Not enough!

Hello everyone! 🙂  I think I might turn into a food blogger. Mmm. Not really. It’s a take-it-while-you-can-get-it with me!!

I am feeling compelled to write about the DUBAI RESTAURANT in Itaewon because my friend and I went last month and I started thinking again  about vegetarian/vegan options in Korea and well…the Dubai Restaurant serves some veg fare but more specifically… FALAFEL. ((I’m hearing the oooohs and aaahhhhhs now))

My friend and I had looped Itaewon’s main drag, like, six times…because we started out walking without a purpose and then we would come up with a destination which undoubtedly every time would require us to walk back in the opposite direction. Gotta love it!  But, we had a good time. ^^  Yes, it was an enjoyable day.

My friend is a strict, unwavering vegan. So, I had gone to Itaewon with her to specifically get FALAFEL. I’ve met heaps of people in Korea this year who seem to be nutty about FALAFEL (and yes, I have to use all capital letters when typing it out EVERY TIME!) 😛

Falafels are made with chickpeas and/or fava beans and other mediterranean ingredients. I, unfortunately had a traumatic experience with a ‘do-it-yourself FALAFEL home kit’ that came with some ground up powder (I’m presuming ground chickpeas??) and spices which I then added water to, made a gooey paste and then deep fried. I ate approximately  nine  blobs (not balls) one sunny Saturday back in college. I almost puked. The  flavors compounded in my mouth, I got a BAAAD headache and then I felt SOOOOO sick. 😳 It traumatized me so badly that I have not been able to eat another FALAFEL since then.

But, fast forward (cough, cough) years…Let’s just say P L  E  N  T  Y of time has passed since then. So, my friend and I had been walking up and down the street all afternoon working up our appetites when we finally decided: it was time to eat! So, I took her to the only place that I knew served FALAFEL. And jeez, it was like, 10,000 won for some frickin’ FALAFELS (three, I think). Whatevs. Not worth it AT ALL I.M.H.O. It’s a little fast-foody type of place. Not comfortable to sit down and relax in…no atmosphere. loud. drafty. If I’m going to pay that much for food, please give me some nice surroundings. piped in music?  a plush chair?  HAHAHA  That’s what I’ve come to expect in Korea! C’mon!!! But she’d had her craving for MONTHS  she said. It was the whole reason she and I trekked over to I-town…

I told her that it was a ripoff and that we could find a better place.

La la laaaaaa

Sometimes I need to NOT be my father’s daughter and just pay the price. 😛

And so we walked down the street again ……… and then back up, going to all of the restaurants that I thought might serve them. To  our surprise…FALAFELS are harder to come by than one would think!  *Der!

Anyhoo, I eventually noticed  the DUBAI RESTAURANT (which was practically right across the street from the fast foody place). ((hooray)) 🙄

The food there is fine. Their food quality  is not my issue. They serve FALAFEL! Yay. And they offer a lovely dining experience. The atmosphere is romantic in a Middle Eastern way and it’s up on the second floor away from the noise, etc. And the bathroom is nice. ^^ That’s always important.  The men who work there are attractive. Another plus.

Alas, they were charging 9,000 won for their FALAFEL. Err… OK, fine, I gave in. FALAFELS  are not cheap in Korea. Fine.

Their FALAFEL plate came with five  balls  (but they gave us six  since we told them we were splitting the dish and I smiled sweetly at the server guy) 😉 But they were SMALL BALLS! 😦 Me no like small balls.

And then we ordered an appetizer platter of hummus, baba ganoush and a yogurt (for 9,000 won I THINK). Well, their baba ganoush has yogurt in it which sucked for my friend…she could only have the hummus. And the plate that they serve these dips on is suuuuper small. We were ravenous. Not enough!!! We ordered an extra serving of hummus (6,000???) to share… plus one pita each at 1,000 won each.

So, our little “snack” was 13,000 won each…for not enough food!! 😦

I won’t go back to “Dubai Restaurant” for the FALAFEL that’s fer sure. As an aside: Their other dishes seemed much more standard in portion sizes, though.

“….octagonal plates and silver domes….conceal the minute portions of food in snooty restaurants run by egomaniac chefs.–John    Mortimer, in Introduction to ‘Rumpole’ (1994)

P.S. Since it’s not a terrible restaurant by any means…here’s the info:  Go out Exit 3 of I-town (Itaewon Station) and walk straight. It’ll be on your right before you get to the street crossing. I *think* it’s right before the Dunkin Donuts (or above it?)… 02-798-9277. They speak English!

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