Naming my days

I really like this idea. I’m going to start naming my days. Today is the first day and it shall be called PORK CHOP DAY.

Because, whatever little porkchop stole my toe ring is going to be sorry if I ever find her/him.

Hooray for Pork Chop Day!

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Farewell to toe ring

I am at a loss. I don’t know what to think or feel except anger, really. Something dear to me is gone.

My toe ring.

Gone. Gone? Gone.

So I went to the gym last Thursday and had a ‘weigh-in’ with the new trainer. Yes, the NEW trainer was there and when I stepped on the electrical body scanner thingy, he told me to take off my toe ring. Looking back, I have NO IDEA why I even obliged him. I had never taken my toe ring off for any of my other seven, previous body scans so what was the big whoop-whoop of having it on? But, I DID take it off, took me a minute since it has been on my body since 2001.

My mom gave me that toe ring when I got back from studying in Australia in 2001. While I was in Oz, I told my mom about a toe ring I saw at a flea market for $40 and my mom exclaimed that it was expensive and told me not to buy it, that she had one which she was going to give  me when I got home. So, I skipped on buying the toe ring in Oz and sure enough, when I got home my mom gave me a toe ring.

Ah, the one picture I could quickly find of my toe ring. :*(

I never took it off. Well, except for the pedicure or two when the woman at my feet would insist that I remove it for whatever reason. But, it was a part of ME and I loved it. When I moved away from home it was as though I always had my mom close to me (heehee ^^ right at my feet.)  🙂  Nah, it was more like she was my strong foundation. My base.

I took it off and forgot to put it back on after my body scan since I was so eager to see what my results were…had I indeed released a couple more pounds…yippeee? And so there it sat by the body scanner  for (??? how long) until on Sunday evening as I was going to bed, I JUMPED up and realized it wasn’t on my foot. FUCK!* I thought. I remembered immediately that I had left it at the gym. Sighhhh. Well, on Monday morning I walked over and asked the new dork who sits at the desk in the mornings where it was. He was of no use to me. I didn’t bother to learn the word for “ring” in Korean…I was too flustered to really think about anything other than getting it back.  So, basically he told me that he didn’t see it anywhere (he looked in some drawers…) and told me I needed to go back later and talk with the trainer. The same dipshit who told me to take it off in the first place. Hmph*  Not that I wanted to do that since I was still in blame-mode and worried that I would verbally abuse him with my pathetic 2-yr old Korean language capabilities. YOU PERVERT!  (haha, not actually fitting for this situation, but I still know that word in Korean…) YOU STUPID!  YOU DUMB! YOU NO GOOD! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!  WHY YOU TELL ME THIS THING TAKE OFF?  I DON’T LIKE YOU! MY BOSS CALL YOU AND TALK YOU FOR REAL!  I would probably call him “stupid” again, just for good measure. ^^

Ahhhh. So I went back LATER and the dipshit wasn’t there…it was the annoying, useless guy who sits at the desk still. And I walked in all ready to get into my  SO, YOU SEE MY THING? dealio again when he stopped me in my tracks presumably because he wanted to save me the time and energy of blabbing in such broken Korean it’d bring tears to his eyes…and told me that “he didn’t know…he didn’t know.” Soooo, I started my workout and mid-way into my workout, I saw the dipshit trainer. He looked over at me and smiled and I glared at him and he walked away. Shit, who knows—he probably stole it.

I’m sorry people, but ummm…NEWSFLASH:  Koreans –DO–steal. <<<<<<g a s p !!!>>>>>>  I know it’s hard to believe an’ all because there are SO many stories of people having their lost belongings returned to them, etc, etc. Yah, great. Fantastic–I’m so happy for you. Good. Yippeee.

But, last year someone stole my brand new 5-day old bike from me. 😦 That was a traumatizing experience. Especially since I used to be one of the foreigners in Korea who used to say, “AH!  Koreans are SO honest!  And you know what??? Koreans don’t steal, either!!”  But the next day I saw a kid riding my bike down the poop stream path by my old home and I was in such shock my legs locked up and when I wanted to run…I just stood there watching him zoom by on my 10-speed. 😦   His hoodlum dad or uncle probably stole my bike and then gave it to the little twerp for his birthday.

