Ummm, What Just Happened???

WARNING:  This blog is kind of a weird one.  Read at your own risk. :-p

It was 5:30 a.m. on Saturday (my official SLEEP-IN DAY)  when I woke-up to go to the bathroom. (groan)  After I went, I was able to fall back asleep quite quickly for me and ended up having such a peculiar experience, which I am about to share with you.

So.  Since I officially woke-up at 7:30-ish, I am figuring that it was 7:20-ish when I was aware that I was dreaming (although who really knows how much time passed throughout this whole experience I am blogging about?!?!?)  All right.  Here it is:  Here goes nothin’…

In my dream, I can remember being in my dad’s house, but the house was empty of everything–and the color of everything was all washed out–a kind of off-white, cream color, but it was as though I was looking through a sheer white curtain– and I was moving from one room to another in a very sci-fi movie kind of way…buzzing/flying almost…but my legs were glued together and I was moving in and out of rooms as though I were on a super fast conveyor belt (invisible conveyor belt…) from the kitchen to the front room–and I saw images of my father’s house flash before me and the walls were bare, and the color was pale/washed out, and I was the only one in the house.

THE NEXT THING I KNOW I was conscious of my body vibrating and I had a pressure in my ears as though I were on an airplane about to land (or take off, I guess) and my body could not move and I was shaking a bit, from what I remember.  Oh boy.  It was intense.  It was a really strange feeling.  My eyes were closed.  (I don’t think I could have opened them.)  I know I was laying straight/flat in my bed.  I remember thinking, hmm…I am aware of my mind, what I am feeling, my confusion, wondering what the heck was going on, but all the while being completely aware of all my bodily sensations.  I felt a pressure against my body as well.  Okay…am I freaking you out yet?

All I can say is that at first I wondered if I had been astral projecting?  But, after much research I discovered that I was lucid dreaming!~!~  AND I experienced sleep paralysis!~!~  SO COOL.  I am so cool.  I am 1 out of 10, y’all!  1 out of 10.  heehee   I was definitely not planning on lucidly dreaming Saturday morning…I wish I would have written down what I’d eaten the night before…my mental state when I went to bed.  Hrrrmmm.  Now that I know what I did I’m not that scared and kind of want to do it again.  ^^

“Dreams are more real than reality itself, they’re closer to the self.” ~ Gao Xingjian

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A Nightmare…

I had a dream last night but I’ll call  it a nightmare since I can recall feeling very scared in it. First sad…then later in my dream…scared. I’ll only talk about the scary part in this blog.   😀

The main part I remember at this point in my day (it’s now after midnight and I was lazy and didn’t write down  my dream  right after I woke-up this morning…) is this:

(Insert a bright, sunny day.)  I had to get to a certain place that I could see about 20 feet in front of me. But, I had to cross over a muddy, icky patch of ground. It wasn’t a pond or a bog or anything like that. The ground was covered in goopy mud and there were a bunch of white frogs staring at me giving me a look that insisted: “It’s either OVER us or you ain’t gettin’ to the other side.”  !!!  So scary. I started hyperventilating, I’m sure, and that’s when I woke-up. Yes, the frogs were white. I, myself have never seen a white frog in my waking days. Thank GOD.  😀       {end dream}

(I had to look through 23 pages of images to find this darned photo!) Oh, the horror...

Imagine a whole, huge group of white frogs ( some hopping around) in  a muddy section of ground.

First of all, you should know that I have ranidaphobia. “What the hell is that?” one might ask. It’s a FEAR OF FROGS. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a tremendous, totally irrational FEAR of frogs. They’re gross, slimy, and they can JUMP. I don’t like anything that jumps around me:  grasshoppers, dogs, small children.  Uh-uh. No. Don’t jump ON me. Don’t jump AT me. Don’t jump NEAR me. I am a very jumpy person and I don’t need other things/people making me jumpier. =/

Soooo, you can imagine why I’m classifying this potentially good dream as a nightmare. It was so extremely scary–the feeling that I would need to step on these fleshy, squishy, icky frogs (oh, did I mention I was barefoot??) was too much for me. Thank the Good Lord I woke-up just then…

But anyway, I am interested in lots of airy-fairy things and ideas…dream interpretation being one thing. 😀  I looked up FROGS and the color WHITE in my dream dictionary and discovered that my dream could potentially mean this:

“White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life. Alternatively, white refers to a clean, blank slate.”

OK!!?!??!  That’s good news. Along with this about frogs:

“To see a frog in your dream, represents a potential for change or the unexpected. The frog may be a prince in disguise and thus, signify transformation, renewal or rebirth.”

Hmmmm!  I likey. Sounds good to me. But, let’s think about it: I was AFRAID to walk over them. Hmmm. (scratching chin) Hmmmm… Perhaps some amazing newness and transformation is on my horizon yet I am SCARED to change or welcome the new thing/experience into my life. Possibly.

Who knows…maybe tonight will bring more frogs and tomorrow an exciting transformation!  Hee hee.

I'm ready for my new beginning! 🙂

“Up here, the flies are playing and frolicking and swaying. The frog thinks: Dance! I know you’ll end up here below.” –Wilhelm Busch

Heh heh. Cute quote, eh?  😀

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