A cancelled date…what to do? Drink tea!

Ahhh, I was really excited to have a date planned for a random Tuesday. It wasn’t anything big. But, I had plans, OK!?!?!

But alas, the plans got cancelled. Que cera cera. I actually was OK with it and came home and made some tea. And if anyone who’s been to my place knows…tea I HAVE!  I have most of the Lipton options on the shelves of Emart and Lotte. I skipped on the Rosemary and Camomile because well, they’re not my faves. But, I currently have 3 different varieties of green tea (O’Sulloc, OF COURSE!!) and a plethora of the Liptons. 😀  Fun, fun, fun. It reminds me of the good ol’ days back at Loyola Marymount University when I lived in an apartment on-campus and my roommate would make us tea every night and we’d stay up talking until 3am. 🙂  Good times. So, I still hold the tradition and I drink my tea every night but instead of talking to people, I talk to myself. :-/

You’ll have to forgive my pics,  I used my webcam and voila, this is what I got. 😕  So, this Lime one is my current tea o’ choice. After a long day, it’s soooo….ummm….comforting. 🙂  And the lime flavor is actually full and not weak at all!  $4.  The ingredients in it are from Germany. Kewl.

My all-time favorite. Mmm. Peppermint.  This one is about $4.50. And it’s totally worth it. 100% peppermint leaves from….Germany!  😀 Good stuff.

Eh~~~I have definitely had better. But, for $4, what do I expect? It’s lemon flavor is quite weak and the verbena isn’t that present in the flavor. I’d pass if I were you.   I’m very shocked…’cause the ingredients are from Germany and the other teas are quite nice.

I haven’t actually tried this one yet!  I need a scone if I want to drink this. heehee.     :->     Old habits die hard.  Ingredients from China…from the Bokeongsang Mountain?!?!? Anyhoo, yah. Ingredients from China.

I found a group shot!  😀  These are all of them available in Korea right now. Oh yah!

“Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.”  ~Author Unknown


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One Comment

  1. Sher replied:

    A las…tea!
    I’ll be returning the tea I bought you 😉
    Only kidding

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