Miss List Korea

All right, I’m posting this blog even though I feel it’s an incomplete list. But if I wait to feel that it’s complete…I’ll probably be 50 years old, right? Who knows? Anyhoo! Here’s my list!

The time has come when I’m leaving Korea. Hmm. This time…possibly for good. Maybe not. Only time shall tell. But, until time DOES tell me…I’ve decided to write my “Miss List” since I think it would be a good way to say goodbye to the country.

I will start out with what I WON’T miss. 😉

  • Old men staring at me.
  • Old women staring at me. (it’s different)
  • Teenagers running up to me and screaming at the top of their lungs, “NICE TO MEET YOU!” 100 times in a minute. (Buuuut, I *will* miss that…it’s a love-hate relationship…what can I say? 😉
  • Seeing puke (yes, that’d be vomit) EVERYWHERE…even in my apartment building’s elevator.  Ew.
  • Loud music blaring in most areas. (a.k.a.  NOISE POLLUTION!)
  • The stinky fish/trash/gutter smell…especially in the summer and especially in certain areas (Itaewon by the Hamilton Hotel…Suwon near its namesake subway station…lots of alleyways in Seoul, actually.  I have an olfactory sense like a canine…so, yah. I’m sensitive to it. 😛
  • Seeing the pervy sex cards thrown everywhere in my neighborhood. It makes me feel like I’m living on Las Vegas Boulevard. 🙂
  • The gloomy, doomy gray skies during the winter! BLAH! Bleak and not for moi. 😛
  • Meeting/making new friends and them leaving the week after we meet. And rinse and repeat.
  • Waiting for the bus in a rainstorm. or a snowstorm.
  • Waiting for a bus for more than 20 minutes.
  • Going grocery shopping without a car…ah…the life of a lazy Southern Californian! Just gimme my car!
  • The lack of certain foods from home. Ya know…almond butter! veggie burgers! cheap avocados! young thai coconuts!  raw cacao. lucuma. the little things in life that keep me going. 🙂
  • The heaters being blown full blast on buses and subways  in the winter…having to wear 14 layers in the winter and then having to strip once I get on public transportation because of the boiling temperatures (or staying wrapped and suffering immensely). 😛
  • Being bumping into about 5-150 times per day (depending on which part of Korea I’m in)
  • People stopping DEAD in their tracks RIGHT in front of me as I’m walking down the sidewalk behind them. (Although, I have become very good at weaving and dodging “road blocks” because of the frequency in which this occurs. 🙂
  • Globs of spit everywhere. Double ew.
  • Having old people force me to do something I don’t want to do, eat something I don’t want to eat or go somewhere I don’t want to go (because they’re older and know better and I do my best to be polite).
  • Trash cans in bathrooms without lids with unpleasant odors (since you’re not supposed to flush toilet paper in most of the toilets in Korea). (ick)
  • Not being able to find clothes I like or shoes that fit. I can’t pull off cutsie bunnies and ribbons and I have a wide U.S. size 9 foot…

I WILL Miss: 😀

  • Being able to walk everywhere…things so conveniently located and nice walking paths…tree-lined streets. Nice!
  • Living within a one minute walk of five markets. 🙂
  • Rolling V.I.P. because I’m a foreigner and I stand out and Koreans love me. heh heh!!! 😀
  • Getting free stuff wherever I go. (a.k.a. “SERVICE!!”)
  • Feeling super rich—I’m a multi-millionaire in “Korean won”, afterall!
  • Being able to easily travel within Asia.
  • Great public transportation–on time like clockwork!
  • Cheap public transportation!
  • Safe public transportation! (OK…I DO like the public transportation…) 🙂 Especially the buses (but not when I have to wait more than 20 minutes!!).
  • The general safeness the country offers.
  • Not reeeaaaaallllyy needing a car.
  • Oh, I’ll miss my K-Pop! I will…I will… 😛
  • My sweet, polite, innocent, nutty, and fun students!
  • Sticker pictures!
  • Singing rooms! (Karaoke rooms/Norae bangs)
  • Being able to go grocery shopping at midnight. *^_^* (I know I can do that in America, too…but it’s different in Korea–it’s a time when the store is niiiice and quiet!)
  • Meeting people from all over the world.
  • All of the “me” time I was blessed enough to have. I appreciated it while I had it for the most part. 🙂
  • The Seoul Arts Center. There is *something* about that place… It’s my favorite place in the city and I truly believe it’s a magical place!  Ahhh, I will miss it. :*( …I’m not even talking about the exhibition halls…the grounds themselves are just…peaceful and lovely. And the weather is mysteriously perfect there all the time. Really. It is. Rain will not fall over that property. 😉 I have never seen a gray sky above the main courtyard…Ok..ok! Enough about the SAC…

It's a lovely place. I'll miss it.

