A Day Off to Play :/

I was really happy that I had a random day off from work today.  I was going to finally go to the Korean Disneyland park (Everland) , but it was still chilly out today and so I decided I would go see IRONMAN 2 and meet a friend for lunch and another friend for dinner. It would be a movie and food day. ^^

Well, both of my food dates cancelled on me (both were sick) and so I blazed the city alone!  I ended up going to see IRONMAN 2 in Gangnam. I’m really happy I decided to watch it there instead of Suwon because there were RUSSIAN parts (((AGAIN))) —why do so many of the movies I see in Korea lately have either Russian, French or Navi in them?? 😛   and the Gangnam CGV has English subs for those parts in addition to translating them into Korean since it’s in Seoul and there are many more “foreigners” who live there!! Woot woot! I didn’t miss out on anything. Whew.

And….I also opted to pay an extra $1 for a vibrating seat, which was basically like a little butt massage chair. 🙂  It was cool at the beginning because it vibrated along to the soundtrack or scary noises/sound effects…but after a while I thought it was irritating and I never found the on/off button. There IS an on/off button for those vibrating seats, as an employee of the theater came and made an announcement about the vibrating seats before the movie started and all I could gather was that the on/off  button was on the right arm rest near the cup holder but I still never saw/felt a button. Oh well. More butt massage for me, I guess.

The movie was cool. Robert Downey Jr was looking pretty goood~~~~ Quite buff and tough!  Scarlett Johannson was looking H-O-T. Love the long, red, curly look on her. Plus, she’s an unstoppable fighting machine. 😉  Fun to watch.  When I was outside of the CGV building,  I looked up at the gi-normous poster for the movie because I didn’t know who was starring in it other than Robert Downey…and so I was deciphering the names while reading the hangeul (Korean)  characters.  So, I was standing there, looking up at the 10th floor of a building mumbling…”suh-ca-let  yo-han-sun….OH! Scarlett Johannson!~!~!”  COOL!  But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out who the hell “guiness pail-tuh-ro-oo” was…until I walked inside the theater near the box office and got a miniature poster and looked and saw that it was none other than…./\/\/\/\/\/drumroll please/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Gwyneth Paltrow!!! HAHAHAHAH Gosh, my Konglish skills are gettin’ weak!~!~!  And anyway, she WAS in the first IRONMAN movie…but, I didn’t remember.

And Mickey Rourke was freakin’ freaky! He was terrific and added to the greatness of the movie. He plays crazy really well. And now I’ll never confuse him with Mickey Rooney again. I now will forever remember who Mickey Rourke is. 😀

I think it was a very entertaining movie. I don’t remember being blown away by the first one…but this one was good. A movie about the human ego, life, death, loss, agendas, and lies (among other things).      😀

Oh, so after I watched the movie, I went to I-town to talk with a travel agent. Well, after 2+years in Korea, you’d think I would know by now that if I’m going to want to travel (especially internationally) on a MAJOR HOLIDAY, I’d have to book wayyyy in advance. But, just like my memory failed me with Gywneth being in the first Ironman movie…I forgot about booking early for Buddha’s Bday. It’s  BIG DEAL in this country. Lots of people have the DAY OFF. So, it would make sense that people (who have to work, like, the other 364 days out of the year 😉 would be going places… Since I haven’t already booked…I’m SOL, says the travel agent. HMPH!*

And I have great news from I-town…well, the Foreign Market has totally (FINALLY) cleaned up its act and has actually EXPANDED into some of the shop next door!!!  They’ve added nice, red carpeting and cleaned the shelves!! They’ve dusted and added lots more Thai products…(I think they have a new, Thai partner). Anyway, with the great improvements they’ve made… their prices have gone up about $0.50 on most products. And so I was of course kicking myself for being cheap the last time I went in and refused to pay $6 for a chocolate chip cookie Betty Crocker mix. And well, they didn’t have any chocolate chip mix today  so I settled for oatmeal chocolate chip mix and paid $6.50.  Niiice. The Universe is teaching me. 🙂  I’m learning. When I freaking want chocolate chip cookies, I need to just buy the overpriced mix and get on with life. :/

