About GrassHopper Grrl

I like the word GRRL. I looks like the sound a lion would make right before it tears another animal to pieces. 😉 Well, not that I’m interested in tearing other people into pieces, but it’s nonetheless a powerful sound! And we women need more power in our lives. Amen to that!

I usually blog about random events that happen to me in my life that I feel the need to expunge from my mind. Because, once it’s out in the world wide web, I can release it from occupying my thoughts! I love how that works. 😀

I teach English as a second language to young learners. I meditate. I enjoy Googling things. I am perpetually tidying up my apartment. I’m interested in Oracles and Omens.

I love new subscribers! 😀
!~~~Have a terrific day~~~!


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