Oh, The Sights of Seoul

First of all, I would like to send a “shout out” to the –ONE–reader who read my blog on June 3rd. 🙂  Thanks, whoever you are!

Secondly, I must make a comment about how curious I become when I walk into my apartment and it smells like I’ve got 12 cats living in here. If my apartment is going to have an on-again-off-again litter box/cat food stench to it, I might as well have a cat in here (which I would really love….ahhhh companionship).

I had a whole bunch of thoughts whizzing through my head on my bus ride home tonight because I spent the afternoon in Itaewon. I must remember that I have a lot of readers who have know idea what Itaewon (pronounced EE-TAY-WON as in won-ton) is all about. Itaewon (I call it I-town to be cool-like-that) is basically the main hub for foreigners in Seoul. I-town is also a ghetto, IMHO.   🙂  wha hahahahah. It is. It has a ton of looney toons there and from the very first time I stepped foot off the subway one bright, sunny day in 2006, I could FEEEEL the essence of ooze. 🙂  heehee.

Well, I’m well-aware of all the “scary” foreigners who grace the streets of I-town. But, today I ended up waiting for some friends for a bit and so instead of plopping myself in the nearest Coffee Bean (which is my usual routine), I decided to sit on a rock wall and wait for them OUTSIDE along one of the main sidewalks. And I people-watched. And OH—MA-GARSH.  Lordy, Lordy. I saw heap loads of creepy Koreans! I always thought it was only dodgy “foreigners” who I needed to keep my eyes out for in I-town but I now know that the freaky Koreans flock there, too. But, think about it: that MAKES SENSE. Doesn’t it? Yep. It does.

Today’s record-winning person is the 50-year old Korean lady I saw slithering down the sidewalk with her 20-year old male companion…*her son, I hope?* Anyway, I took notice of her because of her odd gait and the fact that she was walking with her chin up in the air…sort of like a queen or like Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 😉   BUT, the absolute moment of OH—MA-GARSH was when she passed me (and I kept looking at her) and saw that <<<<gasp!!!>>>> her black dress was actually NOT a dress but rather some sort of super thin polyester beach cover-up dress which was SEE-THROUGH and she wasn’t wearing any underwear~!!~!~~!!~~!!~~! AAAACK!!!! My eyes!  Oh, my eyes. 😦

Terrible. Just horrible. 😦  So, I sat there looking at her wondering, “What on EARTH is she thinking right now? I can SEE her butt crack.” And she wasn’t wearing a bra, either. =/   Oy.  And I wish I were “with it” enough to have snapped a picture of her right away but of course I wasn’t and so, alas, you don’t get to see what I saw. But, that’s probably good since I don’t want my blog to be known as the Rated X blog on WordPress.  😉

The other sight which was once again….AWKWARD…happened last night on my bus ride home. I was sitting in my seat minding my own P’s and Q’s when I saw movement in the seats next to me out of the corner of my eye. (Most of the time Koreans are catatonic on bus rides) So, I looked over to see (ew) a young couple (early 20’s OF COURSE–they’re not shy about PDAs at all…unlike their older counterparts) totally involved in bus foreplay. =/  Ummmm. No.   My seat was literally an arm’s length away from them. Ummmm. No. Don’t do that stuff next to me. Especially if I can reach out without straining and touch the guy’s arm…. Ummmm. No. So, anyway, I was first really shocked…then really happy that the guy had his man purse on his lap, then really annoyed that the girl kept looking over at me and then going back to making out with her boyfriend (whose arm I could have touched–did I mention that?) People. We were on a BUS.

We were not at the back of the bus hidden away. Like, hellloooo???!!!  We were all sitting in the middle of the bus, all of the lights were on, the bus was bright and illuminated. If you wanna do that hanky panky, sit in the back of the bus and scooch down so nobody can see you. Or better yet, just go to the DVD Room like the rest of the Korean couples. Oh, but actually I wanted to elaborate on all the foreplay I witnessed. 😉  Just for my curious-minded readers out there, of course!  So, yah–they were all over each other when all of a sudden, the guy started COUGHING. And he (like oh-so many Koreans) didn’t cover his mouth. And he was COUGHING, not clearing his throat or anything else that would not involve spewing his germs all over the place. And he kept coughing and coughing all over his girlfriend. And I thought, “Wow, that’s love. She doesn’t even care that he’s coughing all over her.” And then I noticed, after every time he’d cough, she’d caress the bottom of his chin. Ooooh, shit. Please somebody help me. Eegads!!!  =/  No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. We don’t caress our boyfriend’s chin when he hacks all over us.

I could just see it now, he hawks a loogie right in front of her without covering his mouth and she wipes the phlegm dribble from his mouth. How romantic.

“We judge others by their behavior. We judge ourselves by our intentions.”  —Ian Percy     So true, Ian…so true. ^^


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  1. sembereve replied:

    Another enjoyable and entertaining read! It really cleared up alot regarding the text you sent me while in I-Town the other day. I used to live in the Itaewon area last year. I liked it simply because the people were so interesting/weird/different. etc and I also love all of the foreign food options available there. BTW. Did you notice whether or not the Taco Hell is open yet?

    • grasshoppergrrl replied:

      It is NOT open but they had up a sign advertising that they’re hiring. They’re paying 7,900 won per hour if memory serves correctly. 😀 You interested in another p/t gig!??! hahahaha

  2. Sher replied:

    There wasn’t even a blog on June 3rd. It went from May 26 to June 6th…doooogie

  3. HarryH replied:

    OMG – this is a CLASSIC example of the infamous CKC!!!! (Creepy Korean Couple)….. it happens all the time to me and my foreign male friends… it even happens to some kyopo friends!! I am in a cafe and the CKC comes and sits RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. And then they start to preen each other, giggle, chortle, all the while glancing madly at me. Now, I am a good looking guy, but when I’m chilling in a cafe or eating lunch, who the hell wants a CKC bothering you?! I think, personally, this is all about the Korean mythology that all white guys are “obsessed” with Korean women. It’s utter nonsense. But I guess they feel so insecure and only listen to their echo-chamber and feel better about themselves when they do this? But yes!!!! This happens to me all the time!!!! It’s TOTALLY creepy, too!!!!!

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