Not what I wanted. But, ’tis better than any dry, hard, non-sweet Korean-made cookie from Paris Baguette. 😛  Oh, I am such a cookie connoisseur, what can I say? But honestly, walking around in Seoul all day long, watching an action-packed movie, eating too much sugar, and blasting my mP3 player to drown out the city gave me a headache. 😦    So, I write this in slight discomfort.  But, I really wanted to share all about IRONMAN 2. I give it: 2 thumbs up. 😛

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Ajumma Time

Soooo, it’s been nearly 2 weeks since I got my hair chopped off and PERMED….EEGADS. Lordy. Lordy. Lordy.




This is my punishment for being discontented with my old hair. This is what I get. I really don’t like my new hairstyle. And I feel that it’s gonna take forever and a year to grow out to a decent length. In person…I SOMETIMES think it looks all right…but in photos I think I look HIDEOUS. Quite.

But, I am writing this blog not only to moan and groan about my poopy hair…but to kind of BRAG  😉  about how Korean men seem to bloody love it. I mean…hmmm….before I changed my hair, most Korean men (I’m talking 40’s-60’s) would occasionally give me a glance or say something to me on the street. Nowadays, you’d think I were freakin’ Beyonce strutting my stuff down the street! Korean men seem to looooove my new ‘do. I have received more sideways glances/double takes/comments with this new hairstyle than ever before.

I have a hypothesis about this.

I look like a Korean ajumma. Must be. It’s gotta be. I must remind them of that super sexy 50 year-old woman they see at their heart doctor appointments. It’s gotta be.

Well, whatever the reason…it’s kind of fun. And hey, I’ll take any and all compliments I can get these days. Who knows? Maybe one of these days I’ll be offered some diamonds or pearls? Actually, probably only some soju or beer…maybe some samgyupsal??? hahahahaha “Here my lovely poofball head foreign girl, have some KEEEEEM-CHEEEEEE.” <<burp>> Yum. <<belch>>  Mmm.

Ah, yes. This too shall pass.

And then, maybe….just maybe….I’ll get a compliment from someone under the age of 40. 😀  I can hope.

Wishin’, and hopin’, and thinkin’, and prayin’, I’m gonna listen me some  Dusty Springfield!….  😉

“Everybody has a bad hair day, but us girls still like to be told we look nice even if we don’t feel like we do.”  –Cat Deely

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I was talking with some friends this weekend and I was reminiscing about my first year here in Korea. Ahhh, memories. Light the corners of my mind. Actually, some are awfully frightening to this day.

I am always interested in learning about people’s first experiences in Korea because my first year was so traumatic, difficult and filled with a lot of terrible events/experiences. That’s why I believe I had to come back for a second year. I had to make peace with this country, its people…my beliefs and attitudes about life in Korea. Now, coming back a third year, well, there’s no explanation for that. WHA HAHAHAH  Yet!!!…… I s’pose.

Anyway, with everything in this life, there is good AND bad. So, lemme tell you about something cute I remembered from my first year here. 😀

I had bought  CHAM-AY…dunno exactly how to spell that in Korean…maybe 참외??? Anyway. I bought a bag of 3 at my corner market one evening after work.

I got home, cut one open and tossed it into my steamer basket to eat with dinner. I putzed around for about 5-10 mins then I checked on my squash to see if it was almost done…

Well, it was totally translucent and easily broke apart with the lightest flick of my fork. Oh boy. Wow. That was the fastest cooking squash!

