Privacy in Korea–WHAT A CONCEPT!!!!!

When I went to the gym today, I knew I would be having my monthly weigh-in along with my monthly “scan.” The scan is an electrical current thing-a-ma-jiggy that is processed by me holding a handle on a machine that supposedly computes how much fat, water, muscle, et cetera I have in my body. Shyeah….sure! But, anyway, I allow myself to be given the test by my super, over-zealous trainer guy, Jay because I’d like to know what the numbers say. Hey, anything lower than the beginning is progress, right?!?

But you see…Jay is quite the gossiper. He’s Korean but speaks English well because he was raised in France. He looooves to give me status updates on all the other waygookins who work out at the gym.  Both of my coworkers go to this same gym so every now and again Jay will say something like, “Oh, and you know ______ hasn’t been coming.”  And I wonder to myself…GEEZ! If I don’t show up for a few days, is he out running around telling everyone he meets that I haven’t been to the gym in forever?!??! Talk about an accountability partner. Hmph!

So after I did the scan test thingy he told me, “Hey you know ____________just came and did this test.”  !!!! And I said, “Oh, I know…________ was talking about how you told him he has the perfect amount of muscle.” And Jay said, “Yes, but he has 25 kilos of fat he needs to reduce.” And I said, “JAY!” “That’s personal.”  And Jay said, “Yes. And you have 22.”


I busted out laughing. Almost 50 freaking POUNDS of FAT in my body that I have to reduce?!?! Ummm, I know I’m no Size 2 but I’d like to believe I simply need to reduce about 10 kilos (22 pounds) of FAT, thank-yew-ver-ee-much-Jay! Pork chop. Anyway, HE’S one to talk!  He’s been sitting behind the front desk of the gym eating doughnuts. JEEZ. When was the last time I allowed myself a doughnut? Oh wait– an hour ago. Nevermind. HAHAHAHAHAH  Juuuuust joking. 🙂

But the list of privacy invasions can go on and on. When I wrote my blog about that horrid Ob/Gyn office I went to, I don’t think I mentioned how some girl was being counseled for her HPV right in front of me!~~!!~!~ I mean, there was no curtain, no other room. The nurse lady at the desk just told the girl to sit down and then started telling her about her options for treatment. And I was literally 5 feet away from them.  Eegads.

One time I went into the Ear, Nose and Throat doc’s office, he told me he’d just treated another waygook who I know. The list is endless. People of Korea!!! Please understand that the majority of us waygooks like and appreciate our anonymity and privacy!!!

“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”—David Brin


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  1. sembereve replied:

    Ruthie’s Vet always tells a mutual friend, who also goes there, about how he thinks Ruthie is gaining too much weight, etc. but never peeps a word to me about it!!

  2. Sher replied:

    My sishter….

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