Sadness is like Yawning…It’s Contagious.

I have been in a sad sort of mood as of late.  Not to the POINT of NO RETURN or anything like that…just…sad.  If I try hard enough to pinpoint the exact time, date, and place of this newfound sadness, I would say it was 5 minutes after watching the documentary (which I have blogged about) The Day My God Died  and has continued on from there with little bits of depressing stories and news fueling my sad feeling flame.

I know part of my new “sadness problem” is that I’ve been “in my head” too much this past month.  But oh boy, I sure don’t know how to get out of there.  My head is the type of place where once I step foot inside, a captivating seductress grabs a hold of me and ties me to a chair where I’m charmed until I go mad.  Hrrmmmm.  Good analogy?  I’ll hafta think about that one some more.

I keep hearing about depressing stuff, though.  That’s the real contributing factor to my problem.  I need to go away to some place far, far away where I can only watch reruns of  Leave It To Beaver and The Wonder Years  for the rest of my days.  Ahhh, wouldn’t that be grand?  I’ll be a happy camper then, fer sure.  Sure, I *might* GO a little berserk…but that’s better than standing in line every month for my Cymbalta… 😕

I watched this video earlier today and thought, Wow…insomnia for –3– years. 😦 And then I remembered back to the saddest time in my life when I couldn’t sleep for –3– MONTHS.  Three months compared to three years.  When I think about all those nights I was laying awake in bed, not being able to sleep after having fallen into a deep, dark hole, and tormented by the types of thoughts that keep a person awake through the night, I felt two things:  1) I felt sad about the depressing news I keep hearing about and 2) I felt grateful to have conquered my own difficult life experience.  Life is no box of chocolates.  It’s more like a tool shed…filled with plenty of things that can cut you, disfigure you, cause you severe harm and pain, but is also filled with things that help you improve your situation and lot in life…things that you can use to create beauty and harmony in your life.

I really hope I start picking out those things again soon…and get back on my path to feeling God’s grace, blessings, and seeing all the wonder in our world…and not the ugliness.

“Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.”–Dale Carnegie

*ugh…I haven’t learned that trick yet, Carnegie…


August 15, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Nancy replied:

    You are so right about sadness. It can spread and it feeds on negativity. That’s why I try and stay away from negative news, and try and keep bad thoughts at bay. I long for the day when I can govern my mental attitude instead of it bossing me around!

  2. Rose Joy Exquisite replied:

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