I ate it and thought, “Bravo!” “Yummy!”  It was pretty sweet and very soft, almost like a lovely jar of baby food. 😛

The next day I went into work sharing all about my cool squash meal and my Korean teacher exclaimed, “Whaaaa? Cook?? Whaaa??? Noooo! That one is a fruit!  It’s a melon!”  HAHAHAHAHAH

Looking at the damned thing now, those do look like cantaloup seeds!  But I could swear that my first one resembled a squash on the inside!! 😀  And anyway, you know if you’ve eaten one…that the flesh can be quite firm…so why wouldn’t I have thought it was a squash!?  hahahahaha

Good times. Good times.

“I’m not saying my wife’s a bad cook, but she uses a smoke alarm as a timer. ” —  Bob Monkhouse

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Mogoksa Temple Stay

I am feeling compelled to write about my last temple stay experience because it was unenjoyable. And well, since I like to use my blog as my sounding board (like so many others) I am gonna spew all about it.

See…my first temple stay experience was a lovely one. My friends and I ended up going to the Lotus Lantern Temple near Incheon. I strongly recommend it. It was Jasmine, Tessa, Hang-ah, and me. Jasmine’s friends Anne and Lindsay were visiting from Canada and came, too. So…it was 5 of us. 5 of us in a lovely temple setting. It was very relaxed. There was another group of 25 people who were supposed to attend the same weekend as us but they cancelled at the last minute! So, the girls and I had the whole place to ourselves. It was awesome. ^^

We ate decent food. We didn’t really have to do to 108 bows if we didn’t want to. LOL. In other words, it was the weak man’s Temple Stay program. Or rather…Temple Stay for the tourist who doesn’t want the true experience. Perfect for me. 😀

That kimbap has HAM in it!! 😀  hahaha

We had a fun, relaxing time and the grounds were breathtaking!~!~

But uhhhh….this temple stay….was…uhhh….different.

It was very regimented and very much the “real deal.” I just wanted to get away to nature and see some beautiful flowers. Well, the next time I have the urge to get away and into nature…I’ll take my own bus headed for a countryside and do my own thing. Sheesh! There were hardly any blooming flowers anyway. It was still cold. I thought, it’s south of Seoul…south of Suwon…it’ll be greeaaat. It was cold. I thankfully had taken a long underwear top and had an extra shirt and pullover in addition to my sweater jacket and so I wore all of those items on my body the whole time I was there. Wearing that many layers made me feel suffocated. My breathing was restricted and I think I experienced an allergic reaction to some of the weeds we were eating…

*The weeds are not really pictured here…I didn’t take any after dinner from the previous night. But that red thing is a sort of root.*

Anyway, we hiked a lot which was semi-enjoyable but since I couldn’t breathe well it wasn’t that enjoyable.

If there had been more flowers…I think it would have been more rewarding. I would have thought: “Like…ok!  I am seeing all of these beautiful flowers! Weekend well spent!”  But alas, there were few flowers blooming. 😦

Here were some….and…

These were almost blooming.

But nothing spectacularly stunning.

So, I guess I’m done talking about the temple stay. I’d recommend it for anyone who **really** wants to experience what a monk here in Korea does, eats, etc. It was a very real experience as far as all that goes. But, I just wanted nature. I thought I could do my own thing but since I went with a big group we were kept very tight and nobody really veered from the schedule they put us on.

It was definitely a humbling experience. We walked everywhere in one, long, single-file line with our left hand cupping our right hand. And we were encouraged to be silent for most of our time there. I was very grateful once I’d left the temple and was able to do what I wanted, walk how I wanted, eat what I wanted. Oh, how spoiled I am… 🙂 The experience did bring a lot to my attention: how much excess I have in my life…how much waste I produce (with my unnecessary words <gab, gab, gab!>, with trash, wasted food…). But I think it’ll take a lot more than one weekend away to change any sorts of habits or lifestyle practices I have.

Overall, it was a fine experience and I met some nice people. But, it also helped me realize that I need to use my sensical thinking skills more (so quick to disappear when living in Korea…) Just because I wanted to be in nature did not mean it would be a wise decision to sign up for a temple stay experience. *der*!  I am quite capable of navigating this country on my own and finding a nice country-side pension to stay in for a weekend.