This time I ain’t standing by in shock. If and when I see someone wearing MY toe ring, you’d better believe I’m going up to that be-otch and rippin’ it off her foot. Or his…

This is not over by any means. This country has already taken another ring that was dear to my heart. And you know what? I never mourned the loss over that ring. Back then I figured it was silly to get all up-in-arms over a lost/stolen OBJECT. Something I wouldn’t be taking with me when I leave this earth, anyway. After all, it’s just a thing right? Wrong. This toe ring was probably 10 bucks or something. It’s not the monetary value—but the EMOTIONAL attachment I have to that ring.

The next blog I write about this is either gonna be good news or a slew of expletives.

“As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery… we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.” –Dalai Lama

I am definitely nowhere near happy right now. (((insert angry face)))

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Another Thai Massage…

**Written Friday August 20, 2010…delayed publishing ’cause I’m just that forgetful these days.**

I just returned from my Thai Massage. I had been wanting to go for a massage since Tuesday night this week since I went back to the gym and am feeling all rickety again. I needs me some WD40!  Crick. Crick. Crick. Actually, this time around my joints are faring pretty well. It’s my muscles that are so tight and sore. Thankfully, I walked over to the massage (parlor??) after work. Parlor sounds inappropriate. But, I think it is the accepted term. So, I shall use it.

It's time for some therapy, daaaling!

I love (utterly love) the fact that I can walk two blocks from my apartment and be at a massage parlor. Back home, I’d walk two blocks and still be, well…in my neighborhood of houses. HAHA  😀

The first time I went to this Thai massage place I realized that my neighborhood becomes a sex den at night. I KNOW! Can you freakin’ believe it???  ONLY IN KOREA!   (Yes, I know I only say that because my neighborhood back home doesn’t turn into a sex den at night—-that I know of)  😉  So I was a little wary while I was walking over there the first time. But, it’s all good. It might be a sex den and the place to go get a prostitute (in a karaoke room or some other type o’ business…not walkin’ the streets for goodness’ sake) but families with children will be strolling the blocks until 1-2 am completely naturally…a nice, family midnight stroll. 😀 Sure. Why not? Makes me feel a heck of a lot safer.

Getting back to my massage. It was the best massage I have had in I don’t even remember how long! AHHHH!  Anyone in Dongtan who wants an amazing massage, go on over to the Thai Massage Parlor across from the CGV and ask for “Pim.” 😀   I introduced myself to the owner (who’s Korean) and told him the next time I go, I want PIM!!!  And anyone who knows me and my back situation knows that I am a massage connoisseur who’s had ummmm, somewhere around…gee…probably over 1,000 massages since 1994 (my first back operation year). Really!  No. Really. =/

So, Pim was great. I’d say she’s about mid-40’s and sweet as Splenda. 😉  I appreciated her not talking to me DURING my massage except for one question, “You Ameeka?”  SO CUTE!  I said, “네” haha. I knew she was Thai but I figured she spoke/understood at least as much Korean as I do!  😀

After my massage, she started to talk with me. I thought, “Oh, this is gon’ be gooood!” So, we both rolled out our best Korean and she rolled out some English and it started with Pim asking me if I was OK. I said Yes. She asked me again. I said yes. She told me I’m pretty. I told her she’s pretty. She gave me some water and watched me drink it. I felt uncomfortable…so I asked her if she is married. She didn’t understand “married” in English and gosh darn  it, I still don’t know that word in Korean so I simply asked, “wedding?” ’cause that word is used in Korean-Konglish, I guess. She said no. I asked about a boyfriend. She smiled and said no.  And swear to goodness, she started making little boxing fists and punching the air and I thought, Oh no! Maybe she got brought over here from Thailand and then dated some Korean men who beat her?!?!?  Nooooo! Terrible. 😦   She has such a serene face. Very pretty woman. I had to hold back because it was *kind of* funny the way she made little punching motions in the air. And then she briefly explained that Korean men are NOT GOOD. HAHAHAHAHAHA  I like Pim. She’s funny.

