Hrrrmmmm.  2012.  Hrrrmmmm.

I do not feel as though a “new year” full of endless possibilities has arrived.  Strange?  Kind of.  I have never had this feeling before–ever.  In the past, whenever a “new year” has come, I have felt a change.  Small, medium, or huge…I always felt a shift of some sort, a newness, and as though I had a clean slate.  What’s different about this year?


  • I am just about finished with my Teacher Credential Program…but I feel as those I am stuck in the middle of it still.  No newness there.
  • My life feels very stagnant…even though I know intellectually 2012 will bring a lot of changes in my life, I am in a space right now where I can’t see over the divide.  Does that make sense?
  • I am still battling issues I was battling 10 years ago…mind you, not in the same way or as intensely…but still fighting the good fight (possibly wearing down).
  • I am on the fence as to whether or not 2012 marks the final year of our world as we know it.  Part of me believes that come December 21, 2012…we will all be goners.  The other part of me remembers Y2K and thinks, “La la laaaaa.”

All of those reasons and probably 5 more that I’m not thinking about right now… 2012 just seems like a blah year. 😛

I don’t want to be negative!  It just doesn’t feel energetically charged with happy stuff, that’s all.

““So the Myan calendar ends in 2012. So what? My calendar ends in December. I just buy a new one.”
― Mr. Youngblood, Geography teacher

Cute.  Hopefully we will all still be around on the 22nd of December to laugh about it then, too.

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