Farewell to toe ring

I am at a loss. I don’t know what to think or feel except anger, really. Something dear to me is gone.

My toe ring.

Gone. Gone? Gone.

So I went to the gym last Thursday and had a ‘weigh-in’ with the new trainer. Yes, the NEW trainer was there and when I stepped on the electrical body scanner thingy, he told me to take off my toe ring. Looking back, I have NO IDEA why I even obliged him. I had never taken my toe ring off for any of my other seven, previous body scans so what was the big whoop-whoop of having it on? But, I DID take it off, took me a minute since it has been on my body since 2001.

My mom gave me that toe ring when I got back from studying in Australia in 2001. While I was in Oz, I told my mom about a toe ring I saw at a flea market for $40 and my mom exclaimed that it was expensive and told me not to buy it, that she had one which she was going to give  me when I got home. So, I skipped on buying the toe ring in Oz and sure enough, when I got home my mom gave me a toe ring.

Ah, the one picture I could quickly find of my toe ring. :*(

I never took it off. Well, except for the pedicure or two when the woman at my feet would insist that I remove it for whatever reason. But, it was a part of ME and I loved it. When I moved away from home it was as though I always had my mom close to me (heehee ^^ right at my feet.)  🙂  Nah, it was more like she was my strong foundation. My base.

I took it off and forgot to put it back on after my body scan since I was so eager to see what my results were…had I indeed released a couple more pounds…yippeee? And so there it sat by the body scanner  for (??? how long) until on Sunday evening as I was going to bed, I JUMPED up and realized it wasn’t on my foot. FUCK!* I thought. I remembered immediately that I had left it at the gym. Sighhhh. Well, on Monday morning I walked over and asked the new dork who sits at the desk in the mornings where it was. He was of no use to me. I didn’t bother to learn the word for “ring” in Korean…I was too flustered to really think about anything other than getting it back.  So, basically he told me that he didn’t see it anywhere (he looked in some drawers…) and told me I needed to go back later and talk with the trainer. The same dipshit who told me to take it off in the first place. Hmph*  Not that I wanted to do that since I was still in blame-mode and worried that I would verbally abuse him with my pathetic 2-yr old Korean language capabilities. YOU PERVERT!  (haha, not actually fitting for this situation, but I still know that word in Korean…) YOU STUPID!  YOU DUMB! YOU NO GOOD! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!  WHY YOU TELL ME THIS THING TAKE OFF?  I DON’T LIKE YOU! MY BOSS CALL YOU AND TALK YOU FOR REAL!  I would probably call him “stupid” again, just for good measure. ^^

Ahhhh. So I went back LATER and the dipshit wasn’t there…it was the annoying, useless guy who sits at the desk still. And I walked in all ready to get into my  SO, YOU SEE MY THING? dealio again when he stopped me in my tracks presumably because he wanted to save me the time and energy of blabbing in such broken Korean it’d bring tears to his eyes…and told me that “he didn’t know…he didn’t know.” Soooo, I started my workout and mid-way into my workout, I saw the dipshit trainer. He looked over at me and smiled and I glared at him and he walked away. Shit, who knows—he probably stole it.

I’m sorry people, but ummm…NEWSFLASH:  Koreans –DO–steal. <<<<<<g a s p !!!>>>>>>  I know it’s hard to believe an’ all because there are SO many stories of people having their lost belongings returned to them, etc, etc. Yah, great. Fantastic–I’m so happy for you. Good. Yippeee.

But, last year someone stole my brand new 5-day old bike from me. 😦 That was a traumatizing experience. Especially since I used to be one of the foreigners in Korea who used to say, “AH!  Koreans are SO honest!  And you know what??? Koreans don’t steal, either!!”  But the next day I saw a kid riding my bike down the poop stream path by my old home and I was in such shock my legs locked up and when I wanted to run…I just stood there watching him zoom by on my 10-speed. 😦   His hoodlum dad or uncle probably stole my bike and then gave it to the little twerp for his birthday.

This time I ain’t standing by in shock. If and when I see someone wearing MY toe ring, you’d better believe I’m going up to that be-otch and rippin’ it off her foot. Or his…

This is not over by any means. This country has already taken another ring that was dear to my heart. And you know what? I never mourned the loss over that ring. Back then I figured it was silly to get all up-in-arms over a lost/stolen OBJECT. Something I wouldn’t be taking with me when I leave this earth, anyway. After all, it’s just a thing right? Wrong. This toe ring was probably 10 bucks or something. It’s not the monetary value—but the EMOTIONAL attachment I have to that ring.

The next blog I write about this is either gonna be good news or a slew of expletives.

“As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery… we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.” –Dalai Lama

I am definitely nowhere near happy right now. (((insert angry face)))


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One Comment

  1. Rudy replied:

    Sorry you lost your toe ring…hope you got a replacement! Shame, looks good on those perfect toes!! 🙂

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