2012…Ay yie yie

2012 seems to be a really crumby year.  OK.  I should be more positive.  It is a year that is, ahem…less than stellar that others. Better?  Eh~  I feel fake saying that.

I personally know several people who have suffered very difficult/rotten things and we are only in month four.  Eep.  Watch out, folks.  Guess we are being prepared for the rapture after all…

To boot, I feel really out of whack these days.  Anxious.  Weary.  Confused.  (In a state of confusion, I should clarify…)  I almost feel at times that everything is surreal and I am dreaming it.  All this crapola is beginning to bug me.

To help calm and medicate myself, I have begun eating chocolate in mass quantities.  It might be partially to blame for me feeling like a looney toon.

Anyway, I was talking with a friend recently who shared that her sister has been hearing voices (from ABOVE).  Important: Her sister has a very intense prayer life.  I am going to bump up my prayer life so I start hearing voices (from ABOVE!), too.  Perhaps the voices will tell me to stop eating so much doggone chocolate…

Until then.

I must include a tidbit from Einstein:

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony;  In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

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