But then I would have missed out on this!  haha. Eh~~ once you’ve seen a pagoda, you’ve seen ’em all. ^^

Here’s a good quote  that reflects the general mindset of the monks at Magoksa Temple:      🙂

“Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves.”  ~Edwin Way Teale

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Mushroom Top

It’s official. I am destined to have at least one awful haircut a year while in Korea. My first year here the guy gave me so many layers it always looked shaggy and hung oddly around my face.

2nd year here I got my hair colored and it turned out orange.

This year I got it chopped off and permed.


Fun times in Hangoooook.

You know…it wasn’t supposed to turn out terribly. I had this great idea in my mind that it would be short and sassy. Buuuut, ummm, no.

Ummm. No.

This pic was my inspiration–    But I kept saying LONGER than the picture! LONGER than the picture!

It usually starts out looking acceptable at the beginning of the day but by the end of the day it oddly enough forms a mushroom cap on top of my head. Blah!  And it gets really frizzy even with a crap load of product in it.

So…I am in the market for some sort of wig or a hair wrap or something that I can wear on my head most days of the week. It’ll be all right. I’m a trooper. If I walked around Korea with orange hair for 6 months, I can surely rock a mushroom top.


This is just a reminder to all the ladies I know in Korea—KNOW YOUR HAIRDRESSER and HIS/HER RESULTS BEFORE you put your head under THEIR shears!!! *HMPH*!

“Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like.”  ~Author Unknown

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My new yoga mat

Hmmm. Since I quit Hot Yoga I decided to buy a REAL yoga mat ((I received a free “yoga” mat when I signed up for my year-long membership at the 5 star gym I joined)). HAHAHAHA   The gym is actually something comparable to a place I would NEVER frequent back home. Every piece of equipment smells of musty sweat/damp towels…you get the picture.  yum.

But, the price was right so I joined the gym for a year. Anyway, as a special THANK YOU to ME, the gym gave me a free yoga mat. Oh wait—-make that a free “yoga” mat. See…it’s actually just a styrofoam rectangle…can’t really practice yoga on it since my hands and feet  slip all over the place while standing on it.

I asked my boss to help me look for some yoga mats on the internet since the cheapest one at E-Mart is 15,000 won and blue. And I wanted a RED yoga mat. I am, after all, interested in the Feng Shui of my apartment. Thus, I needed a RED yoga mat. Anyway, blue is SO overdone in the yoga mat industry.

I bought a red yoga mat on G-Market ( a cheapy internet site where one can buy all sorts of shtuff at decent prices ).  Do you think any red flags were raised when I saw that my nice, thick, RED, yoga mat was only 7,000 won????  Nah. I thought…”Oh, the company doesn’t have any overhead costs…they can sell for less!!!”  I thought for only a millisecond that my yoga mat would be a toxic bomb smelling of all sorts of chemicals imported in fresh from China.

Well, once again–not heeding my internal signals~!!~!~  And so I bought the red yoga mat. It smells like a tire. A tire on a car. Burnt tire actually. Maybe hot asphalt being laid in the summer…?  Is that a good thing? I think not. Why would I want to breathe in TIRE smell when I’m doing Ashtanga Virbhadrasana?   I wouldn’t. So, now I’m contemplating just getting rid of this one and buying an EXPENSIVE, NOT MADE IN CHINA yoga mat. Except I think the Chinese are the only people who make them. Once again,  I have yet another piece of information to research. Yay.

I want the koi fish mat!~!~!

Anyway, my yoga practice is of course on hold for the moment. GRRRRRR.

People:  Don’t go the cheap route on yoga mats. ‘Nuff said.

“Without frugality none can be rich, and with it very few would be poor.”  ~~~Samuel Johnson

….I tried, Samuel.

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Farewell Hot Yoga

Well, last Friday was my final Hot Yoga class in Korea. Actually, it was my last Hot Yoga class anywhere. I am never going to practice hot yoga again.