So, as I was sipping my water listening to her, she paused and asked in English, “You sleep now?” And she patted the mattress we were sitting on.

Well, this isn't the room, but the mat is very similar. You get the idea. ^^

That was interesting. The last time I went for a massage the gal surely didn’t offer me the mat to take a nap on afterward. Hmm. I dunno. I kind of got the impression that she wanted to keep talking with me but I was feeling sooooo relaxed and ready to be bumming around my apartment, laying on my uber-uncomfortable bed reading a book…so I politely declined her offer.   😀

Ahhh, I was SO relaxed afterward I put my skirt on backward and then walked home. 😉

Mmm. I couldn’t find any good quotes to fit this blog so here’s one from Madam CT!

“She was 4’10” and on top of me like a frog with muscles that would put Schwarzenegger to shame. ”  –Yours truly  😀

Yes, the top left...frog pose. The therapist uses his/her whole body!

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Post Vacation Blues

I had been feeling quite low and lackadaisical ever since I came back to Korea from the Philippines…here on out referred to as the ‘Pines. 😀

Aaaand, that basically translated into me sleeping during most non-working moments of my days. Gee, was I depressed? Was I sick? It took –11– ridiculous days for my right ear to finally POP after I landed in Incheon…and I don’t know how many for my left. All I know is that neither of them popped during the flight or landing and that hasn’t happened to me since my 8th grade flight to Washington D.C. from Los Angeles. Oh, that was a bitch of a flight. My allergies must have been much worse back then. Anyway, getting back to NOW and my ears and my energy levels and my lackadaisicalness. <—-Try typing that out five times. Err…

Sooo, fast forward to day 12. I’ve been back in the good ol’ R.O.K. for 12 days now. It’s odd because when I flew in, I don’t know if it was simply because I had that water-in-the-ears feeling of my ears being plugged, or because I was tired, or sore from the uber uncomfortable seats on the Cebu Pacific crappy plane or WHAT, but I felt really S-T-R-A-N-G-E to be back. Hmm. I almost felt as though I were in the TWILIGHT ZONE!!! (oooh, insert creepy music)

And ever since I watched INCEPTION, I began wondering…Hmmm…am I dreaming? Am I stuck in a dream state?  😉  heh heh. Don’t worry…no need to call the mental institution just yet. 😛 I’m just being a dork. But, honestly–I was wondering about my less-than-stellar mood and so, obviously…started GOOGLING. 😀

I discovered this brilliant piece: (Mind you, it IS from Wikipedia… but nonetheless–it is something that I can post to back-up how I was feeling. And since I’m merely talking about my feelings, who really gives a sh*t which reference-site/book I use?)

Wikipedia states:

“Post vacation blues (or just vacation blues) or less commonly, post travel depression (PTD) is a type of mood that persons returning home from a long trip (usually a vacation) may experience.   A person may suffer from post vacation blues after returning home or to a normal routine from a long vacation, especially if it was a pleasurable one. The longer a trip lasts, the more intense the post vacation blues may be. This is because the person would be longing for their travel experiences. Post vacation blues may result in tiredness (((OH MY GAWD, YESSSSS))), loss of appetite (((I WISH))), strong feelings of nostalgia (((YES!!!))), and in some cases, depression (((POSSIBLY…))).  Jet lag (((WHICH I SWEAR I HAD but other people say I’m full of sh*t)   may intensify the post vacation blues.”

Hmm. Miiiighty interesting, Wikipedia. Miiiighty interesting. I am going to say that I was suffering from Post Vacation Blues. I mean, think about it: I don’t have my Darlings here to go on and on about my vacation to… my computer’s hard drive is full so I can’t even put up my pictures from the ‘Pines on Facebook to share…and…I’m back to “reality.”  Which does not consist of a lush beach with coconuts and mangoes floating around everywhere. =/

Sighhh. Thankfully, the dodgy feeling has passed by now. But it was a rocky 11 days, I must say. FINALLY–I can see the rice fields on the other side of the mountain. Ahh…

So, my dears…take it from me who has taken it from another other guy who wrote an article for NEWSWEEK magazine several years ago…(whose article I read a week ago trying to figure out what the heck to do about my ears)… IF you have bad allergy problems or 100 times worse–are flying with a COLD–you gots ta take lots of meds before your flight and put in some earplugs before the plane takes off. And don’t think about taking them out until AFTER you’re on the ground at Baggage Claim!  Sheesh. The pain is not pleasant. And my eardrums hemorrhaged and my ears were all bloody on the inside. Ewwww. Not purdy.

