Lavender Day

As I am “on a roll” with the whole, “Naming Your Day” dealio, today is Lavender Day.

I have always been fond of lavender. I used to pick sprigs from people’s gardens while I was on my walks back home and  now I have my very own plant in my apartment here in Korea. I love my lavender. She’s my darling and she knows that she’s the apple of my eye…that my other plants could die and I would shrug but if my darling lavender dies…oh golly, dunno what I would do. :*(  I would be suh sad…

So, I talk with my lavender everyday and tell her she’s my favorite (yes, right in front of the other two…) and I love her so much, I do. I am so excited to someday have a H U G E bush in the garden of my future home. Lavender is calming, healing and fragrant.

Oh, so anyway today is Lavender Day because I not only love my darling lavender but I also am on a “lavender tea” kick lately. And wouldn’t cha know?? Lavender helps people fall asleep! Get off the Ambien and Lunesta, peeps! Drink a cup of lavender tea before bed and drift into your blissful slumber. ^^

Some Korean Lavender Tea

This is the organic, lavender tea I found at E-Mart. I’m sure Lotte and Homeplus and Home Ever and Shinsegae and whatever other dozen marts you might have in your neighborhood carry it, too. 😉  Errr, maybe not the small marts. But the larger stores=definitely. You can find it at a store near YOU! It’s extremely pleasurable and calming. Try it! You’ll like it! ((read in a Hey, Mikey!! voice))

My future lavender garden! Mmm. I can smell my drawer sachets now. Mmm.

I read on a health website that: Lavender Tea helps relieve stress, it reduces fatigue, detoxifies your kidneys,  relieves headaches, and calms your nerves and emotions. ”

So, that explains why I am stress-free, energetic, have healthy kidneys, no headaches, and am relaxed all of the time. Heh heh. OK. So, maybe I’s gots ta drink more of the good stuff.

“If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.”  ~Japanese Proverb


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