I’ve been feeling resistant a lot lately.  That is, I have been fighting (putting off, procrastinating, doing the opposite, etc) certain things I know I need to do.

Now that I have started my Student Teaching time, I have been instructed to keep a journal of my daily experiences and reflect on classroom time.  Well, whenever I am TOLD to keep a journal…I don’t. 😦 Whu-ohhhhh.  Goodness gracious.  I need to stop fighting against certain responsibilities I have in my life.

Also, along this same vein, my most recent RAW INITIATIVE has been most unsuccessful.  I have been feeling really resistant this time around and I want to pin it to the fact that the women who are running the initiative are so gung-ho about the process that it is causing me to RESIST the process.  Am I backward, or what?!? Or perhaps I feel that in both cases (needing to keep a journal and needing to eat raw foods) there are certain expectations of me that I am scared I won’t meet so I just blow them off completely? Argh*

Time for some internal dialoguing…dun dun dunnnn!  Wish me well.

“Resistance is thought transformed into feeling.  Change the thought that creates the resistance, and there is no more resistance.  –Robert Conklin

Thanks, buddy!  You just saved me at least 10 pages of writing!!! Now I can just jump ahead and figure out WHAT the negative thought is inside me in order to end the resistance.  I honestly think it is mostly related to my perfectionist tendencies…time to go back to my old self-hypnosis books! 😛

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