Be smart. Don’t be a dorko like me and think ONE nasal decongestant taken 8 flippin’ hours before your flight is gonna be sufficient ’cause it ain’t gonna be. Jeeez.  😦    C’mon, CT. Get it together grrl!

Who wouldn’t be a bit down after coming home to gray skies from a sunny, palm tree-filled place?!?!  😀   Remember…I can’t upload any of my own pics yet, so I found this one on  😀

It looks beautiful in this pic, unfortunately the evening I toured around, there was a rainstorm so I opted to stay inside and catch up on my sleep. ^^

And there just so happens to be the perfect quote to fit my blog and my feelings! How ’bout that?  😀

“No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.”  ~Elbert Hubbard

Elbert, you hit it! 😛

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A Nightmare…

I had a dream last night but I’ll call  it a nightmare since I can recall feeling very scared in it. First sad…then later in my dream…scared. I’ll only talk about the scary part in this blog.   😀

The main part I remember at this point in my day (it’s now after midnight and I was lazy and didn’t write down  my dream  right after I woke-up this morning…) is this:

(Insert a bright, sunny day.)  I had to get to a certain place that I could see about 20 feet in front of me. But, I had to cross over a muddy, icky patch of ground. It wasn’t a pond or a bog or anything like that. The ground was covered in goopy mud and there were a bunch of white frogs staring at me giving me a look that insisted: “It’s either OVER us or you ain’t gettin’ to the other side.”  !!!  So scary. I started hyperventilating, I’m sure, and that’s when I woke-up. Yes, the frogs were white. I, myself have never seen a white frog in my waking days. Thank GOD.  😀       {end dream}

(I had to look through 23 pages of images to find this darned photo!) Oh, the horror...

Imagine a whole, huge group of white frogs ( some hopping around) in  a muddy section of ground.

First of all, you should know that I have ranidaphobia. “What the hell is that?” one might ask. It’s a FEAR OF FROGS. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a tremendous, totally irrational FEAR of frogs. They’re gross, slimy, and they can JUMP. I don’t like anything that jumps around me:  grasshoppers, dogs, small children.  Uh-uh. No. Don’t jump ON me. Don’t jump AT me. Don’t jump NEAR me. I am a very jumpy person and I don’t need other things/people making me jumpier. =/

Soooo, you can imagine why I’m classifying this potentially good dream as a nightmare. It was so extremely scary–the feeling that I would need to step on these fleshy, squishy, icky frogs (oh, did I mention I was barefoot??) was too much for me. Thank the Good Lord I woke-up just then…

But anyway, I am interested in lots of airy-fairy things and ideas…dream interpretation being one thing. 😀  I looked up FROGS and the color WHITE in my dream dictionary and discovered that my dream could potentially mean this:

“White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life. Alternatively, white refers to a clean, blank slate.”

OK!!?!??!  That’s good news. Along with this about frogs:

“To see a frog in your dream, represents a potential for change or the unexpected. The frog may be a prince in disguise and thus, signify transformation, renewal or rebirth.”

Hmmmm!  I likey. Sounds good to me. But, let’s think about it: I was AFRAID to walk over them. Hmmm. (scratching chin) Hmmmm… Perhaps some amazing newness and transformation is on my horizon yet I am SCARED to change or welcome the new thing/experience into my life. Possibly.

Who knows…maybe tonight will bring more frogs and tomorrow an exciting transformation!  Hee hee.

I'm ready for my new beginning! 🙂

“Up here, the flies are playing and frolicking and swaying. The frog thinks: Dance! I know you’ll end up here below.” –Wilhelm Busch

Heh heh. Cute quote, eh?  😀

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