  • Free water everywhere! At  grocery stores…the airports…dry cleaners…stationery stores…heh heh. I love free water!  😀
  • Free food samples at the grocery stores. 😛 Hey, what can I say? I like samples.
  • No tipping!!!!
  • Cheap taxis.
  • Korean rice cakes (a.k.a, tteok, pronounced like duck- talk…meet in the middle..dawk)…all right…I developed a slight addiction to tteok.

Yum, yum, yum. Rice with sweet beans inside. Chewy and soft. Ahh.


Sooooo, how do you like my lovely list? I like it. If something new pops into my head, I’ll do my best to write it down and then come back and add it to one of my lists!

Farewell, my darling Korea! If only for a little while…

“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.”  ~Lin Yutang   I know I wasn’t  “traveling”  traveling…but this is still fitting. 🙂

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The Sketch Zone :-o

I have known for a long time that I live in a part of town that has an interesting night life. Fer sure. There are HEAPS of sex rooms in my neighborhood that BOOM in the evening. Hmm. No pun intended. 😆

And my ex-neighbor on the left used to distribute SEX cards!! YES!  I saw him one day putting those pervy, little sex cards on cars down the street when I was walking to the movie theater. I usually don’t walk down the sex street but it’s the fastest way for me to get to the theater and I had been running late for a date. Ugh* And I SAW him. He NEVER said “hi” to me throughout the whole time we were neighbors. I used to say “HI” to him just to be my mamma’s little, polite girl. La la laaaa. Fun times. After I saw him putting the cards on cars and HE SAW ME, TOO I started to use my security camera to see if he was ever outside waiting for the elevator (he usually wasn’t) but thankfully he moved away a bit ago so I don’t have to do that anymore.

On a funnier note: regarding those tacky cards (that also line the sidewalks of Vegas…) Welllll, I saw a five year-old girl and her brother of the same age (guestimating!) playing with a stack of 52 of them outside of the 7-11 on its plastic table and chair set! (No parents around, of course…) I just about busted out laughing. She had them in a stack in her hands trying to shuffle them and was yelling at her brother for trying to take one. LOL. LOL. 😆

Ay yie yie yieeeeee. What shall I see next?

“Aye, fight! But not your neighbor. Fight rather all the things that cause you and your neighbor to fight.” –Unk to me. But I like it.

And for your viewing pleasure, I snagged some of the sex cards from a car outside the other night. Hey, I aim to please. 😛

Yep, these line the streets most nights of the week. It's fantabulous.


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My Cleanse

I have been bone dry for ideas for my blog lately. I don’t know why exactly but every time I’ve sat down to write something, I’ve abandoned it in my DRAFT pile…and so there they all sit. Hmm. Perhaps one day they’ll seem publish-worthy. Or maybe not.

So I made a comment about my “writer’s block” to my co-worker who also blogs and he asked me why I haven’t or don’t blog about the cleanse I’m doing. And my immediate response was, “Eh, I don’t want to turn my blog into a ‘follow me on my path to health’ sort of thing.” But really…my blog has always been about writing things that happen to me in my life and things that I do…so really–why not write about my cleanse?  It’s not a bad idea. So…thanks Chris. ^-^

It IS a major part of my life now. It has changed the way I spend my free time (I’m no longer hittin’ the bar after work to join people for a drink…nor going to a coffee shop for a chai tea latte and dessert…nor going out to eat at any ol’ restaurant with friends). Nope. I prepare  my meals the majority of time or I go out to eat at the super expensive salad bar restaurants in Seoul. And of course there’s BOOST Juice that serves up wheat grass. But, doing this cleanse has really changed the way I look at socializing with people. I used to equate socializing with eating out. Well, yes…it IS a social thing but honestly I have found so many other nice things to do with friends that don’t involve eating:

  1. Walking around our lovely town
  2. Inviting friends over to my place for HERBAL tea
  3. Going bowling—-does NOT require drinking a beer like most people think
  4. Going to the movies—-does NOT require buying the bucket of popcorn drenched in chemicals and fat (the fake sugar and liquid butter they use…eww)
  5. Practicing the flute with my flute buddy
  6. Hanging at friends’ places chatting—-does NOT require snacking on chips, etc
  7. Shopping 😀

So that’s plenty to keep me busy during my weeknights. And then on the weekends I stay on my plan by juicing for breakfast and then walking around the city a lot–even if I end up eating cooked vegan I don’t feel badly because it’s still pure food. I stick with basic staples…rice…lentils, fruits and veggies and VOILA! I am fed, healthy and don’t turn my body into a toxic dump which it then must clean-up.

