Spooky Day

My day has recently begun but already I feel the need to name it. It’s SPOOKY DAY because:

OK. Wait. Quick background: I have been quite interested in oracle systems and using, specifically…Colette Baron Reid’s Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Card system for the past few years. But this past year I had begun using them much more frequently. Usually a few times per week. If I had a question that had been challenging me or if I couldn’t make a decision about something, I would have usually turned to my cards and done a reading and sure enough, I would get  comfort and an answer from them. I believed in their validity and I believed that I had an openness in accepting an answer/ a direction from them.  So fast forward to today: this morning.

I woke-up with a concern…a question in my heart that I just couldn’t figure out. I wanted more clarity or a feeling of YES/NO one way or the other. So, fresh from rising, I decided to do a reading. I picked up my cards. I have kept them wrapped in a red (red is an auspicious color as ALL Asians and East Indians know) 🙂 cloth on top of my mini bookcase in my apartment the entire 9 months I’ve lived here.  Well, I unwrapped them and they just looked different. I hadn’t used them in over a week. Not that long, actually. As I held them in my hands they felt different. Spooky. Anyway, I split the deck and tried to shuffle them. They wouldn’t shuffle. I thought…what the??? and then realized that some of them were stuck together… At first I thought that sitting in the direct sunlight had caused them to stick together. But…when I began to peel them apart from one another…I realized…they were…wet.


3 cards:  Wealth, Protection and Love are damaged beyond use. They are splitting apart and the decorative top coating is peeling off.

2 cards are damp:  The Wasp and The Bard.

Spooky. All of the other cards are fine.

Those 5 cards were scattered among the others in my deck.


See the white on the inside of the card where it is splitting from being wet?

My mom sent me a care package last week. For the past few days or so, I’ve been listening to a CD she sent me: Mother of Mercy: A Rosary of Healing. I am Catholic. Yes. I am. I was Ms. Catholic ’99 through ’01. If you would have met me back then you would have never imagined that I had an interest in astrology and things OTHER than the Holy Trinity. But I did and I do.

But now…I think the timing is too spooky. I’ve been listening to my rosary CD. And now, my oracle cards are destroyed. Not usable.  I look at this as a sign from Above telling me that it’s no longer beneficial for me to use this or any other oracle system. And you know what? I agree. Honestly, God has given me every answer I EVER need…I just have to go quiet enough (more prayer time, shall I say?)  to be able to hear the Answer from within.

Thanks, to both of my Mothers.

And bye-bye cards.

Also, yesterday was BOMB DIGGITY DAY because I had two huge and heavy bags filled with groceries…not wanting to walk the 2 blocks to the bus stop when…lo and behold! I was standing along the road…not wanting to walk and wishing that a bus would come along and pick me up when whaddya know?!?!?! A bus came along and just for the heck of it, I put out my arm (I wasn’t at the bus stop) and the guy stopped for me!! WHOOHOOOO. Saved me a 2 block walk with my heavy bags. 😉  Yeehaw.

“Factual information alone isn’t sufficient to guide you through life’s labyrinthine tests.  You need and deserve regular deliveries of uncanny revelation.  One of your inalienable rights as a human being should therefore be to receive a mysteriously useful omen every day of your life.” –Rob Brezsney


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  1. Osea replied:

    Very cool post. Wow.

    Re your ending quotation, the number “22” has been appearing and reappearing in my life for a couple of years now. I’ve yet to know what the significance is, but there definitely is something going on.

  2. Sher replied:

    Bye bye cards..eh?!
    Follow your mind and heart, my dear!! At times it’s hard because you may feel one way or another and well at times they just don’t MATCH!

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