Another Thai Massage…

**Written Friday August 20, 2010…delayed publishing ’cause I’m just that forgetful these days.**

I just returned from my Thai Massage. I had been wanting to go for a massage since Tuesday night this week since I went back to the gym and am feeling all rickety again. I needs me some WD40!  Crick. Crick. Crick. Actually, this time around my joints are faring pretty well. It’s my muscles that are so tight and sore. Thankfully, I walked over to the massage (parlor??) after work. Parlor sounds inappropriate. But, I think it is the accepted term. So, I shall use it.

It's time for some therapy, daaaling!

I love (utterly love) the fact that I can walk two blocks from my apartment and be at a massage parlor. Back home, I’d walk two blocks and still be, well…in my neighborhood of houses. HAHA  😀

The first time I went to this Thai massage place I realized that my neighborhood becomes a sex den at night. I KNOW! Can you freakin’ believe it???  ONLY IN KOREA!   (Yes, I know I only say that because my neighborhood back home doesn’t turn into a sex den at night—-that I know of)  😉  So I was a little wary while I was walking over there the first time. But, it’s all good. It might be a sex den and the place to go get a prostitute (in a karaoke room or some other type o’ business…not walkin’ the streets for goodness’ sake) but families with children will be strolling the blocks until 1-2 am completely naturally…a nice, family midnight stroll. 😀 Sure. Why not? Makes me feel a heck of a lot safer.

Getting back to my massage. It was the best massage I have had in I don’t even remember how long! AHHHH!  Anyone in Dongtan who wants an amazing massage, go on over to the Thai Massage Parlor across from the CGV and ask for “Pim.” 😀   I introduced myself to the owner (who’s Korean) and told him the next time I go, I want PIM!!!  And anyone who knows me and my back situation knows that I am a massage connoisseur who’s had ummmm, somewhere around…gee…probably over 1,000 massages since 1994 (my first back operation year). Really!  No. Really. =/

So, Pim was great. I’d say she’s about mid-40’s and sweet as Splenda. 😉  I appreciated her not talking to me DURING my massage except for one question, “You Ameeka?”  SO CUTE!  I said, “네” haha. I knew she was Thai but I figured she spoke/understood at least as much Korean as I do!  😀

After my massage, she started to talk with me. I thought, “Oh, this is gon’ be gooood!” So, we both rolled out our best Korean and she rolled out some English and it started with Pim asking me if I was OK. I said Yes. She asked me again. I said yes. She told me I’m pretty. I told her she’s pretty. She gave me some water and watched me drink it. I felt uncomfortable…so I asked her if she is married. She didn’t understand “married” in English and gosh darn  it, I still don’t know that word in Korean so I simply asked, “wedding?” ’cause that word is used in Korean-Konglish, I guess. She said no. I asked about a boyfriend. She smiled and said no.  And swear to goodness, she started making little boxing fists and punching the air and I thought, Oh no! Maybe she got brought over here from Thailand and then dated some Korean men who beat her?!?!?  Nooooo! Terrible. 😦   She has such a serene face. Very pretty woman. I had to hold back because it was *kind of* funny the way she made little punching motions in the air. And then she briefly explained that Korean men are NOT GOOD. HAHAHAHAHAHA  I like Pim. She’s funny.

So, as I was sipping my water listening to her, she paused and asked in English, “You sleep now?” And she patted the mattress we were sitting on.

Well, this isn't the room, but the mat is very similar. You get the idea. ^^

That was interesting. The last time I went for a massage the gal surely didn’t offer me the mat to take a nap on afterward. Hmm. I dunno. I kind of got the impression that she wanted to keep talking with me but I was feeling sooooo relaxed and ready to be bumming around my apartment, laying on my uber-uncomfortable bed reading a book…so I politely declined her offer.   😀

Ahhh, I was SO relaxed afterward I put my skirt on backward and then walked home. 😉

Mmm. I couldn’t find any good quotes to fit this blog so here’s one from Madam CT!

“She was 4’10” and on top of me like a frog with muscles that would put Schwarzenegger to shame. ”  –Yours truly  😀

Yes, the top left...frog pose. The therapist uses his/her whole body!


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  1. Samantha replied:

    There are two CGVs in Dongtan and many Thai massage shops, do you remember the name of the shop?

    • grasshoppergrrl replied:

      Oh shucks. I don’t remember the name of it but it is located in a corner building. OK–follow these directions if you can. ^^
      Start at the Ramada Hotel–the back side–walk through the parking lot and directly across the tiny street. You are facing the courtyard with Kim’s Burgers (if that place is still there). Make a left on the sidewalk and start heading toward the CGV next to the Tom n’ Tom’s Coffee. The very corner building along that sidewalk is where the massage place is at. Do not cross the street to go to the CGV–it’s on that same little street. There’s a billiards place on its same floor–the 6th floor I think? Just follow the sex cards on the sidewalk…you’ll find it. 😛 GOOD LUCK!

  2. erotisk massage replied:

    really cool way of Thai Massage….i really like it…

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