Sorry if I’ve completely skipped over explaining what sort of cleanse I’m doing. Heehee 🙂

Buuuut, I suppose it’s okay for me to share:

I am doing a raw food cleanse. (((I’m imagining half of all readers closing my page’s tab right about now))) LOL.

It’s a common response. It’s an annoying, common response…but nonetheless…common.

I was a raw foodist back in 2002 for half of the year. It was the best time of my life. I was HIGH on LIFE. I was light. I was happy. I was ~~~hot~~~  SIZZLE. Yes…insert the sizzle sound. 😉

Raw fudge. Oh hell yeah. Raw does not mean carrot sticks and lettuce. Educate yourself! (Well, that's what I'm here for, right?)

That’s all for now. I will leave my interested readers longing for more. ‘Til then…dehydrate! blend!  juice!  😉

“Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.”  ~Elizabeth Berry

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I’ll Buy it When I Buy it.

I have been coveting a fake Chanel wallet ever since a friend of mine pulled hers out of her purse  a month ago, unzipped it and I saw the hot pink lining inside looking flashy and sassy. 🙂

So, I asked her where she bought it and when I went hunting for it in Songtan I was miffed at the price I was being quoted. She told me that she bought hers for 30,000 won (or maybe 40…she couldn’t remember) but when *I* asked four different saleswomen at four different bag shops for the price, I was told 70,000 won. And not one of them budged from that price. No bueno. I will NOT be ripped off when buying a knock-off!

Mmm. I don't even like the exterior THAT much. I LOOOVE the inside though. Hot pink!

When I was in I-town a month ago I was quoted 30,000 won. Now they’re all mysteriously 55-70,000 won??? But SUPPOSEDLY there are Chinese-made knock-offs and KOREAN-made knock-offs. And *of course* the touted Korean replicas are heaps more than the Chinese ones. Whatevs. I just want me a cheapo fake that I can use for a while until I get bored with it or until it falls apart (whichever comes first). Supposedly the I-town and Dongdaemun ones are Chinese and the Songtan ones are Korean. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Seriously, *MY* eye cannot distinguish between the two. And the salespeople all insist the Korean ones are made with REAL LAMBSKIN. Let me ask you, if I’m buying a replica, a cheapo knock-off…do you think I’m interested in it being REAL LAMBSKIN!?!?  Ummm. No. I’m not.

Two weeks ago I was shopping in Dongdaemun and ended up making the mistake of asking a salesman if he had fake Chanel and he whisked me to the back of his large cubicle inside the gi-normous HELLO A.M! store…yah, I think it’s the old DOOTA building…because I don’t recall seeing the DOOTA sign over there anymore. Anyhoo, what this gi-normous building is is floor after floor of STUFF. The 1st and 2nd floors have women’s clothing. And they’re all small, little cubicles with tons of clothes to sell. I should have taken pictures but I didn’t. Sorry. The 3rd and 4th floors are men’s clothing. The 5th floor is accessories (imagine jewelry and lots of it) and the 6th floor is more accessories (hats, hats, hats) and the 7th floor is BAGS.  So, when I arrived on the 7th floor and saw handbags, wallets, purses, and backpacks I immediately thought about my knock-off Chanel wallet.

So, yes…when I arrived on the 7th floor, I looked at a salesman and his eyes glimmered and I thought, Oh, hot damn I’ve hit the jackpot. Because the Songtan ladies told me that I’d have to go to Dongdaemun for the “cheap” ones and there I was. And the salesman, Hwan-Seok (yes, I got his name) gave me a magazine to look at filled with alllllll of the designer replicas one could imagine. I asked him about my wallet and he scurried to a cupboard, pulled out a carry-on sized suitcase, popped it open and showed me all of his wallets. Well, he most definitely had THAT Chanel wallet…the one with the hot pink interior. But he told me it was 70,000 won, too!  WTH!?  I smiled and politely replied in Korean, “Oh, no. No. No.”  He looked at me and asked how much I wanted to pay. I told him 35,000 won. He was taken aback and exclaimed (in English), “Aiyie! Is China! This not China!” And I told him in Korean that I was perfectly OK with having a Chinese-made wallet and he said he didn’t have them. But, we went back and forth  for about 15-20 minutes. Which, when trying to negotiate a price of a stupid wallet is a long time. And after my shopping buddy got bored with our back-and-forth bartering and walked away…(my Korean realllly shines when I’m in a shopping situation and I’m trying to get a bargain…I can BRING IT!) he told me (in Korean), “Okay, okay. You get the pretty girl discount. Final price. Final price. 48,000 won.” And oooh, I thought it was pretty close to my desired price of 35,000 won but then I realized that paying 35,000 won for the wallet would be lame anyway. I didn’t like it that much.  It’s OK. Personally, I like to use wallets that are green, gold, red, or purple—all good prosperity colors. All feng shui experts will tell you to steer clear of wallets in other colors.

