I’ll Buy it When I Buy it.

I have been coveting a fake Chanel wallet ever since a friend of mine pulled hers out of her purse  a month ago, unzipped it and I saw the hot pink lining inside looking flashy and sassy. 🙂

So, I asked her where she bought it and when I went hunting for it in Songtan I was miffed at the price I was being quoted. She told me that she bought hers for 30,000 won (or maybe 40…she couldn’t remember) but when *I* asked four different saleswomen at four different bag shops for the price, I was told 70,000 won. And not one of them budged from that price. No bueno. I will NOT be ripped off when buying a knock-off!

Mmm. I don't even like the exterior THAT much. I LOOOVE the inside though. Hot pink!

When I was in I-town a month ago I was quoted 30,000 won. Now they’re all mysteriously 55-70,000 won??? But SUPPOSEDLY there are Chinese-made knock-offs and KOREAN-made knock-offs. And *of course* the touted Korean replicas are heaps more than the Chinese ones. Whatevs. I just want me a cheapo fake that I can use for a while until I get bored with it or until it falls apart (whichever comes first). Supposedly the I-town and Dongdaemun ones are Chinese and the Songtan ones are Korean. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Seriously, *MY* eye cannot distinguish between the two. And the salespeople all insist the Korean ones are made with REAL LAMBSKIN. Let me ask you, if I’m buying a replica, a cheapo knock-off…do you think I’m interested in it being REAL LAMBSKIN!?!?  Ummm. No. I’m not.

Two weeks ago I was shopping in Dongdaemun and ended up making the mistake of asking a salesman if he had fake Chanel and he whisked me to the back of his large cubicle inside the gi-normous HELLO A.M! store…yah, I think it’s the old DOOTA building…because I don’t recall seeing the DOOTA sign over there anymore. Anyhoo, what this gi-normous building is is floor after floor of STUFF. The 1st and 2nd floors have women’s clothing. And they’re all small, little cubicles with tons of clothes to sell. I should have taken pictures but I didn’t. Sorry. The 3rd and 4th floors are men’s clothing. The 5th floor is accessories (imagine jewelry and lots of it) and the 6th floor is more accessories (hats, hats, hats) and the 7th floor is BAGS.  So, when I arrived on the 7th floor and saw handbags, wallets, purses, and backpacks I immediately thought about my knock-off Chanel wallet.

So, yes…when I arrived on the 7th floor, I looked at a salesman and his eyes glimmered and I thought, Oh, hot damn I’ve hit the jackpot. Because the Songtan ladies told me that I’d have to go to Dongdaemun for the “cheap” ones and there I was. And the salesman, Hwan-Seok (yes, I got his name) gave me a magazine to look at filled with alllllll of the designer replicas one could imagine. I asked him about my wallet and he scurried to a cupboard, pulled out a carry-on sized suitcase, popped it open and showed me all of his wallets. Well, he most definitely had THAT Chanel wallet…the one with the hot pink interior. But he told me it was 70,000 won, too!  WTH!?  I smiled and politely replied in Korean, “Oh, no. No. No.”  He looked at me and asked how much I wanted to pay. I told him 35,000 won. He was taken aback and exclaimed (in English), “Aiyie! Is China! This not China!” And I told him in Korean that I was perfectly OK with having a Chinese-made wallet and he said he didn’t have them. But, we went back and forth  for about 15-20 minutes. Which, when trying to negotiate a price of a stupid wallet is a long time. And after my shopping buddy got bored with our back-and-forth bartering and walked away…(my Korean realllly shines when I’m in a shopping situation and I’m trying to get a bargain…I can BRING IT!) he told me (in Korean), “Okay, okay. You get the pretty girl discount. Final price. Final price. 48,000 won.” And oooh, I thought it was pretty close to my desired price of 35,000 won but then I realized that paying 35,000 won for the wallet would be lame anyway. I didn’t like it that much.  It’s OK. Personally, I like to use wallets that are green, gold, red, or purple—all good prosperity colors. All feng shui experts will tell you to steer clear of wallets in other colors.

And while I had been searching for the bargain-priced knock-off Chanel wallet, I had seen a replica Louis Vuitton wallet in purple. So, if I ever buy one of those  replica wallets, I should get that one instead.

The inside is very nicely compartmentalized, too.

All in all, my wallet shopping has taught me: impulse buying is for the young and the shopaholics. I’m proud of  myself for holding out until I feel just right about the purchase. 😉

“I’ll buy it when I buy it.” —C.T 😛

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  1. Jill replied:

    That is insane! I definitely didn’t pay more than 40,000 for mine. I am impressed with your bartering skillz, not to mention your self-control! But hey, if you don’t absolutely LURVE it… =P

  2. Sher replied:

    Wellllll, I can’t really chime in on this one. To THIS day I regret not getting that Coach purse I saw in Macys (Uh huh–@Towne Center/Simi). It’s like 90 dollars MORE now (on eBay LoLLL) than it was when I first fell in love with in in the display case @ Macy’s. It’s the ONLY Coach purse I felt I HAVE to have…*sigh*
    I say if you would have REALLY wanted it you would have bought it!!
    No regrets, Taylor!

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