The Sketch Zone :-o

I have known for a long time that I live in a part of town that has an interesting night life. Fer sure. There are HEAPS of sex rooms in my neighborhood that BOOM in the evening. Hmm. No pun intended. 😆

And my ex-neighbor on the left used to distribute SEX cards!! YES!  I saw him one day putting those pervy, little sex cards on cars down the street when I was walking to the movie theater. I usually don’t walk down the sex street but it’s the fastest way for me to get to the theater and I had been running late for a date. Ugh* And I SAW him. He NEVER said “hi” to me throughout the whole time we were neighbors. I used to say “HI” to him just to be my mamma’s little, polite girl. La la laaaa. Fun times. After I saw him putting the cards on cars and HE SAW ME, TOO I started to use my security camera to see if he was ever outside waiting for the elevator (he usually wasn’t) but thankfully he moved away a bit ago so I don’t have to do that anymore.

On a funnier note: regarding those tacky cards (that also line the sidewalks of Vegas…) Welllll, I saw a five year-old girl and her brother of the same age (guestimating!) playing with a stack of 52 of them outside of the 7-11 on its plastic table and chair set! (No parents around, of course…) I just about busted out laughing. She had them in a stack in her hands trying to shuffle them and was yelling at her brother for trying to take one. LOL. LOL. 😆

Ay yie yie yieeeeee. What shall I see next?

“Aye, fight! But not your neighbor. Fight rather all the things that cause you and your neighbor to fight.” –Unk to me. But I like it.

And for your viewing pleasure, I snagged some of the sex cards from a car outside the other night. Hey, I aim to please. 😛

Yep, these line the streets most nights of the week. It's fantabulous.


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