And while I had been searching for the bargain-priced knock-off Chanel wallet, I had seen a replica Louis Vuitton wallet in purple. So, if I ever buy one of those  replica wallets, I should get that one instead.

The inside is very nicely compartmentalized, too.

All in all, my wallet shopping has taught me: impulse buying is for the young and the shopaholics. I’m proud of  myself for holding out until I feel just right about the purchase. 😉

“I’ll buy it when I buy it.” —C.T 😛

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Not enough!

Hello everyone! 🙂  I think I might turn into a food blogger. Mmm. Not really. It’s a take-it-while-you-can-get-it with me!!

I am feeling compelled to write about the DUBAI RESTAURANT in Itaewon because my friend and I went last month and I started thinking again  about vegetarian/vegan options in Korea and well…the Dubai Restaurant serves some veg fare but more specifically… FALAFEL. ((I’m hearing the oooohs and aaahhhhhs now))

My friend and I had looped Itaewon’s main drag, like, six times…because we started out walking without a purpose and then we would come up with a destination which undoubtedly every time would require us to walk back in the opposite direction. Gotta love it!  But, we had a good time. ^^  Yes, it was an enjoyable day.

My friend is a strict, unwavering vegan. So, I had gone to Itaewon with her to specifically get FALAFEL. I’ve met heaps of people in Korea this year who seem to be nutty about FALAFEL (and yes, I have to use all capital letters when typing it out EVERY TIME!) 😛

Falafels are made with chickpeas and/or fava beans and other mediterranean ingredients. I, unfortunately had a traumatic experience with a ‘do-it-yourself FALAFEL home kit’ that came with some ground up powder (I’m presuming ground chickpeas??) and spices which I then added water to, made a gooey paste and then deep fried. I ate approximately  nine  blobs (not balls) one sunny Saturday back in college. I almost puked. The  flavors compounded in my mouth, I got a BAAAD headache and then I felt SOOOOO sick. 😳 It traumatized me so badly that I have not been able to eat another FALAFEL since then.

But, fast forward (cough, cough) years…Let’s just say P L  E  N  T  Y of time has passed since then. So, my friend and I had been walking up and down the street all afternoon working up our appetites when we finally decided: it was time to eat! So, I took her to the only place that I knew served FALAFEL. And jeez, it was like, 10,000 won for some frickin’ FALAFELS (three, I think). Whatevs. Not worth it AT ALL I.M.H.O. It’s a little fast-foody type of place. Not comfortable to sit down and relax in…no atmosphere. loud. drafty. If I’m going to pay that much for food, please give me some nice surroundings. piped in music?  a plush chair?  HAHAHA  That’s what I’ve come to expect in Korea! C’mon!!! But she’d had her craving for MONTHS  she said. It was the whole reason she and I trekked over to I-town…

I told her that it was a ripoff and that we could find a better place.

La la laaaaaa

Sometimes I need to NOT be my father’s daughter and just pay the price. 😛

And so we walked down the street again ……… and then back up, going to all of the restaurants that I thought might serve them. To  our surprise…FALAFELS are harder to come by than one would think!  *Der!

Anyhoo, I eventually noticed  the DUBAI RESTAURANT (which was practically right across the street from the fast foody place). ((hooray)) 🙄

The food there is fine. Their food quality  is not my issue. They serve FALAFEL! Yay. And they offer a lovely dining experience. The atmosphere is romantic in a Middle Eastern way and it’s up on the second floor away from the noise, etc. And the bathroom is nice. ^^ That’s always important.  The men who work there are attractive. Another plus.

Alas, they were charging 9,000 won for their FALAFEL. Err… OK, fine, I gave in. FALAFELS  are not cheap in Korea. Fine.

Their FALAFEL plate came with five  balls  (but they gave us six  since we told them we were splitting the dish and I smiled sweetly at the server guy) 😉 But they were SMALL BALLS! 😦 Me no like small balls.

And then we ordered an appetizer platter of hummus, baba ganoush and a yogurt (for 9,000 won I THINK). Well, their baba ganoush has yogurt in it which sucked for my friend…she could only have the hummus. And the plate that they serve these dips on is suuuuper small. We were ravenous. Not enough!!! We ordered an extra serving of hummus (6,000???) to share… plus one pita each at 1,000 won each.

