…Back to the Gym :-o

I have finally taken it upon myself to go BACK TO THE GYM!!!! YAYAYAY! ((insert hoorahs and clapping sounds here)) :mrgreen:

I decided to go to the 24 Hour Fitness near my home since they have a special deal for students and well, that’d be me! Plus, it’s close (5 minute drive). Plus plus, they have a pool, etc., etc. (It’s very ooh la la).

My first time was yesterday. Now, *usually* the way it works is a fitness center will offer a person a “Free 7-day Pass,” right? 24 Hour was so packed yesterday when I went in at 10:30 a.m. that all five of its Membership Reps were helping other people. But, the girl at the front desk was really cool about it and said, “Well, go workout first and then come back and you can talk with someone.” 🙂 So, that’s what I did. However, when I was finished, all five of them were still swamped and talking with people AND there were more people waiting in line to speak with a Rep! ❗ I guess everyone else in the High Desert had the same thought as me, The time to start working out is: NOW! <—I suppose. 😕 So, instead of waiting around, I just walked out. 😆

Take Two: I went back today, earlier–a whole 30 minutes earlier. 😀 And well, there was only one Membership Rep and she was helping someone else so a different yet equally cool Front Desk gal told me to workout first and then go and talk with the Rep. Welllll, after my workout the Rep was on the phone and then started helping people who were waiting before me. Soooo, I said to the gal, “Welll, I’ll just come back tomorrow and talk with someone.” She smiled and said, “Sure!” while waving me on my merry way. So, off I went.

I am figuring that this scenario could potentially continue for a good month. HAHAHAHAHA 😆

Actually, I’m figuring that if I hadn’t even told the gals that I was there to speak with a Membership Rep, I could have just “slid by” between the people I was walking in with both times. 😆 Not that *I* would DO SUCH A THING!*!*!*!* Just sayin’.

On a more informative note…this 24 Hour has all the newest, fancy schmancy gym equipment around! I should take some pics…everything is very sleek and very 22nd Century! 😆

Being back in a co-ed, HUGE gym has brought on a slight feeling of culture shock, though. I had forgotten about all of the “buff dudes” who pump iron for hours and waddle around the gym with their duck gaits. Before going to Korea I’d had a membership at Total Women Gym and Day Spa for years…so being around so many guys while working out is kind of trippy. Just different, I s’pose. And my gyms in Korea were always really old, (but cheap!) dilapidated places where only elderly people and I would work out. 😆

I shall see. I suppose I’ll go back tomorrow and see what happens.

“I think I might skip the gym membership and buy a Bosu Ball.” –Yours Truly *^_^*


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