My old housemates used to listen to Garrison Keillor on public radio each Sunday morning (“A Prairie Home Companion”) while eating their gourmet breakfasts that they would prepare with great chef-like talent. I would come in from my morning run and grab a yogurt and fruit and watch them as they whipped up quiches, souffles, perfectly fried bacon and omelets, fancy COOKS-inspired french toast dusted with powdered sugar (made with morning fresh bakery bread…ahhh). And I would inhale the scent of their freshly brewed gourmet coffees from around the world. They sure did know how to appreciate the finer things in life. I’d be softly dipping my spoon into my soy yogurt cup, politely declining their offer to eat a side of a pig with them…even though it smelled suh good. 😛

So, I have them to thank for many things…expanding my horizon…teaching me about good food…not “Good/HEALTHY” food but fine foods…(they were Gelson’s shoppers…need I say more?) and I also have them to thank for Garrison Keillor. I wasn’t familiar with his show before I moved in with them  in 2003.  On Sundays when I didn’t have other plans, I would hang out around the breakfast table with them and listen to Garrison tell his Lake Wobegon stories. He’s a great storyteller and his delivery is perfect for his genre of stories (humor meets sarcasm). I bought his book Pontoon because of its opening line:  “Evelyn was an insomniac so when they say she died in her sleep, you have to question that.” Heehee. Witty, right?  I would recommend you to listen to one of his radio shows before reading any of his books, though. You have to be able to hear his voice, style and delivery…

But the book was a major disappointment and lacked focus, in my humble (oh-so-humble) opinion…I literally thumbed through the last few chapters since they seemed like they were just “filler” to make a whole book. He should have just stuck with a short story about Evelyn’s death. Instead, he starts talking about another character who’s getting married (perhaps as a way to show symmetry between life ending and two lives joining and beginning together?)  Dunno…I’m not a book critic. Eh. All I know is that I’m disappointed! I was expecting much more Garrison humor and really there are only bits and pieces sprinkled randomly throughout the book.

Another good line that is worth mentioning, though: “I do not wish to be embalmed and stuck in the ground to rot. I wish my ashes to be placed in the green bowling ball that Raoul also gave me, which somebody can hollow out (I’m told) and then seal it up and I would like the ball to be dropped into Lake Wobegon off Rocky Point where Jack and I used to fish for crappies back years ago when we were getting along.”

See…now why couldn’t the whole book be that enjoyable? Who knows. Perhaps all of those isolated lines from the story won’t mean much to you…I just think they’re well-written and entertaining.

There's the famous bowling ball! 😛

Even if you’re a Garrison Keillor fan…mmm…I wouldn’t strongly recommend this book as a MUST-READ! If you’ve got plenty of free time on your hands and you’re a fast reader…then by all means! Read it. 🙂 But if it’s between Keillor’s book and another book you’ve heard good reviews about, well… that’d be a no-brainer. 😛

“If you read a lot of books you are considered well read. But if you watch a lot of TV you’re not considered well viewed. —Lily Tomlin 🙂


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