Bug Bites! Somebody Help Me!!#$%^&*

I have been working on another blog for a few days now. It’s my “Miss List Korea” blog and it will be finished soon. I was just typing out some things I’ll miss about Korea…and then…my bloody bug bites started itching me like mad crazy again. Now…here’s the deal: I got these bug bites back in August.




I know.

August 2010.

Right? I know. It’s nearly January 2011. Yes.

Bit in August.









Sooooo…I think me needs to go to another doctor and get them checked out. I mean…welllll…they had itched me insanely, insanely crazy to the point where I drew blood, caused scarring and nearly disfigured my ankles…oh yes–the pesky bites are located on my feet and ankles. But the peskiest bites are located on the BACK of my right ankle. I have two bites there. They still act up. Usually they will start itching terribly, terribly awfully every evening. Well, I have had a reprieve from the discomfort for a few days here and there. And each time I have thought…maybe just maybe I was done with the itching and scratching and application of anti-itch steroid creams…but no. They’ve never stopped itching permanently. 😕

Tonight I’ve applied gobs of anti-itch cream and have been scratching at these two particular bites. I seriously am considering doing a mini-home operation and cutting off a thick chunk of my ankle, hoping the bites and the leftover saliva that’s been floating around in there  for four bloody months will be removed along with my flesh. *&@!%@*&!^*(!&*!

Honestly, nobody knows what I’m going through.  Because this is a highly rare case of bug bites where some THING has bitten me and well…this insect was obviously other-worldly. All I know is that I do not (Alleluia) have scabies…whew. Could you imagine? Ick. Ick. Ick. But the bites are so terrible, really. I promised to say 500 (I think that was the number) Hail Marys…that’s how bad the itching was back in September. Ice-cream worked wonders to quell the mad, mad itchiness…but then I felt sticky afterward. So, that was eh~~I was given two different creams by my dermatologist…they have barely given me any relief. 😦 What’s a gal to do? Suffer.

And suffer I have. Probably because I haven’t held up my promise and said 500 Hail Marys yet. I’ve got at least 275 more to go.

Enough is enough!

I must get to the bottom of these bites. ❗

My creams don’t help that much. 😦  Anyone? Thoughts on the matter? 🙂

“Men should stop fighting among themselves and start fighting insects.”–Luther Burbank

(Once again…THE perfect quote…I know…I know!)


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  1. Melissa replied:

    When did you get the bites?

    Where were you sleeping?

    Do you get more and do these bites move or have they been in the same spot?!?

    Google Bed Bugs.

    I had bed bugs one time and yes they itch REALLY BAD and it doesn’t stop. You must go to the doctor for that. You also will want to wash all your bedding and thing and there is a whole process. Keep you things out of your house till you know.

    You may have gotten the bites from a friends house or hotel stay.

    Hope this helps.

    • grasshoppergrrl replied:

      Thanks for your concern, Lissa. It’s not bed bugs. Yep, I Googled them…I just felt a stinging burn on my ankles one day while I was waiting for a bus near my apt. in Dongtan and then starting itching like MAD crazy while ON the bus… =/

  2. Osea replied:

    I want to know WHAT THE HECK COULD STICK WITH YOU THAT LONG???? Could animal/insect dander/saliva/poison last that long? What do the doctors say?

    Ouch. Campho Phenique?

    May this new year (you’ve already begun) find your itch gone!

    • grasshoppergrrl replied:

      I know, right!? Terrible!! I haven’t gone to the doc’s yet. My dad said that there are scary critters out there whose poison, etc DOES last a long a** time…sighhhh. But thankfully the itching hasn’t been too unbearable the past couple of days…whew. I’ll pick-up some campho phenique, anyway! Thanks!

  3. Lena replied:

    still suffering from those bites? Perhaps going to see the dermi there would be a good idea~

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