a new hair experience I just had at a salon.

It’s June, I live in a desert, I haven’t been moisturizing any part of my body as much as I should be…but most especially…my hair has been feeling like straw after I wash it.  Usually conditioner softens it…but lately it doesn’t seem to be working. Hmm. So. I began to investigate ways to soften my straw hair on the internet. My research uncovered a process called the Keratin Smoothing Treatment.  I guess it’s the new, best thing in the salon industry –it’s supposed to be better and less toxic than the Brazilian Blowout (BB) since the BB forms formaldehyde gases… but through my research…so does this new “Keratin Treatment.” La la laaaaaaa   The beauty world is so confusing. :-/

So, being utterly confused –and desperate for soft looking and feeling locks…I went to a nearby reputable salon and had a consultation with a stylist. (Literally, I walked into the salon, asked if one of the stylists could quote me how much the procedure would cost me, a gal walked over to me, looked at and touched my hair, and told me it would be $175.00.) It was a 2-minute consultation process.  So, I scheduled an appointment with her to do the smoothing treatment on me the next morning.  Desperate times and straw hair come with droppin’ big bucks! 😀

Longer story shorter…My appointment began at 9:00 and ended at 11:00.  Wow.  2 hours on the dot.  This involved my stylist giving me a pre-wash with a clarifying shampoo to clean my hair really well (so go with dirty hair like I did!), blow drying it 100% dry, applying the Keratin solution to thin sections of my hair, putting a shower cap on me for a 30-minute “processing” time, blow drying my hair again and then flat ironing it.  Whoa baby.  There was a lot of heat involved.  Wanna see the results?! 🙂  So far…I’m happy.  I will write another review of this hair process after a month or so to see how I really feel about spending $200 to have smoother, softer, less frizzy hair.

I can’t wash my hair for three days. My stylist said the product is still working on my hair.  So, we shall see what it looks like after I wash it with sulfate-free shampoo for the first time! It’s neat how with my hair straighter, it looks like I have an ombré! HAHAHA!  My stylist asked me if I had gotten my hair colored to have an ombré and I said it’s a natural one from all of the gardening I have been doing!  I wear a hat and only have the ends of my ponytail exposed! Ha! Natural ombré! For freeeee!





“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” –Ivana Trump

HAHAHAH. Well.  It was the most apropos quote I could find.  Not that I’m seeking revenge against anyone! (Just against my dry hair!) 🙂

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Parking Lots and the Holidays

Ah, the holidaze!  AKA–the holidays!

This time of year always brings back memories (aka, nightmares) about my old career as an auto claims adjuster.  I remember my last year handling 100 car accidents at any given moment.  That particular year in December, parking lot accidents were happening left and right…and well…I got reeaaalllly tired of listening to two people bark about how the other driver was at fault and had backed up into him/her…ay caramba.  The joys of an auto claims adjuster.  Parking lot accidents were the worst and constant around the holidays.  Scenario:  two people are backing up simultaneously.  They each think the other driver should STOP and wait for them. But, neither does.  Both just continue to back on up into the rear bumper of the other driver.  Oh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  The joys of shopping at a mall and parking in a super crowded parking lot around the holidays.  La dee dah.  Tricky situation to determine which party holds fault, right?  Oh, the joys of the holidays.  So, people who don’t know I used to adjust car accidents for a living always ask why I park in the farthest spot in the lot…and I just reply…”Ah, I like the exercise…” instead of me getting all excited and exclaiming, “Do you KNOW how many car accidents happen in a parking lot at this time of the year!??!?” 😀

On a similar note, I, have been a victim of a crazy person in a super-packed parking lot in a very busy city last year.  I remember it as though it were yesterday.  Even though I had my cell phone with me, I didn’t have the with-it-ness to think about videotaping the lady while she was banging on my window screaming at me.  Scenario:  I had pulled into a parking spot.  A mad mom in a minivan stopped her car in the aisle way, exited her van, and proceeded to rush up to me (still sitting in my parked car). She began screaming, “Um!!! You didn’t indicate for the space!! You didn’t indicate for the space!!!”

You didn't indicate for the space!~!~!~

You didn’t indicate for the space!~!~!~

I sat there wondering why a woman would go through all that trouble to tell me I hadn’t indicated for the space, even though I was nearer/closer to the space than she was–she was down the aisle a bit more from it.  I then rolled down my window an inch and told her, “I’m sorry, but you weren’t that close to the space and I didn’t think it would be an issue.”  She began banging on my window telling me to *^#*&$@*&^# move my car out of the space.  Wow.  Whoaaaaaa baby.   Scary times.  That’s when (in retrospect), I realize I should have pressed RECORD on my phone.  Yikeseeeez.   Anyhow…needless to say she scared the daylights out of me…and if a person like her is that unstable, scary, and cuckoo…I wasn’t going to get out of my car and leave it there so she could slash my tires. 😦 Sooooo, I ended up pulling out of the space and circling around the entire shopping center another couple of times to find a spot that had no other cars driving down the aisle to contend with.  Scary lady won.  Very scary.  I only wish I would have been brave enough in the moment to tell her she needed to calm down and shouldn’t be talking to me (whom she didn’t know from Eve) like that.  Eek. But, I didn’t.  I just said, “Okay, okay,” and I pulled out of the space.  Boooooooo.  I have since searched for some “parking lot nightmare” videos on YouTube to not only make myself feel better about my experience, but to look for that same nut job…because I know that she is probably out there doing the very same thing to another unsuspecting person. 😦

