I was talking with some friends this weekend and I was reminiscing about my first year here in Korea. Ahhh, memories. Light the corners of my mind. Actually, some are awfully frightening to this day.

I am always interested in learning about people’s first experiences in Korea because my first year was so traumatic, difficult and filled with a lot of terrible events/experiences. That’s why I believe I had to come back for a second year. I had to make peace with this country, its people…my beliefs and attitudes about life in Korea. Now, coming back a third year, well, there’s no explanation for that. WHA HAHAHAH  Yet!!!…… I s’pose.

Anyway, with everything in this life, there is good AND bad. So, lemme tell you about something cute I remembered from my first year here. 😀

I had bought  CHAM-AY…dunno exactly how to spell that in Korean…maybe 참외??? Anyway. I bought a bag of 3 at my corner market one evening after work.

I got home, cut one open and tossed it into my steamer basket to eat with dinner. I putzed around for about 5-10 mins then I checked on my squash to see if it was almost done…

Well, it was totally translucent and easily broke apart with the lightest flick of my fork. Oh boy. Wow. That was the fastest cooking squash!

I ate it and thought, “Bravo!” “Yummy!”  It was pretty sweet and very soft, almost like a lovely jar of baby food. 😛

The next day I went into work sharing all about my cool squash meal and my Korean teacher exclaimed, “Whaaaa? Cook?? Whaaa??? Noooo! That one is a fruit!  It’s a melon!”  HAHAHAHAHAH

Looking at the damned thing now, those do look like cantaloup seeds!  But I could swear that my first one resembled a squash on the inside!! 😀  And anyway, you know if you’ve eaten one…that the flesh can be quite firm…so why wouldn’t I have thought it was a squash!?  hahahahaha

Good times. Good times.

“I’m not saying my wife’s a bad cook, but she uses a smoke alarm as a timer. ” —  Bob Monkhouse


April 26, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Moman replied:

    Of course, my sweet darling you were cooking a mellon.
    Not to be cruel but remember that I have always told you that you should build a beautiful home without a kitchen. I love you!

  2. Sher replied:

    Love that “Moman” persons comment.
    I so remember that. But hey, you lived in the moment and you enjoyed your baby food.


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