All right. I’m a rockstar. I am DA BOMB. 😉  Oh yahhhh. Well, I’m feeling really happy now. 😛

So, I developed a red, splotchy rash under my chest on Sunday night. And it freaked me out and I kept wondering, “What the heck is it from???”  “What the heck is it from?!?!?”  And I thought it was the result of a cream pasta I ate for dinner since I tested positive for a wheat allergy in 2008. And I thought, “NOOOOO!  It’s finally catching up with me! My body is rejecting the wheat and now I’m itchy and have a rash!”  😦

And then I woke-up on Monday to see the red patches had spread to my torso and abdomen and thighs. Whoooooppppeeee!

Oh Lord. I was at a major loss. I was confused…didn’t know what was happening to my body. And that’s always a scary thing, right? And if there’s ONE thing I can’t stand it’s having a random rash on my body somewhere that has no cause. =/

(Flashback: Korea November 2006)  <—a whole, OTHER blog’s worth of blabbing…

Fast forward 3 days later=Wednesday. I went to –2– doctors today. The second doc I went to told me I either have CONTACT DERMATITIS or MILIARIA –except for the fact that when I asked him to write them out in English for me he spelled the 2nd one “M-I-L-A-R-I-A—>so I thought, “What the hell is Milaria?? Does he mean MALARIA?!?!?!” “I HAVE MALARIA??!”  …(((scratching head…didn’t know there was a rash involved with that. ???))) At that point, I would have swallowed any wrong diagnosis he wanted to feed me. I wanted an answer, damn it!

It was my FRIEND today who suggested HEAT RASH to me…and after I rejected her idea I thought~~~”Eh…I’ll look into it.” So, when I got back from dinnner I sure enough Googled “heat rash” and wouldn’tcha  know?!?!?!?  MILIARIA ***is***  HEAT RASH!  They are one in the same. C’mon doc, tell me in plain English, please.  I looked at the pics of Heat Rash on people and the symptoms, etc and I diagnosed myself. Well, I guess the 2nd doc called it but I still believe that I confirmed the diagnosis thanks to my friend. 🙂

YAY. Now I know it’s not an allergy rash or bed mites (ew) or Lord knows what…

Buuut, I am miffed that the lame site I used to confirm my situation (  says that other than infants and old people–OBESE people are at greatest risk for getting heat rash. *hmph!*  Seriously? I don’t need to be reading this shit right now. I’ve gotten so far off the bikini-bod track.  Buuut, I’m going to pin  my case of heat rash on another potential cause: DEHYDRATION. Yeppers. I know I haven’t been downing enough H2O lately…especially this past Saturday (the day before my outbreak) I drank a Starbuckies Frappuccino (add shot with beans–hell yah!) and only –1– bottle of H20 ALLLLLL day from 1pm to 7pm and was running all around Seoul–literally. Eegads! No bueno, CT!!! No beuno.

So, folks…moral of this story is:::: HEY! Just ’cause ya ain’t never got a case o’ the heat rashes–dunt mean ya’s ain’t never gon’ get one!!!  heh heh

So, yes. Please stay aware, alert and safe this humid and hot summer season. This is my first case of heat rash and well…wow. It hasn’t relented these past days and today it’s just as bad as it was on Monday. 😦

This is a pic from yesterday and oooohhh, here’s one from today. 😦

TMI?? Golly, I hope not. I’m trying to educate!! 😛 Anyway, if you get a rash like this–then maybe you’ve got yourself a heat rash!

FYI: There is a super-duper English-speaking dermatologist in the Coffee Bean building on the 4th floor next to the bust stop across from the Dongtan Community Center.  His staff doesn’t speak English. But, he’s very fluent–other than the Malaria confusion. 😉 Wouldn’t you know between my appointment time and now, I’ve lost his contact info? Yup. Oh, I am so far from being organized this year. =/  He reportedly taught at a Korean university  and studied in the U.S. for a while. 🙂  Stay rash-free!!!

“Drugs are not always necessary.  Belief in recovery always is.”  ~Norman Cousins


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  1. Colin replied:

    Glad to hear you got an accurate diagnosis and that the fix is so easy!

  2. Sher replied:

    How is your rash now?

    Hope better!!

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