So, our little “snack” was 13,000 won each…for not enough food!! 😦

I won’t go back to “Dubai Restaurant” for the FALAFEL that’s fer sure. As an aside: Their other dishes seemed much more standard in portion sizes, though.

“….octagonal plates and silver domes….conceal the minute portions of food in snooty restaurants run by egomaniac chefs.–John    Mortimer, in Introduction to ‘Rumpole’ (1994)

P.S. Since it’s not a terrible restaurant by any means…here’s the info:  Go out Exit 3 of I-town (Itaewon Station) and walk straight. It’ll be on your right before you get to the street crossing. I *think* it’s right before the Dunkin Donuts (or above it?)… 02-798-9277. They speak English!

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The Hotline Lady

Grrrr…. grrr  (that’d be my throat sounding like a tiger ready to attack).

I had to call the Tourist/Foreigner ***HELP** Line  again this past week. 031-1330. That is the number for Gyeonggi. If you’re in Seoul, you’d dial 02-1330. The darling over at the Seoul office is a sweetheart and I love her dearly. The new lady  in Gyeonggi SUCKS. The gal who used to work there (who used to be my #1 Go-to Grrl) must have been promoted for such excellent work. She was SUPER DOO-PER. 🙂  The lady who replaced her needs to find herself another job. She is SO un-helpful. She has given me wrong information three times and basically told me once to stop calling that line for “everyday life” questions. WELL. I’m sorry, but if I don’t know what effing bus to take to get from point A–> to B then I will be calling your  number, Madame Attitude. What EXACTLY is it that you get paid for?!

I would call the SEOUL line but the past five or six times I’ve called with a question that didn’t pertain to SEOUL …they told me that I need to call the Gyeonggi line. 😦

This new lady knows my voice (I know she does!). One time I called to ask about another bus that goes to YoungTong. I knew the general area that I was going to but wanted to call the HELPINE to see about getting more specific directions. Well, she told me it would take me two(2!) hours to get there and that I would have to transfer buses TWICE. Well.      I thanked her… (for what?  wasting my time and my cell phone minutes?) and then I just followed my hunch and got on ONE bus and got there in 20 minutes. Good Lord. This lady  needs to find another job. Another time I asked about movie times and movies that would be playing in English at my local theater and she matter-of-factly (and quite rudely) said, “There aren’t any movies in English.” Now. There is a nice way and a RUDE  way to say things. She could have easily said, “There doesn’t seem to be a movie playing in English at the moment. Is there anything else I could help you with?” Gee that has such a nice feel/vibe to it.  This lady has NEVER said her name when she answers the line. No shocker there. I’m sure people would be complaining left, right and center about her.

A couple days ago, she infuriated me so much. Oh, I was LIVID. First of all, I was standing on the wrong side of the street trying to catch a bus in Osan to go back to Dongtan. This particular bus doesn’t make a loop, it just goes along one side of the street and wraps around cities in that way. I had a feeling that was the situation so after waiting 25 minutes for the bus to come around my way, I decided to call the hotline. But, it’s ALWAYS HER who answers. The same lady who needs to be FIRED. 👿 Grrrrrr

Anyway, I asked her, I’m in Osan…blah blah blah…does Bus 707 go down BOTH sides of the street???? I’m at the __fill in the blank__ bus stop. I’ve seen it pass by on the other side of the street but it hasn’t come along on *my* side of the street and it’s already been 25 minutes. Could you please look on the Internet and check it out for me?

So, she said…(in her UNfriendly way): What’s the name of the stop? ((I had already told her. But, I repeated it))  Yes, yes. Sure it does. Why not? Why wouldn’t it?  That bus only comes every 20 to 25 minutes. Wait. OK?

That was the end of THAT phone call.

GRRRRRRR. Ooh, I felt my blood starting to  boil at that point. ❗

So, I waited another 20 minutes and saw another 707 pass by on the OPPOSITE side of the street. Then I realized: the bus wouldn’t be coming along on my side of the street and she had given me wrong information ONCE AGAIN.  I’d been at the bus stop in my short-sleeved shirt and a skirt waiting in the newly cold, autumn day for 45 minutes at that point. ❗ 😡 ❗

After I saw the second 707, I started running down the street to follow it. After I’d simply turned the corner, I realized I’d been standing on a completely different street than I thought I was standing on…(gotta love Korea’s homogeneity in building styles and street layouts =Dunkin Donuts, vet clinic, Paris Baguette, shoe store, pharmacy, GS25, women’s clothing store, Baskin Robbins…rinse and repeat), I ran with the determination of getting myself  HOME.  Irritated with having to wait nearly an hour for my bus…I was officially fit to be tied. So, I called my mom and spilled my guts and she let me vent and rant and rave and then calmed me down like all good moms do. ^-^ ((Thanks, maman!))

