Gossip, Gossip…Evil Thing…

I wrote another blog about the situation I’m talking about right now. A blog I like much more and feel much more REAL about posting…but alas, I’m not sure WHO reads my blog and WHO’S going to read this blog and so I must be DIPLOMATIC about WHAT I say and HOW I say it. My other, much more REAL blog might piss a whole lotta people way the F* off…  And since I’m such a sweet angel, I wouldn’t DAAARE do that.  But I also won’t be able to sleep tonight with the tightness in my chest and the thoughts swarming around in my head right now unless I DO post SOMETHING.  (((breathe, CT….breeeaathe)))

So it’s been brought to my attention that my darling, Korean coworkers have taken to gossiping about me. {{{Whoaaaa, bloody shocker. I know. I know}}}  And well, the leak–my informant–who I like to refer to as “Rah-Rah-Rat” or just “Rah-Rah” or plain ol’ “RAT” works, too…has been telling me more and more and more cruel things that some of the other girls say regarding *me*.  I love my little darlings I work with. Eight sweet, kind, dear female souls who are looking out for me and are there to help me and—Whoops, wait!::::: Whooooaaaaa, I went into a trance-like state for a minute there and started entering the 5th dimension. Wow, trippy.  ~~~Oooh, the co-lors, the co-lors~~~

So Rah-Rah must have some sort of sick, twisted personality where she gets her kicks from telling others (because honestly, am I to believe I’m the only one she plays a blabbermouth to?) mean, hateful “she said/she said” bullshit…orrrrr she could be truly evil and just want to bring me down. After all, I am NORMALLY a light-hearted, all-is-good, que cera cera kind of gal…

And I should note: From what I have gathered…if Rah-Rah isn’t shitting me, I’d say that I DO have 2 nice, kind coworkers. Gee, the odds sure as heck aren’t in my favor, are they?   😦

I don’t care what her reasons are. I’ve told her during the past two instances that I don’t want to hear any of the “STUFF” she wants to “share” with me. She told me today that another teacher said  I’m chubby and I need to eat less and stop eating fried foods. ((MY attack face is now ON))   First of all, the gossip hens simply talk crap about each other’s “ugly dresses,” “cheap-looking bags,” or “bad shoes.” But with me it’s my weight??  That’s a personal ATTACK that is ME, MY BODY:::: ME. So, let’s clarify: that vampire-demon is out for blood with me.

Heh Heh. Oh no. She doesn’t wanna go for my blood. I will and can turn into the High Priestess of the DARKNESS. ((?)) Don’t ask where that came from…???   😉     I channelled it. 😛    If Rah-Rah is reporting the truth then the sad, hateful one(s)  will see another side of CT.  After 18 years of drilling it into me, my daddy finally did raise himself a fighter.  Buuut, I must remember: I’m in Korea. This is going on in my workplace. I must be DELICATE about the situation. 😉

So, on this late Monday night when I am steaming and fuming in my apartment with my fire extinguisher right by my side, I would like to remind myself::::: “They’re Korean, sweetie. Chill out and don’t take it personally. For goodness’ sake…it’s their nature and they can’t help it.”  “OK, sweetie? Now…run off and  get some chocolate and relax.”     😉

Seriously, imma hafta start repeating this mantra on the hour if I’m going to have an ounce of self-esteem left by the end of the year. =/     Hey, whatever it takes…

So many good quotes are apropos for this blog. So, here goes:

“Instead of thinking about what you’re missing, try thinking about what you have that everyone else is missing.” –Unk  ****Hmph! That should be easy when thinking about my coworkers. Ummmm, I have a KIND HEART and a sense of humor and AN OPEN MIND. Shoooooot. Get a clue, losers (err..I mean…small-minded ones).     =/

“Gossip: Something that goes in one ear, out the other, and over the back fence” –Unk


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  1. dallas replied:

    awww celeste i love you just the way you are!

  2. Osea replied:

    It’s sad some people are so screwed up one of the few pleasures they get is putting down, making fun of others. I’ve been there with the weigh thing–still am, actually. I’ve lost enough that I’m reasonably comfortable with myself, even though I could lose more. As I see it, as you say, is to get to a place where there are certain parts of you where the outside world can’t intrude. When that place is really, really good, other good things happen. It happened to me a couple of years back, some switch flipped from off to on in me somewhere, and I suddenly began writing music. Eventually I quit drinking, too. And, I’m NOT going to let my flab increase.

    THWTC (to hell with the creeps). Best wishes to you, dear Celeste. Switches WILL begin turning on.


  3. Sher replied:

    Sorry about the news you got. Raise above it/and them. You know you’re beautiful just as others you know think you’re beautiful. Don’t let them get the best of you.
    It’s sad, but hey, at least you found out…right?? I know at times some may say, think, or feel “well, may have been BEST if I wouldn’t”

    Love ya babes.
    Keep that head HIGH and be happy!!

  4. Colin replied:

    hopefully you don’t have to use those tags too often 🙂

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