My Cleanse

I have been bone dry for ideas for my blog lately. I don’t know why exactly but every time I’ve sat down to write something, I’ve abandoned it in my DRAFT pile…and so there they all sit. Hmm. Perhaps one day they’ll seem publish-worthy. Or maybe not.

So I made a comment about my “writer’s block” to my co-worker who also blogs and he asked me why I haven’t or don’t blog about the cleanse I’m doing. And my immediate response was, “Eh, I don’t want to turn my blog into a ‘follow me on my path to health’ sort of thing.” But really…my blog has always been about writing things that happen to me in my life and things that I do…so really–why not write about my cleanse?  It’s not a bad idea. So…thanks Chris. ^-^

It IS a major part of my life now. It has changed the way I spend my free time (I’m no longer hittin’ the bar after work to join people for a drink…nor going to a coffee shop for a chai tea latte and dessert…nor going out to eat at any ol’ restaurant with friends). Nope. I prepare  my meals the majority of time or I go out to eat at the super expensive salad bar restaurants in Seoul. And of course there’s BOOST Juice that serves up wheat grass. But, doing this cleanse has really changed the way I look at socializing with people. I used to equate socializing with eating out. Well, yes…it IS a social thing but honestly I have found so many other nice things to do with friends that don’t involve eating:

  1. Walking around our lovely town
  2. Inviting friends over to my place for HERBAL tea
  3. Going bowling—-does NOT require drinking a beer like most people think
  4. Going to the movies—-does NOT require buying the bucket of popcorn drenched in chemicals and fat (the fake sugar and liquid butter they use…eww)
  5. Practicing the flute with my flute buddy
  6. Hanging at friends’ places chatting—-does NOT require snacking on chips, etc
  7. Shopping 😀

So that’s plenty to keep me busy during my weeknights. And then on the weekends I stay on my plan by juicing for breakfast and then walking around the city a lot–even if I end up eating cooked vegan I don’t feel badly because it’s still pure food. I stick with basic staples…rice…lentils, fruits and veggies and VOILA! I am fed, healthy and don’t turn my body into a toxic dump which it then must clean-up.

Sorry if I’ve completely skipped over explaining what sort of cleanse I’m doing. Heehee 🙂

Buuuut, I suppose it’s okay for me to share:

I am doing a raw food cleanse. (((I’m imagining half of all readers closing my page’s tab right about now))) LOL.

It’s a common response. It’s an annoying, common response…but nonetheless…common.

I was a raw foodist back in 2002 for half of the year. It was the best time of my life. I was HIGH on LIFE. I was light. I was happy. I was ~~~hot~~~  SIZZLE. Yes…insert the sizzle sound. 😉

Raw fudge. Oh hell yeah. Raw does not mean carrot sticks and lettuce. Educate yourself! (Well, that's what I'm here for, right?)

That’s all for now. I will leave my interested readers longing for more. ‘Til then…dehydrate! blend!  juice!  😉

“Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.”  ~Elizabeth Berry

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