Word of advice:  ALWAYS indicate (oh, that means to use your right/left turn signal!!) when turning into a parking space~~~~~!!!!!!! 😀 This is my friendly public service announcement at these very scary parking lot times during the holidaze.

“We’re never gonna get rid of crazy people. They’ve been around for thousands of years – they’ll continue to be around; they’ll continue to do horrible things.” —Michael Moore

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Be Present

Wow. I just had the craziest experience. I suppose you could say I’m distracted, focusing on one too many things, or scatterbrained?? “Eeep,” is all I have to say–regardless of whatever the reason/cause was.

I had been chatting on the phone with my sister and realized it was almost 8pm, so I quickly ended the conversation and jumped in my car to go to the gym. I had changed into my gym clothes hours earlier, but ended up getting the call…

I suppose I was distracted by my neighbor blasting his Christian Rock music in his garage while I was getting in my car, but as I drove along the road to my gym…and only when getting ready to turn in to the parking lot…I realized…I was wearing flip flops. :-/

Oy vey.

Really? I had NO IDEA whatsoever from the point of grabbing my water bottle and glasses…that I was wearing flip flops. Hmm. Scary, eh? Talk about being everywhere but THERE in the moment. Spooooooky. My brain was, uh…distracted? Dunno. It still creeps me out to think about it. I mean…what if I hadn’t even been wearing clothes and walked out of my house? 😮

I suppose that’s a far reach…but you get my point.

“I don’t think we realize just how fast we go until you stop for a minute and realize just how loud and how hectic your life is, and how easily distracted you can get.” –Meg Ryan

I’m living proof of that quote tonight. Embarrassingly enough.

P.S. And to answer your question if you’re wondering…I didn’t end up going back to the gym. I cleaned out my car instead. 😀

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I was at the gym tonight reading a Fitness magazine from February.  (You could say I’m a little behind on reading for pleasure…)

There was an article discussing how small amounts of stress are actually good for people because it sharpens our minds and helps people think more clearly–interestingly enough.

However, it had a section within the story that talked about BAD STRESS (the kind where you just have TOO MUCH!!!) and how the effects of TOO MUCH stress lead to certain unwanted occurrences such as waking up early every morning.

Let’s see, since I have started teaching I am repeatedly (most nights) waking up at 3:00 am and tossing and turning until my alarm goes off at 5:45 am…

I know I have a lot of stress.  I feel like I am moderating it pretty well (continuing to exercise, eating fairly healthy, etc…) but I guess that’s not enough for me.

The article suggests doing deep belly breathing for 30-minutes twice a day.  Honestly, I dread sleeping nowadays since I know I’m going to toss and turn for most of the night.  Soooooo…I am going to give the belly breathing a try.  Anything to get a good night’s sleep. Ahhhhhhh.  Life.


“He would lie in the bed and finally, with daylight, he would go to sleep. After all, he said to himself, it is probably only insomnia. Many must have it.”
 Ernest Hemingway

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What a fabulous post title, right?!? 😉

I decided to keep it nice and simple.  No frills.  No cutesy talk.  I’m feeling blah right now.  I would like to attribute my blah feelings (general malaise, really) to the high pollen count and my allergies, but really…truth be told…I am coming off of chocolate.  And not very gracefully.  I am imagining a drug addict in my mind right now–someone so desperate for a hit of their favorite X,Y,Z…

My latest “fix” has been Lindt Milk Chocolate.  It is soooooo creamy, smooth, and satisfying.  A very dear, well-meaning friend gifted me with a bar for V-Day, and well…since I have been wallowing in my single hood and not dealing with my recent break-up adequately, I inhaled the bar in two days.  A bar has about 24 small rectangles?  I  never actually stopped, unwrapped, and counted…but it is a good estimate.

Oh lordy.  This stuff IS classic!  Yummmmo!

Oh lordy. This stuff IS classic! Yummmmo!

Today after work, I sat in my “office” 🙂 and thought about chocolate.  I thought about it soothing me and comforting me.  I thought about a few mini Lindt rectangles melting on my tongue and fully inhaling the flavor of the chocolate.  Mmm.  I digress.  I told myself YESTERDAY that I am going to quit cold turkey this time and there would be no “weaning myself off of” the creamy decadence.  *sigh*   I have battled chocolate addiction in my past and have conquered it.  (It’s odd that I’m drawn to the milk varieties lately–I’m usually a 70% dark chocolate kind-of-gal…)  I know many people have chocolate daily, but for me—at this point in time, I have realized that I am wanting to use it as a crutch and an emotional comfort.  No bueno.  So, the solution is to remove it from my diet for a while, deal with my emotions, and then…re-introduce it in the future. 🙂

This, too, shall pass.  Alleluiaaaa.


