It’s Wheatgrass Day!

Yeeeehaw! Today is Wheatgrass Day today in Korea. Whoopideedoo. ((insert party noise here))

I actually drank wheatgrass juice today. Oooh. Where? you might be asking… 😀

Here’s where:

BOOST JUICE. It’s near Yangjae Station. Go out of Exit 7 and walk straight ’til you reach Dunkin Donuts. Make a right at the Dunkin Donuts. Oh, how I love that I am giving directions like a true Seoulite. Go straight ’til you hit the GS25, turn left at GS25 and walk straight ’til you get to the 14th fried chicken place. Make a right. If you’ve gotten to the 15th fried chicken place, you’ve gone too far…make a u-turn and… hahahaha

Anyway! YES!  Walk straight out of Yangjae Station’s Exit 7 and turn right once you get to the Dunkin Donuts. It’ll be along the little alley-like side street on the right. You can’t miss it. It says BOOST JUICE  in large letters. ^^

Do you LOVE life?? YES?! Then, you should go to BOOST and get some juice!

It’s ***sort of*** similar to Smoothie King here in Korea but waaaayyyy better since BOOST grows and serves/sells WHEATGRASS shots!! Yeehaw! I hoped they would when I saw the BOOST Juice sign. And well, yes they do!  😀  A shot is 2,000 won. Totally proper. They serve it up on a cute, little plate and give you an orange slice with it. Nice-uh! Better than Jamba Juice’s presentation back home. Hmph*!

I got the shot and I ordered their wild berry juice which tasted nice and tropical. It had apple and pineapple and something else in it (some sort of BERRY, perhaps???)  Although…I don’t think any berries are available in Seoul right now??? (I didn’t watch them make it since I was drinking my shot.) The regular size costs 5,500 won. That’s the size I got. Slurpage!  It was good and I SWEAR that my energy levels for the rest of the day were unparalleled! Seriously, even though I’ve been improving my diet and exercising regularly I’ve still been feeling slumpy dumpy at times. Well, after I drank my enzyme/energy-rich brekkie, I was rockin’ ALLLLL day long. I wish they would have opened up their shop near my home because  it takes me 45 -ish minutes (one way) to get there. Kind of lousy. I could see myself making the trek over if I am guaranteed an energy surge for the rest of the day, though. ^^

Hooray for Wheatgrass Day.

Oh, and Friday was Fart Day since 3 of my students (A different student in 3 different classes) farted in class. WTH!?!? Lay off the kimchi, kids!

And yesterday was Dance Day ’cause I rocked the dance floor like you KNOW I do!

“One ounce of wheatgrass juice is equivalent in vitamins, mineral, and amino acids found in 2 and 1/2 pounds of green leafy vegetables. Wheatgrass is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin ‘A’, complete ‘B’ complex, B-17, C, E and K”  –from an encyclopedia, I’m sure ^^

How’s THAT for some major health benefits? It’s about time Korea jumped on the bus. YAY.


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  1. Sher replied:


  2. Shane Brewer replied:

    Awesome… I’ve been in Seoul a couple of days and I’ve been hoping to find a place that serves wheatgrass. Thanks so much for posting that!

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