Stolen and sold

You know, I’ve been feeling down on myself for the past few days.  Different little things have been on my mind and I’ve been feeling 1) partly sorry for myself, 2)  lonely , 3) frustrated by various life situations that have presented themselves to me as of late.

And then tonight I went to class and my professor showed a documentary about Human Trafficking and I feel rotten for even being the slightest bit disgruntled with my current life situation.  I highly recommend it: The Day My God Died.  Watch this documentary when you want to feel hopeless and miserable and convinced that our world has gone to the poo-hole.  I was stone-faced during its entire 70 minutes but walked out to my car just buzzing with pent up anger, emotions flooded me and about two minutes into my drive home, I cried.  And cried.  And cried.

The documentary looks at the child sex trade in India and Nepal.  It was filmed in –2003–. Can you believe that?!  Eight bloody years ago and I’m only now aware of it because my professor showed it in class.  Otherwise I would still be blind and dumb to the fact that INDIA is most likely the HUB of child sex slavery in the world. With a population of over A BILLION people, I suppose it makes sense just because of sheer numbers…

At this point, I am confused, frustrated, and wanting to go to a kickboxing class for a few hours.  Why are there so many sickos in our world, people?!  WHY!? These women (mostly YOUNG girls from 7-14 years old) are all contracting HIV and living horrid lives.  Is having an argument with my father significant AT ALL after watching a video like this?  Let’s think about our lives for just a minute and then realize that NOTHING is important when so many lives are being stolen and sold and then repeatedly tortured~~ for pennies.  The average “customer” pays only (US) $2.00 per RAPE.  Pathetic and sickening that other “human beings” <–and I am using those words SOOOOO loosely — can sexually enslave young girls and women IN THE 21st CENTURY and nobody can stop them?  What the hell is wrong with our world?  Anyone?? CAN ANYONE ENLIGHTEN ME, PLEASE?

I want to help them. is an organization that houses and rehabilitates the GIRLS if and when they are freed from their enslavement.  I send my utmost respect to Ms. Koirala.

I got this from…just to let y’all know that it isn’t all about the ladies anymore.

– Traffickers are … family members and friends of the trafficking victim. A six-year-old boy, Mohammad Mamun, was taken from his poor Bangladeshi parents by a neighbor, and ended up in a foreign desert land being exploited as a camel jockey. Mamun is one of hundreds of young Bangladeshi boys who are trafficked into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) either after being abducted or sold by impoverished parents to human traffickers.

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