Chicken Day

Today is CHICKEN DAY because, alas…I have broken my many days of vegetarianism and have eaten <<<gasp!>>>::::: chicken. Oh, the horror. The horror. It wasn’t horror actually:  It was FRYPAN!  heh heh. Anyone living in or around Seoul, Korea knows Frypan. Damn their chicken is purdy tasty. 😉  Am I a lost cause? Goodness I remember the days when I would nearly GAG at the mere mention of “chicken.” Ew.

Blech. Barf. Puke.

Ick. I can smell the ammonia now. =/

But now??? Mmm. I smell the smell (hmm, oil? grease? seasonings?) outside of one of  Korea’s ten million fried chicken places and I want it.

FryPan makes its own potato chips and then layers the boneless chicken strips on top. Served with an optional side salad.

So yah. I broke down and ate chicken today. Bummer.

A day like today leads me to wonder how different my brain could be…only eight  years after my raw vegan lifestyle when I scrunched  up my nose  at hundreds of “foods” that I deemed to be unfit for human consumption (umm…chicken being at the top of that list.)  Why is it that I can eat it and dozens of other foods  now that  I wouldn’t even think about eating back then? Living in Korea used to be my excuse but I ain’t buyin’ it anymore. It doesn’t make any sense. A chicken is a chicken is a chicken whether I’m in the U.S., Korea, Hong Kong…it’s STILL MEAT. Flesh. Dead.  I like to try and justify my eating meat in Korea by telling myself that the chickens aren’t pumped up on antibiotics and raised in their own feces and urine and tortured like they are in the U.S. But have I been to a chicken farm here? Errr. (That would be an embarrassed yet grateful “NO.”)  In my defense, I did a Google search (insert eye roll) on the chicken-raising practices in SoKo and well, it seems that it is much more humane and hasn’t turned all “factory farmy” just yet.

Tomorrow is a new day. I shall start again. It’s all I can do, right?

Honestly, in my heart I know that a vegan lifestyle is the lifestyle for ME.  I feel my best when I eat vegan and I am much thinner and less puffy. Puff. Puff. POOF.  POP.







This is always a favorite of mine:

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”  ~Paul McCartney

and…I found this new one tonight (which I think must be from the 80’s…and is uber-lame.

“Vegetarian:  A person who eats only side dishes.”  ~Gerald Lieberman   ((You have that RIGHT about Vegetarians in KOREA who go to MEAT restaurants, Gerald…but ummm, where **I’m** from…we’ve got a helluva lot more than side dishes to eat.))  <shrug>

Tsk, tsk. Get with 2010, fool.

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