And then my bus came along and I got on it. Once I got off of the phone with my mom I finished my book. I started crying at the end of Amy Tan’s JOY LUCK CLUB (but I cried at the end of the movie, too) and after I had a mini-release on the bus I realized I was still furiously mad at the Helpline lady.

Obviously, this stems much further than today and a crappy bus experience. Oooh, she’s had it coming from me for SOME TIME NOW. So, I decided I was going to call her, chew her out  and hopefully feel better afterward. 😀

I got off of the bus and my whole body was tingling. You know…almost like when your foot falls asleep, or this one time in my Beginning Singing Class when I had to give a solo in front of the advanced class and my WHOLE body went numb from my neck down. 😦

But I could feel the energy. I wanted to run. I wanted to scream. I had so much ickiness built up inside of me. I knew that I needed to release it. So, I re-dialed 031-1330. (((bling, bling!! bling, bling!!)))  The phone rang and I was transferred to the English-speaking Attitude Lady.

CT:  Hello?? Yes. I’m still standing at the bus stop for 707. It still hasn’t come by on this side of the street. You know, I don’t know why you told me the bus would come along on my side of the street when it hasn’t and it won’t. I don’t know why you are giving me the wrong information.  Foreigners in this country need this line to help us out sometimes. I don’t think you should have this job!


And I hung up on her. She didn’t get to say a word other than, Tourist Helpline...And I felt SLIGHTLY better after spewing out my tirade.

And I thought…Hmm. I think I’m going to call back later and start regularly harassing her. 😛 I think I am going to harass her until she quits and then they get someone who can do a proper job. 😡 Good idea, don’tcha think? 😉

ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!! Get this!!!!:

I walked home from the bus in 10 minutes. I was in my apartment getting ready to rally some other waygook (foreigner) troops here who would want to help me out with my harassment idea (the more, the merrier, right?) when WOULDN’T YOU KNOW


Oh snap!

((I wondered if my phone number showed up when I called! LOL  LOL))

And I quote (punctuation, spelling and all):

“We’re really sorry for that. I was looking for 707 (ansan city; there’re four 707s) the area U was waiting 4 is one-way bus line. U move to osan St way. Really sorry.”

And I got a great, big belly laugh out of that one. 😉


I affected her.

She took all that time to send me a message. I’d say Mission: Accomplished! 😀

Heehee ^-^

Don’t mess with CT, peeps.

I, of course, found some good quotes to go along with this blog ^-^

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” —-Oscar Wilde

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.” —Drew Carey

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My new man

I had named this blog “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” but then I remembered I already HAVE a blog with that same title. 😕  *Der!  Guess I’m running out of blog title ideas. hahahaha  Orrrr, maybe LOVE **IS** is in the air AGAIN!?!?  kikiki (<—that would be a Korean hahaha) Also, seen as ㅋㅋㅋ.

Tonight as I was on the bus home from Mass, (yes, I’ve been going to <<<gasp!>>> church)  (Mom would be so proud.) 😉 I saw three couples along the sidewalk. First, I looked up and saw a couple holding hands and smiling into each others’ eyes, then turned my gaze beyond them onto another couple who were stationary on the sidewalk hugging (very UNcommon in Korea) and after that turned my attention to my right and saw another couple walking with their arms around each others’ shoulders. All within 30 seconds or so of each other at the same intersection.  I thought:  Hmm. Sunday evenings bring out the love, eh?

I left Mass feeling calm and happy. content. at peace. It was a nice feeling after spending all day shopping for and haggling over knock-off designer bags. That is an exhausting task, lemme just tell you. Most of the Korean saleswomen won’t budge off of their starting price in Songtan. (I don’t know about other shopping areas that specialize in knock-offs…) So, I was a bit exhausted from my rough and tough day of climbing up and down secret staircases that led into tiny, windowless cupboards to check out the high-quality (psht!) bags.

But after I saw the romantic couples who were openly displaying their love for one another by hand-holding, stationary hugging, and arm-wrapping…I felt…lonely. 😥

Oh, boo hoo. Pity party of ONE!  Hey, leave me alone (*der, I AM alone, dork!) to have me a pity party. Shit. No. I mean, shiiiit.

I’ll turn gangsta in my aloneness. 8)

My feelings passed quickly enough. Once I got home, I looked at my new, prized possession: My new knock-off Jimmy Choo bag.

😉  So, I guess I’m not so alone. I’ve got Jimmy.


