Christian Music Encourages Action!

Someone stole my car’s antenna (again–this is the 3rd time…) and so now I only have access to TWO radio stations when I’m driving around the High Desert (among the mountains). I have access to SOS, a Christian Religious station and I have access to K-OLA…a Spanish station that has only ever been playing mariachi music when I flip between the two. Well, anyone who KNOWS me knows that I have little tolerance for mariachi music. I have about a one-minute window to listen to it before my nerves are shot and I get a headache and have a mini-breakdown. I don’t know if it’s the trumpets…or the vihuelas (high-pitched, five-string guitars) or the combination of them plus violins plus guitars or the rhythm or the melody or the costumes the musicians wear…me no likey. Anyway, I digress. 😉

My point in sharing all of this with you is that my father, dear father…had told me weeks ago that he and his friend were going to fix/replace my antenna so that I may once again have full access to a plethora of radio stations for my listening enjoyment. 😀 Wellllllll, how many days have passed with no action/repairs happening? Uh-huh. Lots. Lots of days. And I’m impatient. Duh. I would like to be patient. I think it would be really keen to be a chillax, patient individual. That’s why I go to meditation class. That’s why I wear a rosary bracelet most days…I need all the extra help I can get in the “CALMNESS DEPARTMENT.”

I think I have been über patient. But the truth is that I really like the Christian station! So I don’t mind having NO access to other stations. Oh ma garsh! I’m becoming a total Christian Rock freak! WHOOOOO! I just love my new bands and singers. And this Christian station is worse than the Top-40 radio stations in that they play the SAME 15-20 songs over and over again (instead of the same 40 🙂 ) so I have already memorized the lyrics to so many songs. 😉 Oh yah. WHAT can I say? So, not only have I been singing them around the house but I’ve also changed our radios’ dials to SOS Radio Station!                               heh heh  <—evil laugh. (innocent, sweet, smiling face inserted here.) (FYI: My dad tortures me by having the radio on 24/7 in our den…sooooooo I took the liberty of changing it to SOS.) 😉 Annnnnnd, he and his friend started the job of replacing my antenna a week ago but then didn’t finish the job so now I have a hole (that you can stick your finger in and reach into my trunk) where there used to be a metal base for an antenna…grrrr. 😡

Tonight at dinner we were eating and in between conversation bits, he noticed the group on the radio was singing something along the lines of ” Oh, Jesus…Jesus You Save! You Saaaaave, You Saaaaave!!!” and he looked at me with the MOST PRICELESS expression on his face (think confused meets hard-of-hearing meets lost meets angry) and asked me if I set the radio to a “religious” station. ❗ ❗ ❗ First of all, it should be noted that I changed the radio station to SOS, like, a week ago…SECOND, it was frickin’ hysterical (you hafta know my dad) so I busted out laughing (my mouth full of food) and I said, “Why, yes, puh-pa…I have indeed changed it.” LOL. LOL. LOL.

He asked me where/how/when I found out about the station and I matter-of-factly informed him that it was one of only TWO stations that I still got reception for in my car nowadays (sans antenna).

This morning I woke up, walked downstairs and was greeted by this note:

WHA HA HA HAAAAAA! YESSSSS! I *KNEW* I would be getting an antenna today. 😛

Love :mrgreen: it!

Thanks, SOS! You're SUPER DUPER!

“Nah…I can get my dad to do anything I want. All I have to do is walk around the house singing songs about Jesus’ Saving Grace and he gets scared and becomes putty in my hands.” –Yours truly!!!  😛

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  1. Melissa replied:

    LOL!!! How funny!!! Cute Story!!! ;-P

  2. Osea replied:



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