Toilet joys?!


You know, I’ve realized that I often start out my blogs with “Ahhhhh…”  Heehee.  Hey, at least I’m aware of my habit.

So yes.

Ahhhhh, earlier this past week I suffered ((for 12 torturous hours)) from food poisoning or some random OOBE flu  ((you know…OPEN ON BOTH ENDS)) By far, *THE* worst bout of food poisoning I’ve EVER had in my ENTIRE life on the face of this planet.

It started out right at the strike of 8:00am when I woke-up (naturally, without my alarm…) with the urging/pressing feeling that I was going to throw-up. Mmm. Not my preferred way to start off my  Monday morning. So, yes…I threw-up. And then the OOBE started.

Oh sighhhh.

Fast forward to puking and the Big “D” until 3:00pm-ish…when I was starting to have some relief…but then my boss kept calling me to check on me and encouraging me to EAT SOMETHING. Wellllll, I *was* hungry but ya know…I was still an open faucet every 20 minutes at that point. (Which was a much improved condition from having to “go” every MINUTE.) No joke. No exaggeration.

After he suggested for the umpteenth time that I eat something, I made guacamole since I had an avocado. And anyway I LOVE it (avocado, that is). That was not such a good idea, though.

It started the faucet FULL BLAST AGAIN! Grrrrr. By this point in the day, I was wiped. heh heh. I like that pun.

At this point, I was TRYING to sleep, but I couldn’t because I kept going to the bathroom and I started throwing up again.

It HAD to have been MORE than just plain ol' salmonella though...

Longer story shorter the reason I am sharing all of this with you is because I have mentioned that I am doing a RAW FOOD CLEANSE INITIATIVE recently and wanted to inform you that I had released 10 pounds as of two Fridays ago through this cleanse program. But while I was sick as ever on Monday I figured that I would be down another 10 pounds from my day on the toilet.

And well: Yes. I was right. *^_^*  hahaha. LOL. Not that I should be happy about this because ewwww…what a way to have a weight release. Would I do it again? HELL NO.

But I must say that I felt compensated when I saw the number on the scale was another three pounds lower than last week. 🙂

Yep. So, now I’m down 13 pounds. Oh yah. Raw food. If anything, I’m more susceptible to getting food poisoning from uncooked foods that are NOT prepared by my clean hands. LOL. hahaha OK. Not funny. It was the FIRST experience I’ve had with this since I started the cleanse two months ago, though.

“Lose weight quickly by eating raw pork or rancid tuna. I found that the subsequent food poisoning/diarrhea enabled me to lose 6 kg in only 2 days.” –Unk to me      HAHAHAH. Love it, though.

“I just grabbed a couple pretzels and sat down at the computer… I bit in to one and realized that not only was it stale, but I wasn’t really all that hungry to begin with. But I was too lazy to get up and toss them in the trash, so I ate them anyway… I wonder just how many of the Seven Deadly Sins that qualifies me for…”   –Unk to me, as well–and not exactly ON TOPIC… buutt LOL!!!

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The Sketch Zone :-o

I have known for a long time that I live in a part of town that has an interesting night life. Fer sure. There are HEAPS of sex rooms in my neighborhood that BOOM in the evening. Hmm. No pun intended. 😆

And my ex-neighbor on the left used to distribute SEX cards!! YES!  I saw him one day putting those pervy, little sex cards on cars down the street when I was walking to the movie theater. I usually don’t walk down the sex street but it’s the fastest way for me to get to the theater and I had been running late for a date. Ugh* And I SAW him. He NEVER said “hi” to me throughout the whole time we were neighbors. I used to say “HI” to him just to be my mamma’s little, polite girl. La la laaaa. Fun times. After I saw him putting the cards on cars and HE SAW ME, TOO I started to use my security camera to see if he was ever outside waiting for the elevator (he usually wasn’t) but thankfully he moved away a bit ago so I don’t have to do that anymore.

On a funnier note: regarding those tacky cards (that also line the sidewalks of Vegas…) Welllll, I saw a five year-old girl and her brother of the same age (guestimating!) playing with a stack of 52 of them outside of the 7-11 on its plastic table and chair set! (No parents around, of course…) I just about busted out laughing. She had them in a stack in her hands trying to shuffle them and was yelling at her brother for trying to take one. LOL. LOL. 😆

Ay yie yie yieeeeee. What shall I see next?