The Real Mahala Bag. You can see the 2 diff. types of material used.

My Jimmy. It looks better in person, trust me. And the lining inside is tres nice. It's suede.

The real


$1,000 bucks.

My Jimmy:

$50. LOL!!!!!

Is it legal to blog about knock-offs?

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Vampire Girl (not Grrl!)

I s’pose I’m “off of” the Naming Your Day thing. It was fun while it lasted. It’s just that I haven’t named my days for so long. Gee, how long has it been? I’ll have to think back so far. Too tiring. Won’t do it. 😀  I like how I’m talking and thinking in choppy, mini sentences. I’ve been reading Amy Tan’s JOY LUCK CLUB and I LOVE her writing. When she writes in broken English, I can literally  hear an American- Chinese immigrant  woman in my head. It’s a super book (and the movie is fab, as well).

Anyhoo…I haven’t blogged in a bit but I am ONCE AGAIN motivated to blog after encountering a strange soul walking our earth. 😉

I was on the bus yesterday coming home from Seoul when a girl got on the Express Bus I take to get home. It’s a bus that goes fairly directly from Seoul to Dongtan so when someone  odd/creepy/scary/strange gets on, I usually start praying that the person doesn’t sit next to me for the 40-ish minute ride. heh heh

Welllll, this girl got on the not-so-full bus, looked me DEAD in the eye and then thankfully chose the seat on the other side of the bus. Whew. Close one. I’ve never actually counted how many rows of seats there are on those buses but they go 2×2. So, there are two seats together on one side of the bus with an aisle in between another set of two seats. So, I was sitting on one side of the aisle and she sat on the other side of the aisle directly across from  me.  I kept looking over at her though because she looked like a vampire. A real, human vampire. Well, not human I guess. 🙂

Ooh, her eyes were so creepy: Sharp half moons that were reddish with a yellow glow.  And her incisor teeth were so sharp and pointy and her skin was pure white with a gray dull to it. I’m SURE she was an actual vampire.

I am going to start keeping track of how many interesting individuals (wink, wink–I’m P.C!!!)  I see during my days. It’s a good way to pass the time.

On another more annoying note: I’ve been realizing that my hair is falling out at warp speed these days. Hmmmm. Remember my Female Pattern Baldness blog back 8-ish months ago???  WELLLLLL. It might be time to re-visit the issue. Even my MALE co-worker approached me today and told me he’s been finding heaps of hairs on his pillow every morning. I nodded in agreement. Just this morning I was noticing the dozens of hairs scattered over my pillowcase AND my sheet under my head. I am going to look into some sleeping bonnets or something. Can’t go on losing this much hair. Sheesh Lousie Parker. JEEZ. What is up? I think it’s the crappy water or ???  I’ll blame it on the water quality for now and once I figure something else out, I’ll recant it and let the water off the hook. But for now, I am pegging the water.

“A hair in the head is worth two in the brush.”  ~Oliver Herford


Mmm. I will count the hairs I lose tomorrow before I let myself freak out about this.

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Chicken Day

Today is CHICKEN DAY because, alas…I have broken my many days of vegetarianism and have eaten <<<gasp!>>>::::: chicken. Oh, the horror. The horror. It wasn’t horror actually:  It was FRYPAN!  heh heh. Anyone living in or around Seoul, Korea knows Frypan. Damn their chicken is purdy tasty. 😉  Am I a lost cause? Goodness I remember the days when I would nearly GAG at the mere mention of “chicken.” Ew.

Blech. Barf. Puke.

Ick. I can smell the ammonia now. =/

But now??? Mmm. I smell the smell (hmm, oil? grease? seasonings?) outside of one of  Korea’s ten million fried chicken places and I want it.

FryPan makes its own potato chips and then layers the boneless chicken strips on top. Served with an optional side salad.

So yah. I broke down and ate chicken today. Bummer.

A day like today leads me to wonder how different my brain could be…only eight  years after my raw vegan lifestyle when I scrunched  up my nose  at hundreds of “foods” that I deemed to be unfit for human consumption (umm…chicken being at the top of that list.)  Why is it that I can eat it and dozens of other foods  now that  I wouldn’t even think about eating back then? Living in Korea used to be my excuse but I ain’t buyin’ it anymore. It doesn’t make any sense. A chicken is a chicken is a chicken whether I’m in the U.S., Korea, Hong Kong…it’s STILL MEAT. Flesh. Dead.  I like to try and justify my eating meat in Korea by telling myself that the chickens aren’t pumped up on antibiotics and raised in their own feces and urine and tortured like they are in the U.S. But have I been to a chicken farm here? Errr. (That would be an embarrassed yet grateful “NO.”)  In my defense, I did a Google search (insert eye roll) on the chicken-raising practices in SoKo and well, it seems that it is much more humane and hasn’t turned all “factory farmy” just yet.

