Blue Day

I’ve thought for many years that my favorite color is sky blue. I love the sky, I love soft colors…so, sky blue was it.


It's dreamy, isn't it?


Nowadays I am drawn to royal blue. I was ga-ga for this royal blue, leather purse in Seoul for MONTHS. Everytime I would go into the city and pass the particular bag shop that sold it, I would go in…chat up the owner…negotiate a bit…I got him to come down from 150,000 won to 60,000. Big difference, right? I would have quickly paid it BUT the purse didn’t have ANY sort of “label” on it. Not that I need a LABEL on a bag. I most definitely don’t but if it doesn’t have a label…and I doubted it was REAL leather…and the inner lining was chintzy…SO?  Why would I pay over 50 bucks (US) for that bag? THE COLOR!  AH!  The syle!! Ah!  😦    But, I snoozed too long and I *guess* the man figured I would never buy it even after going into his shop a couple of times per month for 4 months. Oh well. Some other gal is carrying it on her shoulder and the bag man told me he’s not getting another one. (sniff, sniff)

BLUE DAY marks my awareness that I now love Royal Blue more than sky blue. 😀  Hooray for Royal Blue.  😀  The TRUE beauty of the rainbow!!


When I'm a granny, I'll wear a huge sapphire like this one on my bony finger.


And…I must admit: I’m feeling a bit blue today, too. So, there’s a double meaning in today’s Day Naming. ^-^  But, I s’pose I should save that blurb for another blog.

“Sit in reverie, and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind”  –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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