You know, even at my age I still don’t listen to my body. I don’t pay close attention to the quiet signals its flashing. I sometimes listen to its loud screams, but by that point it’s pretty much angry as heck at me and I’d be a damn fool not to pay attention to a stabbing/shooting pain or throbbing head. Right?

From my very first Hot Yoga class, I’d had headaches and upset stomachs constantly. For whatever dim-witted reason, I didn’t heed my body’s SIGNALS to me that IT WASN’T HAPPY. Oh no…I kept on keepin’ on. I thought…oh, it will pass. My body’s simply adjusting to the 100* heat and its purging toxins. How many freaking toxins do I have in my body!?!?!?  Well, I now know that that is all bull—-shite. Seriously. Think about it:  (The following has been taken from a great yoga website, referenced later)

“Thermoregulation: A Balancing Act

The body maintains its core temperature at 98.6º F (37º C) by balancing the rate of internal heat production with heat loss to the environment. To regulate core temperature, the cardiovascular system, comprised of the heart, blood vessels, and blood, adapts during exercise in the HEAT.

Thermoregulation is challenging in a heated environment, especially if the air temperature is greater than the skin temperature. During moderate exercise, core temperature rises and the additional heat must be moved from the core to the skin. Heat is removed from the body to the environment in four ways: radiation, conduction, convection, and evaporation. The first three occur in environments where air temperature is cooler than skin temperature or where cooler air blows over the skin. In a “hot” Yoga class the room is typically heated to 90–105º F (35–40º C), which exceeds skin temperature, and is possibly above core temperature in an exercising person. Assuming a fan is not present in the Yoga environment  (((WHICH IT WASN’T IN MY CLASSROOM))), three of the four ways the body releases heat are not viable options, forcing the body to rely on evaporation (((SWEATING MASS BUCKETS)))) to dissipate the heat generated by exercise.

Sweat and Heat Loss

Evaporation is the body’s primary protection against overheating. Through this process, the body transfers heat from its core by evaporating sweat from the skin and respiratory passages. It is important to understand, however, that sweating alone does not cool the body. To produce a cooling effect, the sweat must be evaporated to lower the skin temperature. By blowing cooler air over the skin, sweat vaporizes and heat is released. Humidity impairs evaporation (((AND THE ROOM IS HUMID–THEY HAVE 5 HUMIDIFIERS GOING))), which increases the rate of sweating, causing a greater loss of body water, which in turn leads to more severe dehydration ((((AND I WAS ONE OF THE FEW STUDENTS WHO GUZZLED WATER DURING CLASS…many of the women drank green tea–or coffee!!! during the class))). In a Yoga class, humidity may be high, depending on the heat source, the room ventilation, and the number of students participating. Humidity will increase if the ventilation is poor and there are lots of students exercising and sweating. A separate concern is the practice of wiping sweat from the body using a towel. If the sweat is removed from the skin, evaporation will not occur, and heat will be retained (((EEGADS…NATURAL INSTINCT–WIPE THE SWEAT OFF)))). Sweating will subsequently increase, leading to a greater loss of body water and increased dehydration.


As the sweat rate increases, body water loss increases, and the need for replacement fluids becomes crucial. Without adequate fluid replacement during exercise, the body’s ability to dissipate heat is compromised. Hydration status prior to exercise is equally as important in avoiding dehydration. This means a 150-pound person who loses 3 pounds during a “hot” Yoga class from increased sweating will experience increased heart rate and decreased blood volume, causing a loss of endurance.

Heat Illnesses

There are several types of heat illness, the most common being heat exhaustion (((YOU MEAN WHEN I WENT HOME AFTER CLASS, SHOWERED and then TOOK AN HOUR NAP!?!?!?))). Heat exhaustion occurs when blood plasma volume is reduced and the heart is unable to maintain cardiac output (heart rate and stroke volume combined). The symptoms of heat exhaustion include a weak, rapid pulse, dizziness, *****headache*****, general weakness, and low blood pressure when upright.”