Tomorrow is a new day. I shall start again. It’s all I can do, right?

Honestly, in my heart I know that a vegan lifestyle is the lifestyle for ME.  I feel my best when I eat vegan and I am much thinner and less puffy. Puff. Puff. POOF.  POP.







This is always a favorite of mine:

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”  ~Paul McCartney

and…I found this new one tonight (which I think must be from the 80’s…and is uber-lame.

“Vegetarian:  A person who eats only side dishes.”  ~Gerald Lieberman   ((You have that RIGHT about Vegetarians in KOREA who go to MEAT restaurants, Gerald…but ummm, where **I’m** from…we’ve got a helluva lot more than side dishes to eat.))  <shrug>

Tsk, tsk. Get with 2010, fool.

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Stalker Day

There’s this really, super duper, pooper scooper CREEPY man who lives in my building on the 9th floor who is stalking me. I am *almost* positive about this. I have been stalked –3– times before in my life (twice in high school–yes! and once in college). I have read the stalker-victim manuals…I know the telltale signs to watch out for…I seem to attract stalkers like ice-cream attracts kids. Eh~~weak analogy.  Or maybe not?  🙂

Doggie, I feel yo'. =/

I saw him standing near the elevator foyer a few days ago and now…every night since then. *Ugh squared*  I was waiting in the foyer for the elevator to come back down when he        s l o w l y        walked into the building from outside. He was holding a small, single-serving of ESL Milk in his hand. At 11:00pm. He looked as though he were in a trance or even a sleepwalking state. His gaze was set on me but very expressionless (not the NORMAL, indifferent Korean expression) but  I didn’t think much of it. (((I COULD be overreacting now…but I doubt it.))) I’m glad I thought ahead (and am my paranoid self) and hit the 7th floor button instead of my actual floor. I didn’t want him knowing which floor I live on. He pushed “9” but who knows? He may have very well just gotten off on the 9th floor and then taken the stairs in either direction to his actual floor, too. I could be putting way too much thought into this but trust me…after being stalked three times, I have every gosh darn right to be hesitant and a little precautionary.:!:

So, today is STALKER DAY. I might as well include some tips if you are one of the unfortunates like me and are stalked at one point or another:


—>Just check-out  that website to get started. I decided not to type out a bunch of info. 😉 SOME people might say that I am using the term too loosely  but trust me==this is how it starts out. Then…he’ll be showing up in my work building…on  the floor I work on…at the gym. So, no. I’m not using it lightly. If it doesn’t progress into all of that crapola…then hip, hip horray! I’m not being stalked and this day can go down in Day Naming History as the Day That Was Misnamed! ^_^  (Oh, I hope so)

The other night I ran into a couple of guys who live in my apartment building and we stood outside  of our building chatting for a few minutes. The guys didn’t go inside with me. 😦 WELL. My stalker had been standing behind a large delivery truck WAITING for me to go back inside the building. Hopefully these past few days are completely coincidental but that one night WAS ODD. Right after I said my goodbyes to the guys, I noticed the man looking at me—-as though he had been standing there the whole time “listening” to our conversation. Ay yie yieeeee. I walked into the apartment building and sure enough…he followed. Walking   e   v  e  r       s o      s — l—  o—  w—  l—  y  and once again I had to wait for the bloody elevator to come down which gave him plenty of time to catch up and ride with me. I *almost* didn’t go in it but then I thought~~Eh, I push the wrong floor’s button anway and there’s a security guard on duty, sooo…nothing will happen. That night he was carrying a can of cider (aka, 7-up) in his hand. Same lack of facial expression although as he was staring at me in the surround-sound style mirrors in the elevator, he seemed to have his lips turned slightly upward…forming the slightest SMILE. His smile was a cross between Uncle Fester’s spooky grin and someone passing gas and goofily grinning from the release. *Ugh tripled* Please somebody help me. This is when I need a big, burly, scary-looking, rough, tough and buff male friend with me. Where in the heavens is he when I need him?

Yep! That's him!

And this is a nice quote to lighten the heaviness of this blog!

“Bush said today he is being stalked. He said wherever he goes, people are following him. Finally, someone told him, “Psst. That’s the Secret Service. ”   HAHAHAHA  Who else would have said that other than JAY LENO!?!?

Oh: And yesterday was BLUE SKY DAY because oh ma garsh!… we ACTUALLY had a blue sky in Dongtan.

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