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” –Charles M. Schulz

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Racy Topics in the Jacuzzi

I was working late last weekend and decided to go against my rule, “Don’t go to the gym late on a Friday or Saturday night” (Pick-up scene for all the hot studs pumping iron) and my even more important rule, “Don’t go into the jacuzzi at the gym past 7pm on those nights–EVER!” ;-) However, since I was tired and sore from sitting on my butt lesson planning all day (YES! I got a job actually TEACHING and using my very expensive teaching credential), I decided to “chance it” and GO.  I threw on my swimsuit, drove over to the gym, swam a bit, and then decided (at 7pm!!!) to go soak in the jacuzzi.  

There were a couple of people (in their 50′s-60′s) in it and neither was talking much, so I thought it would be safe to go in and not have to worry about being bothered.  Those people got out and left a few minutes after I got in and a guy in his 20′s and a man in his 50′s took their places.   I am always nervous about the conversations that will be started in the jacuzzi and usually deny people eye contact (not that doing so always works at keeping them from talking to me).  

I was staring off into space and stretching my tight leg muscles when all of a sudden the older man (let’s call him Larry) began to talk.  THANKFULLY he directed his query to the younger fellow (let’s call him Jim).  Well.  Larry ended up asking Jim if he was a “believer” and if he had “been saved.”  Jim responded awkwardly and mumbled something I couldn’t really hear.  The next thing I know Larry began telling Jim about how he needs to get married and settle down with ONE woman because that is heaven on earth.  LOL.  Jim was floating in the jacuzzi looking mighty confused and stumbling over his words, but being awfully polite.  The next thing I knew…Larry lunged toward Jim and jumped on him giving him a big bear hug!!! I could hardly contain myself.  I fortunately had already been soaking for 20-ish minutes and decided to leave at that point.  

I couldn’t help but smile as I left… Here all this time I have been worried about being “hit on” in the jacuzzi at the gym!!! Not around these parts in the High Desert, I guess!!! I suppose I should start to be concerned about the Christian Evangelists, though!!!! :-P

I bet I could write a reallllly interesting story based on the conversations that take place in that jacuzzi. ;-) TBC…

Stay relaxed, y’all!! 

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I am stuck.  Haven’t blogged in months.  I have been having lots of experiences that people would imagine would make me want to blog…but I just have not had the desire or the energy.  I think city life is sucking mine out of me.  Make sense?  

First, ever since I completed my teacher credentialing program, I have felt a loss.  The entire program had instilled such fire within me to be an educator and to fulfill my “life’s purpose” of being a teacher.  After moving up north to the Bay Area, I have not felt any fire within me, but rather have been experiencing the kindling smoking and making me gasp for air with the thought of entering an urban classroom.  What has happened?  Is teaching in an urban area that much different than teaching in a suburban one?  I suppose so.  My toughest days in my suburban classrooms have looked like scenes from a cute Disney movie compared to my experiences in urban classrooms.  So, what have I gone and done?  I have given up on teaching and thinking that I could be a teacher.  

Now, I feel like the sad soul who went through law or med school and now works at Petco… NOT that I work at Petco, thank the Good Lord…but, eh~~~ close enough.  My work does not fulfill me. I know this.  Unfortunately, instead of using that knowledge to ignite my fire again and look for teaching jobs, I am stuck in apathy.    

Now all I have to Google is “getting rid of that apathetic feeling…” and move on with my life.  Right?  :-/


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Challenging Times in Romance Land

Romance is a tricky thing.  I looked up an article today to educate myself about how to more effectively communicate my desires for my partner to do certain “tidying up” things around the apartment more often.  Why must you spend the time looking up such trivial things on the Internet, you ask me in boredom??  Well, it is because, as I have been constantly reminded by my partner, I come off as insulting whenever I do it “naturally/on my own”–without the help of strangers who write Self-Help columns for people with relationship roadblocks to constantly jump over. People like me.

All I want is for my partner to DO these things…NATURALLY…like I do.  Is this too much to ask in life?  Say for example, when I see that the contents of our recyclables container are about to spill over…I take it out.  I recently began to take it very personally and began feeling insulted that I am always (except once) the one to take out the recyclables.  I began telling myself, Well, there is no concern for keeping our apartment tidy, now, is there? or Well…someone must certainly be impressed by how the recycling container never gets too full. WOW.”

So, thankfully the first article I pulled up was this great piece:


And now I realize that I have been equating the lack of household chore participation with a lack of care and/or respect for me.  How terrible.  😦  Now all I need is the follow-up article that discusses lots more tips and tricks to use in order for me to change my thinking.  Wish me luuuuuuuck.

“The world only goes ’round by misunderstanding.”  –Charles Boudelaire

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