Wow. This info was taken from this website:  http://www.yogalearningcenter.com/Articles/HotYoga.cfm?Title=Hot%20Yoga

Check it out. It’s a good site. I just wish I’d had the forethought to check it out BEFORE I signed up for 3 months of Hot Yoga. 😛

I’m getting a refund for the other 2 months I paid in advance for, but when I think about all the bodily discomfort I experienced last month, I ask….”why?”  “what did I gain?” Well, I’ll tell ya I didn’t lose anything–meaning POUNDS!!! I went back to my gym on Monday and my weight was the same as my February weigh-in. So, basically, I didn’t slim down, I had recurring headaches and upset stomach problems, I woke-up an hour early a handful of times to go to the early class (!?!?!?!), and ummmm, yah. That’s all. ‘Nuff said. I suppose my flexibility did improve but it would have improved if I would have simply done my stretches morning and night like in the past.

So, my opinion of Hot Yoga is this:  It’s fine for some people. Not me. My body is a delicate flower. I was basically sticking myself in the desert to wither and die last month. How cruel. HAHAHA  Well, maybe that’s not the best analogy?  Eh~~you get my point.

If my class had been this full, I woulda walked right out.

Can you imagine trying to BREATHE in a room this crowded–and heated to 100*!??!?!

“I do yoga so that I can stay flexible enough to kick my own arse if necessary.”  ~Betsy Cañas Garmon

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Dr. Sung’s Clinic (better be known as the Rip-off Center)

So, I’ve got a lot on my mind tonight. Lots of negative stuff mostly so ‘fraid that’s what I’ll mostly be blogging about these next few posts.

I had been stressing about my possible female balding sitch for a while so I decided I’d go to a doctor to have my hormone levels checked since I read on the Internet that out-of-whack hormone levels could be a cause for female pattern hair loss…Sooooo, I just so happened to have a friend who referred me to the Ob/gyn clinic she had just visited. She told  me that the doctors were great there and they offered great service and everyone there spoke English. “Wow.” I thought. Sounded too good to be true, right? WELL OF COURSE IT WAS.

If there’s one thing in this world that daddy dearest taught me it’s that very motto. But, I called and made an appointment to be seen by the doc anyway. I wanted to get my hormone levels checked and throw in a routine annual pelvic exam while I was there.

So. I found myself in Seoul this morning. I traveled about an hour to get to the Clinic, which is located in a plain black building with no loud, screaming, bright signs on the outside of it. Very nondescript…it was interesting to say the least. It’s frequented a lot by foreigners because this lady Dr. Sung is listed as a great doctor to go to on Seoul’s “Hospitals in Korea for Foreigners” List. Oh yah.

I’ll make this brief: (I know, I know…14 paragraphs later…)

From the moment I walked in I kind of got a bad feeling. My 6th sense is getting stronger and stronger these days and well, it was spot on when I walked in and kind of thought…”ehhhh.”  It was a questioning/concerned “eh.”

First of all, there was another foreigner (Aussie, I’d say) being given a consultation on how to treat her HPV right in the frickin’ waiting room. There wasn’t a private office where she could be told she has HPV and the steps she and her boyfriend were going to have to take…???  Not cool. I wondered what private bits of me were going to be broadcasted later on.

So, right at the stroke of 11 (my appointment time) I was called in to see the doctor. She was a terribly fast talker…the kind of ESLer who talked so fast I REALLY couldn’t understand one flippin’ word she said. All I felt was rushed, uncomfortable and that she was trying to force symptoms and then treatments for possible diseases I might have on me. *ugh*

She started off asking me if I wanted X, Y, Z, Q, T, W, F and C…..I said—“Ummmmmmmmmm. I want T.”  That’s all I want. Maybe I’ll think about “F” at a later time. But, all I need is T.”

