The Hotline Lady

Grrrr…. grrr  (that’d be my throat sounding like a tiger ready to attack).

I had to call the Tourist/Foreigner ***HELP** Line  again this past week. 031-1330. That is the number for Gyeonggi. If you’re in Seoul, you’d dial 02-1330. The darling over at the Seoul office is a sweetheart and I love her dearly. The new lady  in Gyeonggi SUCKS. The gal who used to work there (who used to be my #1 Go-to Grrl) must have been promoted for such excellent work. She was SUPER DOO-PER. 🙂  The lady who replaced her needs to find herself another job. She is SO un-helpful. She has given me wrong information three times and basically told me once to stop calling that line for “everyday life” questions. WELL. I’m sorry, but if I don’t know what effing bus to take to get from point A–> to B then I will be calling your  number, Madame Attitude. What EXACTLY is it that you get paid for?!

I would call the SEOUL line but the past five or six times I’ve called with a question that didn’t pertain to SEOUL …they told me that I need to call the Gyeonggi line. 😦

This new lady knows my voice (I know she does!). One time I called to ask about another bus that goes to YoungTong. I knew the general area that I was going to but wanted to call the HELPINE to see about getting more specific directions. Well, she told me it would take me two(2!) hours to get there and that I would have to transfer buses TWICE. Well.      I thanked her… (for what?  wasting my time and my cell phone minutes?) and then I just followed my hunch and got on ONE bus and got there in 20 minutes. Good Lord. This lady  needs to find another job. Another time I asked about movie times and movies that would be playing in English at my local theater and she matter-of-factly (and quite rudely) said, “There aren’t any movies in English.” Now. There is a nice way and a RUDE  way to say things. She could have easily said, “There doesn’t seem to be a movie playing in English at the moment. Is there anything else I could help you with?” Gee that has such a nice feel/vibe to it.  This lady has NEVER said her name when she answers the line. No shocker there. I’m sure people would be complaining left, right and center about her.

A couple days ago, she infuriated me so much. Oh, I was LIVID. First of all, I was standing on the wrong side of the street trying to catch a bus in Osan to go back to Dongtan. This particular bus doesn’t make a loop, it just goes along one side of the street and wraps around cities in that way. I had a feeling that was the situation so after waiting 25 minutes for the bus to come around my way, I decided to call the hotline. But, it’s ALWAYS HER who answers. The same lady who needs to be FIRED. 👿 Grrrrrr

Anyway, I asked her, I’m in Osan…blah blah blah…does Bus 707 go down BOTH sides of the street???? I’m at the __fill in the blank__ bus stop. I’ve seen it pass by on the other side of the street but it hasn’t come along on *my* side of the street and it’s already been 25 minutes. Could you please look on the Internet and check it out for me?

So, she said…(in her UNfriendly way): What’s the name of the stop? ((I had already told her. But, I repeated it))  Yes, yes. Sure it does. Why not? Why wouldn’t it?  That bus only comes every 20 to 25 minutes. Wait. OK?

That was the end of THAT phone call.

GRRRRRRR. Ooh, I felt my blood starting to  boil at that point. ❗

So, I waited another 20 minutes and saw another 707 pass by on the OPPOSITE side of the street. Then I realized: the bus wouldn’t be coming along on my side of the street and she had given me wrong information ONCE AGAIN.  I’d been at the bus stop in my short-sleeved shirt and a skirt waiting in the newly cold, autumn day for 45 minutes at that point. ❗ 😡 ❗

After I saw the second 707, I started running down the street to follow it. After I’d simply turned the corner, I realized I’d been standing on a completely different street than I thought I was standing on…(gotta love Korea’s homogeneity in building styles and street layouts =Dunkin Donuts, vet clinic, Paris Baguette, shoe store, pharmacy, GS25, women’s clothing store, Baskin Robbins…rinse and repeat), I ran with the determination of getting myself  HOME.  Irritated with having to wait nearly an hour for my bus…I was officially fit to be tied. So, I called my mom and spilled my guts and she let me vent and rant and rave and then calmed me down like all good moms do. ^-^ ((Thanks, maman!))

And then my bus came along and I got on it. Once I got off of the phone with my mom I finished my book. I started crying at the end of Amy Tan’s JOY LUCK CLUB (but I cried at the end of the movie, too) and after I had a mini-release on the bus I realized I was still furiously mad at the Helpline lady.

Obviously, this stems much further than today and a crappy bus experience. Oooh, she’s had it coming from me for SOME TIME NOW. So, I decided I was going to call her, chew her out  and hopefully feel better afterward. 😀

I got off of the bus and my whole body was tingling. You know…almost like when your foot falls asleep, or this one time in my Beginning Singing Class when I had to give a solo in front of the advanced class and my WHOLE body went numb from my neck down. 😦

But I could feel the energy. I wanted to run. I wanted to scream. I had so much ickiness built up inside of me. I knew that I needed to release it. So, I re-dialed 031-1330. (((bling, bling!! bling, bling!!)))  The phone rang and I was transferred to the English-speaking Attitude Lady.

CT:  Hello?? Yes. I’m still standing at the bus stop for 707. It still hasn’t come by on this side of the street. You know, I don’t know why you told me the bus would come along on my side of the street when it hasn’t and it won’t. I don’t know why you are giving me the wrong information.  Foreigners in this country need this line to help us out sometimes. I don’t think you should have this job!


And I hung up on her. She didn’t get to say a word other than, Tourist Helpline...And I felt SLIGHTLY better after spewing out my tirade.

And I thought…Hmm. I think I’m going to call back later and start regularly harassing her. 😛 I think I am going to harass her until she quits and then they get someone who can do a proper job. 😡 Good idea, don’tcha think? 😉

ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!! Get this!!!!:

I walked home from the bus in 10 minutes. I was in my apartment getting ready to rally some other waygook (foreigner) troops here who would want to help me out with my harassment idea (the more, the merrier, right?) when WOULDN’T YOU KNOW


Oh snap!

((I wondered if my phone number showed up when I called! LOL  LOL))

And I quote (punctuation, spelling and all):

“We’re really sorry for that. I was looking for 707 (ansan city; there’re four 707s) the area U was waiting 4 is one-way bus line. U move to osan St way. Really sorry.”

And I got a great, big belly laugh out of that one. 😉


I affected her.

She took all that time to send me a message. I’d say Mission: Accomplished! 😀

Heehee ^-^

Don’t mess with CT, peeps.

I, of course, found some good quotes to go along with this blog ^-^

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” —-Oscar Wilde

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.” —Drew Carey

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  1. Jill replied:

    You are *officially* my hero for calling back and yelling at her. ::bows down to the might CT!::

  2. dallas replied:

    yay! good job celester! you tell her whose boss.

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