Hot damn! 85 views!

It’s a new record! Whooooo. Wow. And I haven’t even blogged in umpteen days. Wowza.

Yesterday 85 people came to my blog page. AND 33 of those people were referred to my blog through their Internet searches…and WordPress tells me what people type in to the search box that prompts them to come to my blog. Well, one person typed in “Chicken in Farm.” All I’m wondering is what the heck I blogged about that is anywhere close to that?!?! Whaaa?? Anyway, I shouldn’t care because that person helped bump up my “number of views” to 85 times yesterday!!! YAYAYAYAYAY

Heh Heh. My blog’s famous now.

We love this blog!(Some of my happy readers)^-^

November 18, 2010. Tags: , , . Uncategorized. 2 comments.