And she replied, “OK, OK. I give you some matreeals. You read. You choice. OK? OK. Here. See this one. (Handing me a stack of papers) OK. You go her to have “T.” She help you. OK. Good. OK. Come back after “T.” OK? OK. Good. You want “C” today? “C” could show problem. Then we do other one, “Q” to confirm all regular. All clear. OK. No “C?” No “C.”

All the while I’m thinking, “Lalalalalalalalalala” And trying to think of some new lyrics about her nutty, lame ass clinic…

This used to be a CLI-NIC

But now it’s full of evil clowns

It’s time to start the countdown.

I’m gonna burn it down, down, down…This used to be a CLI-NIC

HAHAHAH, Or, I’ll just steal from P!nk  heehee^^  These lyrics are of course sung to the tune of her song, FUNHOUSE. 😛

Oh boy, I’m segueing sooo much more than I thought I would (though not very smoothly, eh?). Hopefully you’re still with me. Anyway. Here goes:

I didn’t even end up getting my hormone levels checked because they were going to charge me $75 or so…probably more $$ and I thought that was a rip-off price for Korea, right?!??!?!  Shiiiiit. That is a U.S. price. Just ’cause you can speak a little Englishee at the bloody speed of light doesn’t mean you get to charge American prices, lady.

It is my impression of this place (the way they pass out brochures for procedures like the pervs on Vegas Boulevard pass out sex cards…), that this place is in business 100,000,000% for profit and not even 0.00000001%  to actually HELP women.

They feed off of women’s insecurities and worries. For god’s sake it’s a combo Aesthetics Clinic, too–total red flag in America. But, in Korea…~~eh, there’s a lot of combo shops. The second I was done with my exam…I was shooed into the Aesthetics Consultation room…where I was met by an implanted and contoured Korean named Renee. She’d had her lips injected, her skin microdermabrasioned, and was wearing a custom-tailored corset (which she of course showed me when she was encouraging me to get one). When I asked her if it was uncomfortable wearing it everyday she replied, “Oh, it helps me stay skinny. You know…I have 2 kids???”  (((insert eyeroll)))  I wanted to say, “Lady…in the U.S….after you pop out a couple of kids, you’re finally ALLOWED to have some rolls…they’re necessary for the babies so they’ll always have a pillow handy…you know???” But, she wouldn’t have gotten the humor…so I just said, “Wow. I don’t want one, thanks.”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

To wrap this up, let me just share some of the more noteworthy statements made to me by some of the nutjob employees there today:

Dr. Sung to me: “If you have the endom-ee-tuh-ree-o-sos then we will help. Read this (handing me another stack of brochures, etc.” !!!!! WHY WOULD I F*ing HAVE ENDOMETRIOSIS!?!??!?!?!?!?  Nutjob.  Why is she putting that negative shit out there? JEEEEZ. I wanted to have an ultrasound done to rule out cysts on my ovaries!!! Dang. That’s all. Anyway, she said that to me AFTER she had my ultrasound results in her hands and she could clearly see in the photo that I am perfectly healthy–no cysts…


Renee to me: “Oh, you know spring is coming…small clothes…you need a small body!” “Medicine and treatment are the best thing.”  (This was during the weight reduction consultation)  She strongly recommended I pay them hundreds of dollars every week to go in and have them inject some shit into my fat blobs to shrink them in size. I thought otherwise.

So, all in all my opinion of this “Clinic” is that it’s a scary place filled with scary people. Watch your wallets, people. I truly believe that they are stealing from us Waygooks and stealing from the Korean Medical Insurance system, claiming that half their treatments/exams ARE NOT covered by the Korean Health Insurance. Bullsh*t. I am going to look into that. I find it very peculiar that health insurance would NOT cover a pap smear?!?!?!? They charge 80,000 won for a pap smear. Whatev. I’m sure they’re charging us clueless waygooks and then filing the claim to be processed by insurance, too.   Hmmm….  Taylor Investigations is on the job. TBC…

“In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them.”–The Bible  <—this was the best quote about foreigners I could find. ^^

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