Stalker Day

There’s this really, super duper, pooper scooper CREEPY man who lives in my building on the 9th floor who is stalking me. I am *almost* positive about this. I have been stalked –3– times before in my life (twice in high school–yes! and once in college). I have read the stalker-victim manuals…I know the telltale signs to watch out for…I seem to attract stalkers like ice-cream attracts kids. Eh~~weak analogy.  Or maybe not?  🙂

Doggie, I feel yo'. =/

I saw him standing near the elevator foyer a few days ago and now…every night since then. *Ugh squared*  I was waiting in the foyer for the elevator to come back down when he        s l o w l y        walked into the building from outside. He was holding a small, single-serving of ESL Milk in his hand. At 11:00pm. He looked as though he were in a trance or even a sleepwalking state. His gaze was set on me but very expressionless (not the NORMAL, indifferent Korean expression) but  I didn’t think much of it. (((I COULD be overreacting now…but I doubt it.))) I’m glad I thought ahead (and am my paranoid self) and hit the 7th floor button instead of my actual floor. I didn’t want him knowing which floor I live on. He pushed “9” but who knows? He may have very well just gotten off on the 9th floor and then taken the stairs in either direction to his actual floor, too. I could be putting way too much thought into this but trust me…after being stalked three times, I have every gosh darn right to be hesitant and a little precautionary.:!:

So, today is STALKER DAY. I might as well include some tips if you are one of the unfortunates like me and are stalked at one point or another:

—>Just check-out  that website to get started. I decided not to type out a bunch of info. 😉 SOME people might say that I am using the term too loosely  but trust me==this is how it starts out. Then…he’ll be showing up in my work building…on  the floor I work on…at the gym. So, no. I’m not using it lightly. If it doesn’t progress into all of that crapola…then hip, hip horray! I’m not being stalked and this day can go down in Day Naming History as the Day That Was Misnamed! ^_^  (Oh, I hope so)

The other night I ran into a couple of guys who live in my apartment building and we stood outside  of our building chatting for a few minutes. The guys didn’t go inside with me. 😦 WELL. My stalker had been standing behind a large delivery truck WAITING for me to go back inside the building. Hopefully these past few days are completely coincidental but that one night WAS ODD. Right after I said my goodbyes to the guys, I noticed the man looking at me—-as though he had been standing there the whole time “listening” to our conversation. Ay yie yieeeee. I walked into the apartment building and sure enough…he followed. Walking   e   v  e  r       s o      s — l—  o—  w—  l—  y  and once again I had to wait for the bloody elevator to come down which gave him plenty of time to catch up and ride with me. I *almost* didn’t go in it but then I thought~~Eh, I push the wrong floor’s button anway and there’s a security guard on duty, sooo…nothing will happen. That night he was carrying a can of cider (aka, 7-up) in his hand. Same lack of facial expression although as he was staring at me in the surround-sound style mirrors in the elevator, he seemed to have his lips turned slightly upward…forming the slightest SMILE. His smile was a cross between Uncle Fester’s spooky grin and someone passing gas and goofily grinning from the release. *Ugh tripled* Please somebody help me. This is when I need a big, burly, scary-looking, rough, tough and buff male friend with me. Where in the heavens is he when I need him?

Yep! That's him!

And this is a nice quote to lighten the heaviness of this blog!

“Bush said today he is being stalked. He said wherever he goes, people are following him. Finally, someone told him, “Psst. That’s the Secret Service. ”   HAHAHAHA  Who else would have said that other than JAY LENO!?!?

Oh: And yesterday was BLUE SKY DAY because oh ma garsh!… we ACTUALLY had a blue sky in Dongtan.

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  1. Osea replied:

    oooooooeeeeeeee and yikes! Got yer pepper spray/mace handy? Could you surrepticiously get a pic of him–and run it by the gendarmes?

    (Even with such a yucky and serious topic, you demonstrate once again what a flair for writing you have and what a humorous take you have on things!)

    Here’s hoping for “The Day That Was Misnamed.”

  2. Sher replied:

    Does he ever say anything to you??

    • grasshoppergrrl replied:

      Ah! All is well. ( And no Sher…he never said anything to me) Buuut, he’s gone. At least I haven’t seen him in days! 😀 YAY! The day was misnamed, Osea. ^^

  3. Jogging Dangers « Grasshoppergrrl's Blog: Mashed Bananas! replied:

    […] I have been going for a morning jog since I officially moved into my dad’s house because his neighborhood is LOVELY and such a joy to jog around. I usually switch up my route since I don’t want any possible stalkers to start following me. Right? I believe I have touched upon the subject of me being a desirable target of stalkers in another blog. Yes, I did and you can read all about it HERE!!! […]

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