My new man

I had named this blog “LOVE IS IN THE AIR” but then I remembered I already HAVE a blog with that same title. 😕  *Der!  Guess I’m running out of blog title ideas. hahahaha  Orrrr, maybe LOVE **IS** is in the air AGAIN!?!?  kikiki (<—that would be a Korean hahaha) Also, seen as ㅋㅋㅋ.

Tonight as I was on the bus home from Mass, (yes, I’ve been going to <<<gasp!>>> church)  (Mom would be so proud.) 😉 I saw three couples along the sidewalk. First, I looked up and saw a couple holding hands and smiling into each others’ eyes, then turned my gaze beyond them onto another couple who were stationary on the sidewalk hugging (very UNcommon in Korea) and after that turned my attention to my right and saw another couple walking with their arms around each others’ shoulders. All within 30 seconds or so of each other at the same intersection.  I thought:  Hmm. Sunday evenings bring out the love, eh?

I left Mass feeling calm and happy. content. at peace. It was a nice feeling after spending all day shopping for and haggling over knock-off designer bags. That is an exhausting task, lemme just tell you. Most of the Korean saleswomen won’t budge off of their starting price in Songtan. (I don’t know about other shopping areas that specialize in knock-offs…) So, I was a bit exhausted from my rough and tough day of climbing up and down secret staircases that led into tiny, windowless cupboards to check out the high-quality (psht!) bags.

But after I saw the romantic couples who were openly displaying their love for one another by hand-holding, stationary hugging, and arm-wrapping…I felt…lonely. 😥

Oh, boo hoo. Pity party of ONE!  Hey, leave me alone (*der, I AM alone, dork!) to have me a pity party. Shit. No. I mean, shiiiit.

I’ll turn gangsta in my aloneness. 8)

My feelings passed quickly enough. Once I got home, I looked at my new, prized possession: My new knock-off Jimmy Choo bag.

😉  So, I guess I’m not so alone. I’ve got Jimmy.


The Real Mahala Bag. You can see the 2 diff. types of material used.

My Jimmy. It looks better in person, trust me. And the lining inside is tres nice. It's suede.

The real


$1,000 bucks.

My Jimmy:

$50. LOL!!!!!

Is it legal to blog about knock-offs?

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