Jogging Dangers

I have been going for a morning jog since I officially moved into my dad’s house because his neighborhood is LOVELY and such a joy to jog around. 🙂 I usually switch up my route since I don’t want any possible stalkers to start following me. Right? I believe I have touched upon the subject of me being a desirable target of stalkers in another blog. Yes, I did and you can read all about it HERE!!! 😛

The other day I was jogging but then felt fatigued, so I started speed walking to “take a break.” 😉 WELL. LUCKILY I decided to do that. And LUCKILY I was in a peaceful state of mind jamming out to some Kenny Rogers. Oh yah. I was listening to his song, Lady, and was singing softly along with Kenny when all of a sudden a CRAZED, ugly, ferocious, nutjob dog popped out of nowhere from behind me and was growling and jumping all around. It was *kind of* humorous seeing it jumping up and down on all fours, actually. Imagine a dog on a trampoline who has all of its knees locked in a straight leg. But the dog wasn’t that funny since he was snarling at me and just loco in the head.

I’m just so thankful I had stopped jogging! Imagine…me jogging…the nutty dog seeing me and then chasing me down the street! It probably would have pounced on my back and taken a chunk of flesh out of my neck. Jeez Louise. Needless to say, I have NOT gone down that street since the incident…and I was fuming when its owner was nowhere to be found <of course>. So, I was standing in the street (there aren’t sidewalks on many of the residential streets in my neighborhood) with my arms up in the air for a good 3-4 minutes…just waiting for it to get scared enough and go away from me. But, it kept on keepin’ on jumping and growling at me. Grrrr. So, I started yelling my best “RRRRAAAAAWWWWWRRRR!” at it.  After I did that a couple of times, it started jumping (on all fours) BACKWARD (LOL) to a yard behind it. La la laaaaa. Good times. Good times.

Thank goodness I have an aunt who told me (when I was a little girl) that if a crazed dog (actually I think she said Wolf–she was a backpacker :)) should ever start running toward me, I should SHOOT up my hands in a HOLD IT!/bad guy got caught position to make myself look bigger than I am to scare the dog/wolf. 🙂 WELLLLLL, her words came right back to the front of my mind  and I SHOT UP my hands and gave the dog “my eye.” Oh yah. You don’t want to get the CT eye. If you get it, you’ll turn the other way. 😉 Heh heh. Watch out dogs and people alike! 😛 And by golly…it worked. Whew. (Wiping sweat from my brow.)

Sort of like this lil’ guy…but without the smile on my face. And my arms were straighter and I was leaning forward at  my waist a bit…to give you a good visual. 😉

Head level! Look fierce! Arms straight! C'mon lil' guy--scare the dog!

I am so grateful that I got out of that situation alive and without blood spilled. So anyway, if you ever find yourself in a terrible situation like that…remember::: HANDS UP! LOOK FIERCE! BE READY TO ATTACK!

Don’t be scared in siutations like that. Just remember what the great Martin Luther King, Jr. once said…

“We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.” Amen. Amen.


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  1. Nancy Lytle replied:

    Fast thinking and smart thinking. When approached like that by a dog or bear or whatever, look BIG, look MEAN, and maybe a little crazy (although that might look better with people.)

    Oh my god! I just described how I go around in everyday life. My weight is my big, my anger is my mean, and well, my crazy is my crazy. So my life is based on seeing everything/one else as something to be afraid of!
    I’ll need to think on this one.

    Keep taking car of yourself, Celeste.


  2. Sher replied:

    Ah…hahahahaha. Visuals visuals visuals.

    Too bad (or is it?!) you guys don’t have a guard dog you could take with you on your morning walks/jogs and most likely runs in the future.

  3. Hundförsvar replied:

    You should get yourself a Dog Defense spray to protect yourself 🙂

  4. Lynn replied:

    Now the neighbors on that street think you are loco.

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