Love and Loss Day

I have read two books this year (and am on my 3rd one with the SAME theme)  that have love and loss as key themes.

I read Jia by HyeJin Kim (a South Korean woman) and I read Away by the uber-talented Amy Bloom.

Both books brought tears to my eyes. And since I had read both books in a one-month time period…I turned a little bitter and started thinking that life is nothing but  suffering. Well, it IS filled with suffering but it’s topped with joy and peace. Wouldn’t you agree?

And I’m getting ready to trade books and return borrowed books and I was thinking about those two stories today, which prompted me to Name This Day: Love and Loss Day. Brilliant, I know.  😉

“It’s an awful truth that suffering can deepen us, give a greater luster to our colors, a richer resonance to our words. That is, if it doesn’t destroy us, if it doesn’t burn away the optimism and the spirit, the capacity for visions, and the respect for simple yet indispensable things.” –Anne Rice


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One Comment

  1. osea replied:

    . . .naming of days is catchy. Sunday past will be kayak day–beautiful 7 mile trip on the North Platte.

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