Post Vacation Blues

I had been feeling quite low and lackadaisical ever since I came back to Korea from the Philippines…here on out referred to as the ‘Pines. 😀

Aaaand, that basically translated into me sleeping during most non-working moments of my days. Gee, was I depressed? Was I sick? It took –11– ridiculous days for my right ear to finally POP after I landed in Incheon…and I don’t know how many for my left. All I know is that neither of them popped during the flight or landing and that hasn’t happened to me since my 8th grade flight to Washington D.C. from Los Angeles. Oh, that was a bitch of a flight. My allergies must have been much worse back then. Anyway, getting back to NOW and my ears and my energy levels and my lackadaisicalness. <—-Try typing that out five times. Err…

Sooo, fast forward to day 12. I’ve been back in the good ol’ R.O.K. for 12 days now. It’s odd because when I flew in, I don’t know if it was simply because I had that water-in-the-ears feeling of my ears being plugged, or because I was tired, or sore from the uber uncomfortable seats on the Cebu Pacific crappy plane or WHAT, but I felt really S-T-R-A-N-G-E to be back. Hmm. I almost felt as though I were in the TWILIGHT ZONE!!! (oooh, insert creepy music)

And ever since I watched INCEPTION, I began wondering…Hmmm…am I dreaming? Am I stuck in a dream state?  😉  heh heh. Don’t worry…no need to call the mental institution just yet. 😛 I’m just being a dork. But, honestly–I was wondering about my less-than-stellar mood and so, obviously…started GOOGLING. 😀

I discovered this brilliant piece: (Mind you, it IS from Wikipedia… but nonetheless–it is something that I can post to back-up how I was feeling. And since I’m merely talking about my feelings, who really gives a sh*t which reference-site/book I use?)

Wikipedia states:

“Post vacation blues (or just vacation blues) or less commonly, post travel depression (PTD) is a type of mood that persons returning home from a long trip (usually a vacation) may experience.   A person may suffer from post vacation blues after returning home or to a normal routine from a long vacation, especially if it was a pleasurable one. The longer a trip lasts, the more intense the post vacation blues may be. This is because the person would be longing for their travel experiences. Post vacation blues may result in tiredness (((OH MY GAWD, YESSSSS))), loss of appetite (((I WISH))), strong feelings of nostalgia (((YES!!!))), and in some cases, depression (((POSSIBLY…))).  Jet lag (((WHICH I SWEAR I HAD but other people say I’m full of sh*t)   may intensify the post vacation blues.”

Hmm. Miiiighty interesting, Wikipedia. Miiiighty interesting. I am going to say that I was suffering from Post Vacation Blues. I mean, think about it: I don’t have my Darlings here to go on and on about my vacation to… my computer’s hard drive is full so I can’t even put up my pictures from the ‘Pines on Facebook to share…and…I’m back to “reality.”  Which does not consist of a lush beach with coconuts and mangoes floating around everywhere. =/

Sighhh. Thankfully, the dodgy feeling has passed by now. But it was a rocky 11 days, I must say. FINALLY–I can see the rice fields on the other side of the mountain. Ahh…

So, my dears…take it from me who has taken it from another other guy who wrote an article for NEWSWEEK magazine several years ago…(whose article I read a week ago trying to figure out what the heck to do about my ears)… IF you have bad allergy problems or 100 times worse–are flying with a COLD–you gots ta take lots of meds before your flight and put in some earplugs before the plane takes off. And don’t think about taking them out until AFTER you’re on the ground at Baggage Claim!  Sheesh. The pain is not pleasant. And my eardrums hemorrhaged and my ears were all bloody on the inside. Ewwww. Not purdy.

Be smart. Don’t be a dorko like me and think ONE nasal decongestant taken 8 flippin’ hours before your flight is gonna be sufficient ’cause it ain’t gonna be. Jeeez.  😦    C’mon, CT. Get it together grrl!

Who wouldn’t be a bit down after coming home to gray skies from a sunny, palm tree-filled place?!?!  😀   Remember…I can’t upload any of my own pics yet, so I found this one on  😀

It looks beautiful in this pic, unfortunately the evening I toured around, there was a rainstorm so I opted to stay inside and catch up on my sleep. ^^

And there just so happens to be the perfect quote to fit my blog and my feelings! How ’bout that?  😀

“No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one.”  ~Elbert Hubbard

Elbert, you hit it! 😛


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  1. Nancy Lytle replied:

    Ah, the post vacation blues. Like coming out from a really wonderful movie, into the harsh drizzle of a rainy day, and reality of all that awaits you at work/home. And the longing to crawl back into the theatre and just get lost in the wonder of it all.

    • grasshoppergrrl replied:

      HAHA, Nancy! Don’t get too dark on me! 😀 I must email you soon. xoxo

  2. Eric Bergman replied:

    Ahh I love your writing style. Actually made chuckle-lol a bit. Good find on those vacation blues. It’s Wikipedia, so it’s GOT to be true.

    So I found myself in a training exercise today clapping 2 two-by-fours together today in order to simulate the sound of gunfire. A few hours after it was over, my left ear started ringing and it just keeps getting louder and feeling like it’s getting deeper and deeper underwater. Oh ears….

    • grasshoppergrrl replied:

      Oh no! They didn’t give you earplugs to wear? Sheesh! Not good, military people! Terrible! Hope it disappears as fast as it came on… 🙂

  3. Osea replied:

    Tone, humor, voice–another great piece, CT. Now, who are the “Darlings”?

    I put a Website justl. . . because. I’m the webmaster for the local anti-bullying effort.

    Keep those cards and letters comin’!

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