“Aye, fight! But not your neighbor. Fight rather all the things that cause you and your neighbor to fight.” –Unk to me. But I like it.

And for your viewing pleasure, I snagged some of the sex cards from a car outside the other night. Hey, I aim to please. 😛

Yep, these line the streets most nights of the week. It's fantabulous.


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Hot damn! 85 views!

It’s a new record! Whooooo. Wow. And I haven’t even blogged in umpteen days. Wowza.

Yesterday 85 people came to my blog page. AND 33 of those people were referred to my blog through their Internet searches…and WordPress tells me what people type in to the search box that prompts them to come to my blog. Well, one person typed in “Chicken in Farm.” All I’m wondering is what the heck I blogged about that is anywhere close to that?!?! Whaaa?? Anyway, I shouldn’t care because that person helped bump up my “number of views” to 85 times yesterday!!! YAYAYAYAYAY

Heh Heh. My blog’s famous now.

We love this blog!(Some of my happy readers)^-^

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My Cleanse

I have been bone dry for ideas for my blog lately. I don’t know why exactly but every time I’ve sat down to write something, I’ve abandoned it in my DRAFT pile…and so there they all sit. Hmm. Perhaps one day they’ll seem publish-worthy. Or maybe not.

So I made a comment about my “writer’s block” to my co-worker who also blogs and he asked me why I haven’t or don’t blog about the cleanse I’m doing. And my immediate response was, “Eh, I don’t want to turn my blog into a ‘follow me on my path to health’ sort of thing.” But really…my blog has always been about writing things that happen to me in my life and things that I do…so really–why not write about my cleanse?  It’s not a bad idea. So…thanks Chris. ^-^

It IS a major part of my life now. It has changed the way I spend my free time (I’m no longer hittin’ the bar after work to join people for a drink…nor going to a coffee shop for a chai tea latte and dessert…nor going out to eat at any ol’ restaurant with friends). Nope. I prepare  my meals the majority of time or I go out to eat at the super expensive salad bar restaurants in Seoul. And of course there’s BOOST Juice that serves up wheat grass. But, doing this cleanse has really changed the way I look at socializing with people. I used to equate socializing with eating out. Well, yes…it IS a social thing but honestly I have found so many other nice things to do with friends that don’t involve eating:

  1. Walking around our lovely town
  2. Inviting friends over to my place for HERBAL tea
  3. Going bowling—-does NOT require drinking a beer like most people think
  4. Going to the movies—-does NOT require buying the bucket of popcorn drenched in chemicals and fat (the fake sugar and liquid butter they use…eww)
  5. Practicing the flute with my flute buddy
  6. Hanging at friends’ places chatting—-does NOT require snacking on chips, etc
  7. Shopping 😀

So that’s plenty to keep me busy during my weeknights. And then on the weekends I stay on my plan by juicing for breakfast and then walking around the city a lot–even if I end up eating cooked vegan I don’t feel badly because it’s still pure food. I stick with basic staples…rice…lentils, fruits and veggies and VOILA! I am fed, healthy and don’t turn my body into a toxic dump which it then must clean-up.

Sorry if I’ve completely skipped over explaining what sort of cleanse I’m doing. Heehee 🙂

Buuuut, I suppose it’s okay for me to share:

I am doing a raw food cleanse. (((I’m imagining half of all readers closing my page’s tab right about now))) LOL.

It’s a common response. It’s an annoying, common response…but nonetheless…common.

I was a raw foodist back in 2002 for half of the year. It was the best time of my life. I was HIGH on LIFE. I was light. I was happy. I was ~~~hot~~~  SIZZLE. Yes…insert the sizzle sound. 😉

Raw fudge. Oh hell yeah. Raw does not mean carrot sticks and lettuce. Educate yourself! (Well, that's what I'm here for, right?)

That’s all for now. I will leave my interested readers longing for more. ‘Til then…dehydrate! blend!  juice!  😉

“Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.”  ~Elizabeth Berry

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