Let’s throw down! …or not.

This is actually an old post I wrote, which I somehow forgot to publish.  🙂  Anyway, imagine we’re back in April when you’re reading it. ^^

I went to the gym today. I hadn’t been in nearly a week since I’d gone to the doc complaining of stomach pain (’tis my life in Korea…) and the doctor told me not to exercise until the pain goes away. HAHAHAHAHAHAH  Well, if I did that, then I’d never exercise. ^^  I mean, the pain comes and goes…if I get a bad batch of the evil  KIMCHEEEEEE, I’m a goner for a couple of days. My stomach is simply uber-sensitive. 😦

But, I didn’t want to go to the gym anyway, so I heeded the doctor’s advice. 😉  heh heh.

Anyway, on my first day back at the gym  I saw all of my “buddies.” Or rather, I saw all of the shitheads who drive me loco  every time I go and work out.  You see, I go to a “family gym” and the horror of the family gym here in Korea is that it’s a place where old people  just lounge around on the equipment gabbing at full volume.

Sorry, I looked for a pic of old, Korean women blabbing around a gym but couldn’t find one. Mostly it’s middle-aged bitties who are taking up machines…not actually USING them but yet still preventing me from getting a set in.  And yak, yak, yakking away either on their cell phones or to each other. GRRRR. I wish my Korean were better. I’d say something. Sure I would!   😀    I just glare for now. I learned from the best, afterall: them.

But my biggest pest has always been this woman who  goes  in and actually  rocks all the gym equipment. Unlike the others, she knows what she’s doing and has a great figure. She ACTUALLY lifts weights and not the baby, pink 1Kg hand weights the other ding dongs “lift.” BUT, she’s a scary booger face and I don’t like her. Ever since she and I started going to the gym at the same time, seeing each other every day (oh joy), she has never said “hi” to me.   I busted out my best, 안녕하세요!!! “annyeong haseyo” (AKA, HI!) to her the first few times I saw her…and then I realized, “Oh, she’s an unfriendly poophead who couldn’t give me the courtesy of a HELLO.”  HMPH*!  Well….I saw how it was. So, I was done with her and stopped  smiling at her a while ago. (I know, I hear my mom saying, “kill ’em with kindness, Celester…kill ’em with kindness….”)  BLAH!!

But today I walked in and she was already there (I usually get there first)  😛   and when she saw me, she exclaimed (IN ENGLISH!!~~!~!~!) “Oh! Where you been? I not see you here for long time. You looks so better. Your face so good today!”  (And she made  hand gestures in slicing motions along her jawline…)  And I about hit the floor. WHOAAAA!  She said something to me! And it was a “sort-of compliment!”  hahaha  I told her about my doctor’s visit. She said, “You no music. No good.”  She was pointing to my iPod…telling me that I shouldn’t listen to music while working out. Oh brudda. Here’s we goes. Time for her to become the Korean know-it-all…She is clearly older than me. I’m gonna say she’s probably 36ish?? Maybe older than 36? She has a strange face shape. It’s kind of shaped like a tomato that’s been dented in on the bottom.

But, now we’re buddy buddy. 😀  Only in Korea!  heh heh. Ah, I know this can happen anywhere. I simply like stating that certain things that RARELY  happen in Korea (or the U.S.)  can ONLY happen in Korea. 😛

The other old bitties and I are still at odds, however. =/  Grrrr…

**Reminder: Since I wrote this back in April but it is now clearly JUNE, the weather has turned much hotter and I’m going to the gym earlier in the day. Thus, I have not seen any of my foes or new friend in a few weeks. 🙂  Hey, there’s always motivation to wake-up earlier now, isn’t there!?!?  heehee  ^^


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