A Day Off to Play :/

I was really happy that I had a random day off from work today.  I was going to finally go to the Korean Disneyland park (Everland) , but it was still chilly out today and so I decided I would go see IRONMAN 2 and meet a friend for lunch and another friend for dinner. It would be a movie and food day. ^^

Well, both of my food dates cancelled on me (both were sick) and so I blazed the city alone!  I ended up going to see IRONMAN 2 in Gangnam. I’m really happy I decided to watch it there instead of Suwon because there were RUSSIAN parts (((AGAIN))) —why do so many of the movies I see in Korea lately have either Russian, French or Navi in them?? 😛   and the Gangnam CGV has English subs for those parts in addition to translating them into Korean since it’s in Seoul and there are many more “foreigners” who live there!! Woot woot! I didn’t miss out on anything. Whew.

And….I also opted to pay an extra $1 for a vibrating seat, which was basically like a little butt massage chair. 🙂  It was cool at the beginning because it vibrated along to the soundtrack or scary noises/sound effects…but after a while I thought it was irritating and I never found the on/off button. There IS an on/off button for those vibrating seats, as an employee of the theater came and made an announcement about the vibrating seats before the movie started and all I could gather was that the on/off  button was on the right arm rest near the cup holder but I still never saw/felt a button. Oh well. More butt massage for me, I guess.

The movie was cool. Robert Downey Jr was looking pretty goood~~~~ Quite buff and tough!  Scarlett Johannson was looking H-O-T. Love the long, red, curly look on her. Plus, she’s an unstoppable fighting machine. 😉  Fun to watch.  When I was outside of the CGV building,  I looked up at the gi-normous poster for the movie because I didn’t know who was starring in it other than Robert Downey…and so I was deciphering the names while reading the hangeul (Korean)  characters.  So, I was standing there, looking up at the 10th floor of a building mumbling…”suh-ca-let  yo-han-sun….OH! Scarlett Johannson!~!~!”  COOL!  But for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out who the hell “guiness pail-tuh-ro-oo” was…until I walked inside the theater near the box office and got a miniature poster and looked and saw that it was none other than…./\/\/\/\/\/drumroll please/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Gwyneth Paltrow!!! HAHAHAHAH Gosh, my Konglish skills are gettin’ weak!~!~!  And anyway, she WAS in the first IRONMAN movie…but, I didn’t remember.

And Mickey Rourke was freakin’ freaky! He was terrific and added to the greatness of the movie. He plays crazy really well. And now I’ll never confuse him with Mickey Rooney again. I now will forever remember who Mickey Rourke is. 😀

I think it was a very entertaining movie. I don’t remember being blown away by the first one…but this one was good. A movie about the human ego, life, death, loss, agendas, and lies (among other things).      😀

Oh, so after I watched the movie, I went to I-town to talk with a travel agent. Well, after 2+years in Korea, you’d think I would know by now that if I’m going to want to travel (especially internationally) on a MAJOR HOLIDAY, I’d have to book wayyyy in advance. But, just like my memory failed me with Gywneth being in the first Ironman movie…I forgot about booking early for Buddha’s Bday. It’s  BIG DEAL in this country. Lots of people have the DAY OFF. So, it would make sense that people (who have to work, like, the other 364 days out of the year 😉 would be going places… Since I haven’t already booked…I’m SOL, says the travel agent. HMPH!*

And I have great news from I-town…well, the Foreign Market has totally (FINALLY) cleaned up its act and has actually EXPANDED into some of the shop next door!!!  They’ve added nice, red carpeting and cleaned the shelves!! They’ve dusted and added lots more Thai products…(I think they have a new, Thai partner). Anyway, with the great improvements they’ve made… their prices have gone up about $0.50 on most products. And so I was of course kicking myself for being cheap the last time I went in and refused to pay $6 for a chocolate chip cookie Betty Crocker mix. And well, they didn’t have any chocolate chip mix today  so I settled for oatmeal chocolate chip mix and paid $6.50.  Niiice. The Universe is teaching me. 🙂  I’m learning. When I freaking want chocolate chip cookies, I need to just buy the overpriced mix and get on with life. :/

Not what I wanted. But, ’tis better than any dry, hard, non-sweet Korean-made cookie from Paris Baguette. 😛  Oh, I am such a cookie connoisseur, what can I say? But honestly, walking around in Seoul all day long, watching an action-packed movie, eating too much sugar, and blasting my mP3 player to drown out the city gave me a headache. 😦    So, I write this in slight discomfort.  But, I really wanted to share all about IRONMAN 2. I give it: 2 thumbs up. 😛


April 29, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Osea replied:

    Yes, yes, yes about “suh-ca-let yo-han-sun.” Exotic, sexy, hot beauty. Did you see her in VCB? Haha. (After having to look up “Navi” and “CGV.)

    You crack me up!

  2. Sher replied:

    You DIDNT pay $6.50 for THAT BAG mix!?!!? Thats like ONE or two WON here on the homefront, woman!!!!

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