Attack of the Geese

I thought I would be adventurous and walk around the OTHER side of the lake for my morning walk. WELL. That wasn’t the best idea I’ve had in recent days…

So, I’m walking along this street, funny enough named Sea Gull Drive… 🙂 …and it’s a cul-de-sac and I can see that I’m nearing the end of it and at the end, I can see the glimmery, shimmery lake in front of me with two houses framing my view of the lake. And what else do I see? A totally random goose standing in the middle of the street. Just chillin’. 😛 (There is a huge gaggle of Canadian geese that lives on the golf course and the lake…maybe 40 geese?)

Here are some of them! They're aggressive!

So, yah. These geese are NUTS and scarier than stray, foaming-at-the-mouth dogs. I mean, I’ve had mini-encounters with them before but never as scary as the attack I survived today. WHAT CAN I SAY!? I need a treadmill ’cause I can’t be risking my life walking these streets anymore. HAHA

So getting back to the chillin’ goose. She was just like, la, la, laaaaa… enjoying life an’ all. I thought she was the cutest thing ever. Then I saw two more geese standing on the driveway of the house on the right. And so I whipped out my camera phone to snap a shot to send to my sister. 😀 One of the driveway ganders let out a loud horn honking noise and I was concerned that he was giving me a get lost, pork chop warning…but I kept snapping away, smiling and enjoying the moment. There I was in the middle of Sea Gull Drive’s cul-de-sac with a few geese on a beautiful, clear-skied, breezy February morning. Life was grand, right?

Wellllll, as I was snapping shots of the geese just hangin’ out, all of a sudden about five more geese CHARGED toward me squawking, flailing their wings all about, opening their mouths for a nice bite! OH! They came from the other house’s driveway at my left!!! AAAAACK! I hadn’t even noticed them. 😯 So, I obviously screamed and started running down the street turning back around frequently to make sure the birds weren’t keeping chase. One was! I’m sure it was the head gander who wanted me dead. But, I continued to scream and run down the street. Whew. Close one. I survived yet another near death situation. 😉 Ay yie yieeeee.

So I decided to do my research before writing my little goose incident blog. Turns out:

  • Geese are territorial animals, especially during nesting season (SPRINGTIME!!!!!=NOW!!!!), when reports of goose attacks increase.
  • The male goose is protecting the female and the nest from perceived threats.  NO DOY.
  • If the gander sounds a warning, that is your signal to leave the area. HAHAHA…would have been good to know…
  • Maintain eye contact. Geese have excellent vision and interpret loss of eye contact as an act of fear.
  • Stay calm. Don’t yell or try to hit the male goose. The female may join the attack and then you will be in real trouble.
  • Keep your body facing directly toward the goose. Never turn your back on an attacking goose. Unless of course you’re CT and a super fast runner 😛 —or just lucky as heck to get away without a flying attack being brought upon you. 😀
  • Walk backward slowly if the goose hisses at you or spreads its wings. Or just run like the wind screaming your heads off, peeps!!!

So that’s your Geese Lesson for the day, y’all! To all of my fellow people around the planet who live near geese…stay safe this nesting season! Watch out! Those geese are kuh—-ray—–zeeeeee! 🙂

Here’s a good one 😀

“If you feel the urge, don’t be afraid to go on a wild goose chase. What do you think wild geese are for anyway? –Will Rogers

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