Vampire Girl (not Grrl!)

I s’pose I’m “off of” the Naming Your Day thing. It was fun while it lasted. It’s just that I haven’t named my days for so long. Gee, how long has it been? I’ll have to think back so far. Too tiring. Won’t do it. 😀  I like how I’m talking and thinking in choppy, mini sentences. I’ve been reading Amy Tan’s JOY LUCK CLUB and I LOVE her writing. When she writes in broken English, I can literally  hear an American- Chinese immigrant  woman in my head. It’s a super book (and the movie is fab, as well).

Anyhoo…I haven’t blogged in a bit but I am ONCE AGAIN motivated to blog after encountering a strange soul walking our earth. 😉

I was on the bus yesterday coming home from Seoul when a girl got on the Express Bus I take to get home. It’s a bus that goes fairly directly from Seoul to Dongtan so when someone  odd/creepy/scary/strange gets on, I usually start praying that the person doesn’t sit next to me for the 40-ish minute ride. heh heh

Welllll, this girl got on the not-so-full bus, looked me DEAD in the eye and then thankfully chose the seat on the other side of the bus. Whew. Close one. I’ve never actually counted how many rows of seats there are on those buses but they go 2×2. So, there are two seats together on one side of the bus with an aisle in between another set of two seats. So, I was sitting on one side of the aisle and she sat on the other side of the aisle directly across from  me.  I kept looking over at her though because she looked like a vampire. A real, human vampire. Well, not human I guess. 🙂

Ooh, her eyes were so creepy: Sharp half moons that were reddish with a yellow glow.  And her incisor teeth were so sharp and pointy and her skin was pure white with a gray dull to it. I’m SURE she was an actual vampire.

I am going to start keeping track of how many interesting individuals (wink, wink–I’m P.C!!!)  I see during my days. It’s a good way to pass the time.

On another more annoying note: I’ve been realizing that my hair is falling out at warp speed these days. Hmmmm. Remember my Female Pattern Baldness blog back 8-ish months ago???  WELLLLLL. It might be time to re-visit the issue. Even my MALE co-worker approached me today and told me he’s been finding heaps of hairs on his pillow every morning. I nodded in agreement. Just this morning I was noticing the dozens of hairs scattered over my pillowcase AND my sheet under my head. I am going to look into some sleeping bonnets or something. Can’t go on losing this much hair. Sheesh Lousie Parker. JEEZ. What is up? I think it’s the crappy water or ???  I’ll blame it on the water quality for now and once I figure something else out, I’ll recant it and let the water off the hook. But for now, I am pegging the water.

“A hair in the head is worth two in the brush.”  ~Oliver Herford


Mmm. I will count the hairs I lose tomorrow before I let myself freak out about this.

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  1. dallas replied:

    hey I talked to someone about thinning hair and she said it was because of stress and moving to a new country… or it is genetic

  2. Sher replied:

    It’s probably from straightening your hair w/your flat iron…

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